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so now Nantes cathedral is on fire. France IS burning

| believe it or not, but as a frenchie, this is 100% a sign of current times. why are the people still counting sheep?

| https://www.liberation.fr/depeches/2020/07/18/le-grand-orgue-de-la-cathedrale-de-nantes-ravage-enquete-pour-incendie-volontaire_1794637

| Remember the last time this happened and people started going on about conspiracy theories and current times and it turned out to be a power failure?

| >>680469
the world's full of lies gurl...

| a criminal investigation has been launched

| Who is causing France to burn OP? Are the hoards of brown people just causing power failures in all of these cathedrals due to their inferior and more aggressive skullshapes?

| >>680514 lmao

| >>680514
people that forgot that daesh and the muslim brotherhood actually exist

are you actually this simplistic in the brain?

i don't give a hoot about your childish ridiculing. the fire started in 3 points and the state is investigating still. we shall see.

| >>680694
>are you actually this simplistic in the brain?

Who the hell talks like this? Why do you talk like that?

| >>680694 bruh I was laughing at>>680514 , why you gotta diss me like that for free?

| >>680695
why not
what can i say, i'm a generous retard!

| The whole world is burning under global hegemony of capitalism and you cry about an ancient monument that has no usage in this world? Typical reactionist behaviour.

| >>680716 hey wouldnt you be sad if a historical monument burned in your city? What if all the cumunist manifests burned? Typical commie who wants to destroy culture, society and calls others reactionaries.

| Why cant we just feel bad that something is burning? Like "oh the whole world is burning, so you shouldnt be sad that the monument, that probably means a lot to your history, is burning", thats the most apathetic and moronic arguement ever.

| >>e7c532
Pretty sure his point was that there are more important things to focus on that seemingly goes over your head.

| >>680716
capitalism built this modern world...
is this commiegurl straight outta the grave?
that is a decent point to make. it was worded in a very retarded way however, if at all

| >>680723 wich is still very apathetic, "you shouldn'd cry for your problems because there are bigger problems out there", what do you gain from calling one's problem small? Do you really think this will make them better and start helping your cause?

| >>680730
Prioritizing isn't the same as apathy. How can you even make that argument with a straight face?

Just like we're ignoring the cathedral you're ignoring the real problems. Problems that touches more than a monument getting scuffed from fire.

| >>680730
maybe the idea is to address underlying flaws in existing pansituational structures. did i just say that

| >>680743 the problem is: this is a thread about the Nantes cathedral so why there people comming here to say "capitalism bad" and "there are bigger problems"? Like, yes we know! but this isnt what the thread is about so could you not? Make your own threads if you think there are bigger problems.

| >>680747 All bait. Besides, even if they're genuine, there's only so much they can circlejerk with.

| >>680748 how much of a retard do you have to be to think that a simple thread that was made just to say that another cathedral is burning is just a bait to make a ciclejerk? Get help.

| >>680750 What kind of fucking mental gymnastics did you do to spin it like that?

| >>680754 oh, you meant to say that the guys that where being annoying were doing bait? Well sorry, that was my mistake.

| triste as fuck...

| >>ecff49 >>e7c532

| >>680747
>the problem is: this is a thread about the Nantes cathedral

You're just as active in the debate as everyone else. If you don't want it here then don't participate.

| >>680834 bro, it ended a while ago, you can go home now

| >>680835
The fire ended a while ago?

| >>680836 the debate, sorry for not being especific

| >>680838
So you're still off-topic, huh?

| >>680843 please stop trying to start shit for no reason

| >>680850
You're still engaging

| >>680862 dude just go to the cathedral and take some water with ya, cuz water hoes mad!

| >>680865
Did you learn that from flunking out of Hogwarts school of Wizardry and Wittcraft?

| >>680870 actually yes, your mom was the teacher

| >>680877
No wonder you flunked out. You are now breathing manually and thinking about your one-sided love.

| >>680886 nah, that old hag? Never in life nor after life.

| >>680890
You don't have a life

| >>680896
this is the kind of faggot mods should ban...

| >>680902
But you're equally off-topic?

| >>680903 no u

| Alright, children. It's time to stop. Convo's going nowhere.

| >>680907
and also unto you

| >>680908 true, sorry for that

| >>680910
Took you long enough

| >>680913 just shut up already, same fagg!

| >>680921
It's true. I'm both >>6751fd and>>e7c532

| >>680928 no, just stop.

| What the fuck did I cause

| Go back to 4chan you stupid gurls

| >>680941
Why won't you stop? I enjoy this.

| locked in 3 2....

| 1, locked

| >>681051 fuck u

| hello this is OP. please lock this shittened thread and be more forceful in the future. i'll be in mod appreciation thread.

| You should consider making less dog whistley posts next time

| >>681170 the thread was fine until some faggs appeard and started to crap on the news

| basado y rojopastillado

| >>681171
With an opening post like that you're asking for trolls

| >>681181 yeah, I better shut up myself

| >>681174
return to hispa faggt

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