Just a prediction

| With the rise of racism, homophobia and anti-feminism, there have been a fair share of extremists rising from these ideas, these people hate on culture and now-white non-straight men, since in their logic these people caused all those problem and they are the enemies of the movement.

But eventually this will die out because these people lack power and education which is key to progress.

| Nice(*^ワ^*)

| (Op from the other thread) hmmmmm, what is you prediction?

| >>57f5d4
>But eventually this will die out because these people lack power and education which is key to progress.

Open your mouth! Here comes the airplane~ Brumm brumm!

| What will you do if they don't open it? Crash it!?

| >>683191 they wont, extremists will always exist

The group you are refering to got their power in 60 years ago and now they are losing to another side wich is the opposite of their ideas, the pendulum is just shifting sides, this is just the poing of my prediction wich I'm ussing to disprove yours

| >>683197
>there are only two sides

| >>683203 well a 3 dimentional pendulum has as many sides as a circle but the current wave seems to be the exact opposite of the one before

| >>683220
Yeah this is totally how politics works. Big brain mode right there.

| >>68e9b6 that's how politics work in a democracy that isn't a failed state with only two viable parties

| >>2f66d6
Politics is a spinning circle. Genius!

| >>683246 think of a 3d pendulum, if it goes normaly it sways to the other side but when there are small shakes osilations can occour(great events) and ball can go to any sides

| >>e1c2a3
Wow, you figured out how a pendulum looks like. You must think you're some kind of social science professor and political analyst mastermind amirite?

| ITT people who honestly believes the political spectrum is based on Newton's law of gravity and can be predicted with a pendulum.

| Political forces are actually most accuretly moddeled by a DVD copy of Shrek(2001) dropped in a fountain.

| >>683355 then show a superior way to predict it, if you cant do better dont even come to the party

| >>683397

| >>683407 lmao to you, imagine being so dense you cant even understand an analogy without taking it as law, people really are that stupid

| >>683417
It's not a working analogy lmao

| >>683504 why would that be? Explain, tell me, or even... DO BETTER

| >>683550
Why should I? It's such a silly thing that it's not worth the time to explain it. It's just way essay too low-brow.

And you're not exactly pleasant to talk with. You're on your own lol

| >>683550
It's just too dumb of a concept...

| >>683571 then you just dont have the the actual power to argue in yourself, you lack inspiration

| >>683572 learnt to think and try to understand abstract, or at least come up with something simples that stills makes justice in your eyes, please, at least give me your analogy

| >>683578
Not talking to morons is not the same as lacking in inspiration lmao

Why would anyone spend their free time explaining that water is wet to someone who has trouble understanding it??

So much projections. Anyone with half a mind can see that the analogy is flawed.

World wide political ideologies does not correspond to Newton's laws of gravity rofl

| >>e1c2a3
Also you still hasn't explained why world politics follows Newton's laws of gravity yourself yet you demand other people to explain themselves.

Talk about 0 self-reflection

| >>683591 you can say something doest work just something goes against common sense, do you even science or at least philosophy? Or you are too dense to see an abstract concept and think about it?

| >>683592 its an abtract concept and its not about world politics, its about how the major political adiology shifts trough the public consiousnes over time


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