On a scale of 0 to 5, how would you rate your country?

| Too much corruption? Divided ideologies? Civil wars? Negotiation and relationships with other countries? Economy?

| 2.5, america isn't under a dictatorship, but we don't have much else going for us

| 3.5
France has problems some of which are severe but is relatively well off in the world
not a .75 because of its worrying future

| A big fat 1 for America.
(I'm not American)

| >>681290 lol I feel like every country has a worrying future

| >>681292
some more than others. always remember: we are the future

| >>681295 yes, possitivity.

| >>681296
not "possitivity", resignation to the grounding fact that your life influences others
bright times are brought about mostly by self-sacrifice, and suffering.
i was looking at a video showing Mosul. just husks of broken empty houses
it will take as much sweat and tears and pain to rebuild all that as was shed in the war

| well, it's some kind of fascist mindset, and whether you agree with it or not is not my call to make..

| 0 I live in a dictatorship

| >>681301

| some dictatorships can be alright, like the seychelles.

| Wtf is going on, then they complain abou me

| Can we go back to countries and numbers?

| >>681304
you didn't post yours you hypocrit

| >>681306 i am op ok
Btw Br 3.5, mediocre, plenty of resources, but has too much corruption and poverty, if it had good management would be 5 out of 5

| >>681307
ah Brazil. fight for your country.

| >>681308 now post yours please

| >>681310
done already sugar

| Living in the land of wieners and sauerkraut I can tell you lads - a solid 3.5 out of 5. Why? Dunno. Ask my gut. Rationally speaking it'd be a 4-5/5 but I dunno, the recent crisis just remembered me of how freaking stupid so many people are. But I guess that's not just a problem in my country. xD

| A solid 2/5, Supposedly a democratic country but technically is under dictatorship, and if you talk bad about the king, hoo boy.

| 0

| Russia is a solid 3 if you live in Moscow/St. Petersburg. Its benefitial to be close to a ruling oligarchy. In any other case : 0-2.

| 1.5 I guess. Turkey really sucks under the current government.

| 4, Switzerland.
We work too much and are too conservative, else great.

| >>681341
no, better than France.
>We work too much and are too conservative
that improves the score gurl

| 4.0 Sweden
The quality of life is high and the Swedish summer is magical.

Our politicans can be very out of touch at times though but I guess that goes for every country.

| >>681392
No. Too much work sucks. Life isn't about that, where is the fun? Norway or Australia work 6 hours a day, that would be cool.
Conservatism blocks reforms, much needed reforms.

| >>681410
maybe your country is good because you work that many hours a day. and that conservatism of yours strictly regulates immigration from what i can see, which is also a positive thing in the end.
Norway cheated, they found oil fields in the sea.

| >>681414
Switzerland has that position because it was not involved in a war since Napoleon. Besides this banks, tax heaven and research. The amount of work is irrelevant, the country would still stand strong with 6 hours a day.
The regulation is a joke, Switzerland has a lot of foreigners and needs them too. Industries like construction and health care are only kept aflot because of them.

| Sweden is a solid 0 or a 1, not a lot of people want to stand out and pretty much accepts what the government spoon feeds them regardless of what it is.

Government wants to be a cashless society by 2023, much to the dismay of some people, myself included.

| 0 - US

| >>681432 >>681433 come to brazil

| 3.5 - Us is great if not for this sudden political divide. Less people need to listen to what Hollywood says and get into something like gardening or something. Go set up a store, and make it about teeny tiny beenie babies

| Just some random country in southeast asia, which you can put in the same bucket as Philippines, India, Brazil, and perhaps the current USA.

| Like most people I have no country. I just live and work in one. The country is owned by some rich idiots - just like almost everywhere in the world.

| >>681421
that's what France thought until it fucked them over. Switzerland is 100% better off with closed borders, especially in recent times. clever isolationist policy too, see how it works wonders?
>>681432 >>681433 >>681444
make your countries great guys
even i don't know where to start but we're the future so keep it in mind

| 0 economy in argentina fucking sucks +
90% of our politicians are corrupt

| >>681513
nice landscapes

| >>681432
What a load of hyperbole. You definetly need to see more of the world if you think Sweden is a 0.

Racist people hate Sweden. That's pretty much the only hate it gets.

| >>681519
are you Swedish? because he is. and migration IS a big problem for Sweden, whether that doesn't fit in your brain or not...

| >>681524 still, if Sweden is a one, what is most of south america, Africa and other places full of poor countries?(south american btw)

| Uh whatever you rated it. I don't think this thread is a global census lol

| >>681531 yeah pretty much, should have been more specific on that

| >>681519 I've seen the world for myself, you lamp. Lived in Sweden and the UK for a combined 18 years, with time spent in Vietnam, China, Thailand, just to name a few.

Nice attempt at trying to cancel someone over opinion.

| Also the UK is probably equally as shit for different reasons. Fuck Labour and fuck the Conservative Party.

| >>681538 so how would you rate the places in>>681529?

| >>681529
ye true
compared to the world Sweden is doing fine but its politics and immigration policies are building it a future more grim than it deserves
fuck Labour and Tories as much as the Dems and the Reps

| >>681552 Sweden brought it upon themselves. It's been devolution for the sake of "going forward".

As for the UK, there never really has been a viable third party since 98% of the time it will randomly alternate between Lab and Con, same as with Dem & Rep.

| A third party would make politica too complicated for the general public

| Though not devolution, necessarily. Just removing things like paying in physical cash for the sake of some modern society that, in reality, only makes it easier for banks and government to watch what you do.

| >>681557 in America, maybe.

In Sweden there are 3 parties that make up 65.63% of all votes altogether, individually they're significant enough to make a difference.

| But you know, just about anyone here can register as a candidate, even your radical communist/nazi chapter..

| >>681545 China shagged them all through debt traps that Africa can't pay back.

South America has Bolsonaro, a country apparently still recovering from Pinochet and that's all I know.

| But hey, maybe that's what years of communism does to a country.

| >>681566 what does communism has to do with south america? Also Bolsonaro is the president of Brazil not south america as a whole

| >>90c0cd
It's Thailand.

| >>681392 Wrong tag

| >>681432

| >>681570
ouch, yeah, you don't open your mouth about the king in Thailand... although that might be about to change radically when that fuckface of a prince takes the role... at least, behind closed doors.
Germany is a 4.

| >>681538
>Nice attempt at trying to cancel someone over opinion.
It's true though. The only people who hates Sweden are overly hateful people aka racists. Everyone else just have disagreements but actual hate? Not a chance.

| >>681595 Right, and racism doesn't exist against whites.

| >>681593 Hell yeah brother

| >>681595
i don't hate Sweden, only its destruction.

| 1 - only for the good people still living in the country. we got corrupted gov, systematic racist policies, freedom suppression, etc..

| >>681610
corrupted gov is bad, and it depends on the freedoms, but explain the racist policies? also country?

| >>681432
Sweden is number 13 on the Quality of Life Index, 11 on Life Expectancy, 7 on the World Happiness Report and 10 on low Infant Mortality Rate.
And you want to give it a 0 as in it's the worst country in the world?

That's the thing with you people. You always have to lie and exaggerate to get your point across because your argument doesn't stand on its own.

And since lying is both an internal process as well as external you can't help but believe your own lies.

| >>681651
fuck off, who are you to call me "you people"? it's that poster's experience from being Swedish i guess. the 0 is twisted but you being obnoxiously condescending just makes me want to defend her even more

| >>681652
I wasn't even talking to you. Why do you get so offended?

| >>681653

| >>681651 hey, its that guy who calls everyone who he disagrees a liar.
Look man, I agree with what you said but try to be less 'im better thab everyone' vibe ok, it helps getting the poing across.

| A lot of talk about Sweden here. I'd say 4/5, mostly for the reasons >>681651 listed. Our immigration. Policies could use sum work, but a lot of people who cry over them are usually racist. The same kind of people who say that it's been taken over by Muslims who enforce sharia laws and that kind of shit. I just think that they can be made more effective without blocking people from the country
Our politicians are also not the sharpest tools in the box.

| A lot of talk about Sweden here. I'd say 4/5, mostly for the reasons >>681651 listed. Our immigration. Policies could use sum work, but a lot of people who cry over them are usually racist. The same kind of people who say that it's been taken over by Muslims who enforce sharia laws and that kind of shit. I just think that they can be made more effective without blocking people from the country
Our politicians are also not the sharpest tools in the box.


| Wow I went full on boomer, sorry for the spam :(

| >>681680
doublepost and how old are you

| also what's wrong with wanting Sweden to remain white it's like as soon as you hear such an opinion you just shut down and refuse to even think it might be a right thing

| >>681684 I know, I'm 20 lol

| >>681686
ah kouhai

| >>681685 cool bait, now stay back on topic, countries and numbers

| >>681691
see what i mean?

| The working men have no country. We cannot rate for them what they have not got.

| >>681698
speak for yourself you bombastic commie

| >>681595 well, that's what you think in your fancy echo chamber, learn to think for yourself and know that the internet will always house people of different backgrounds.

The more you shrug opinions as racism, sexism, a phobia etc. the less and less people will listen to you.

This why fascists and communists fall outside of the world's view, because their one sided view on things doesn't bring anything to the table aside from an ethnostate that brings misery to its people.

| >>681703
b-but i want an ethnostate that regards its people as its greatest treasure and their wellbeing as its top concern...
see.. you have no power here..

| I guess my country is a solid 3 cuse we still don’t have a gouvernement after 2 years of debate. Welcome to Belgium the center of Europe

| >>681711
but dutroux...

| >>681711
do you even need one ?

| 3.5 for my China,a funky mixture shit.

China is a collection of a few developed cities(beijing shanghai guangzhou shenzhen chengdu hongkong macao) and a large number of underdeveloped regions(They're tooooo many/I came from there)Most of them are in the south of China

scale them separately
big citis is 3
and the rest of them...most are2.5~0
those zero's situation---just for example,can u imagine a family full year income only 3000±$?and Their kids don't even have primary school.

| The part of the US I'm in is probably a four, but the country's average seems lower than that. Only thing in California that's really a problem is political homogeneity and general elitism.

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