Just a prediction

| With the rise of anti racism, anti homoflphobia and feminism, there have been a fair share of extremists rising from these ideas, these people hate on culture and white straight men, since in their logic these people caused all those problem and they are the enemies of the movement.

Thats basically a shift in the pendulum of hate society, so my theory is that in the long run in 60 yrs or so

| Thre will be mass hate towards black gay woman, if we go by how extremims affects the ideologies that goes against society's "norm", what do you think about this little and very exagerated theory?

| I don't think it's entirely absurd, considering how polarized America is, the exponential rise of populism on both the left and the right, biased media to feed sensationalism, and so forth. I believe that America needs to become libertarian, and the people involved in discourse need to be less domineering for this to not happen.

| I think it's nonsense with little to no discussion value whatsoever.

| I don't support All Lives Matter, or Black Lives Matter, because personally, I don't want to fuel this dynamic in any way, people need to stop blaming the wrong people for their oppression, everyone.

| >>682880 yeah, I think, race sexuality and gender should never be seen as te cause of something, you cant just blame someone because of their inherit characteristic especially because is a huge jump in logic and is a heavy generalization

| >>682886
I don't think BLM blames people. They're highlighting the systematic racism that goes on in America which apparently was an eye-opener for many.

| >>682903 missed the point

| the strategy is to sit and wait for the radicalized BLM hate groups to slowly shift public opinion towards a healthy anti-degeneracy racist worldview


| >>682915 idc if becomes a shit show, its not my problem

| >>682918
you see this shit, maids?

anyways time to go fishin. anyone beyond this line is a dumb baited fishie.


| I am a dumb baited fishy, but it's okay, because I am also frien.

| >>682928 you are the reason why threads become a shit show, you just want to close threads because you cant stand people having free will and opnions, if you actully wanted a civil thread you would have given an actual worth while opninion

| >>682937 caught one!
fishie fishie!

| >>424497 everybody was having a civil conversation until you came.

let's change the subject, im a left winged libertarian, and oh boy do i feel you. neither far left or far rights are any good.

but i guess as long as humans exist different political views will exist too. we just have to wait for the day where things get sliiiightly better.

| >>682937

| Yanks

| >>424497
You're just reeling them in lmao

| "why are threads dying"
>some g/u/rl tries to make discussion
"bruh stfu"

| Fuck politics.

Why can't people just not be dicks to each other?

| im into politics myself, but i often just not bother when people go apeshit instead of trying to understand the other side's view so like idk its a bummer 80% of the time

| >>683075 conflict is human nature one way or another.

Doesn't matter if it was the old crusades, Tiananmen Square, Hong Kong, Middle East or even something seemingly as insignificant as opinion.

| >>683075
Emotion, hate and ignorance.

| Left will always badmouth right, and vice versa.

Sure leftists can put their own politics to the side and get on with people, but ultimately birds of a feather flock together.

| >>683075
>fuck politics
>political statement
Choose one, you cannot have both.

| >>683169 i dont think "not being a dick" is a political statement

| >>683169
You have to be genuinely retarded if you think being nice/not being nice is a political action. Like literal sub 70-IQ retarded.

Holy shit is this what you think politics looks like?

| This is such a cringe centrist take. I dont know of ANY progressive who hates on white straight men just for being white stright men. There might be one or two but no where near enough to represent any larger movement.

You might however be right about reactionary ideas rising as a reaction to social progress. One way to minimize that is probably avoiding platforming or normalizing
intolerant ideas.

| >>683368 are you dumb? Op said extremists not progressives

| >>683396
Anti-racism, anti-homophobia and feminism isn't extremists views just because OP labels them so. What he's describing are progressives.

You know this, right? Because surely you can't be the dumb one, right?

| There is no inherent law of pendulum motion to the universe. This is stupid.

| >>683409 well if you are avle to miss the point this har than you are not worthy of a discussion

| >>683413 you cant even comprehend hypoteticals and analogies, pathetic

| >>e8b23f

| >>e8b23f
Someone's salty lmao

| Instead of crying you guys should work to explain why i am wrong

| >>683549
I just did right here >>683409
but you got upset and started deflection lol

| >>683549

| >>683569 thats just an inversion of words and you took it too literaly, like you totally missed the point, and still not worth it

| >>683573 and you too, you take analogies at face value and project what you want to hear on it, learnt to think

| >>683575
This is the lamest excuse I've ever read.

They're not extremists as you claim they are and that's what I corrected you for. If you have a different point with your five word sentence in >>683396
that only you can see then you're fucking delusional lol

| >>683576
I'm pretty sure he's disagreeing with the analogy because it's broken. You're still projecting lol

| Well I give up, you guys won, i was projecting, and guess what? My analogy does suck, sorry for taking your time

Its all understandable have a nice day

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