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Trump wears mask

| https://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-53379674/coronavirus-president-trump-wears-face-mask-for-first-time

he looks cool ngl, but the guy behind him looks rly mad lol.

opinions on this?

| He's like a rogue ready to kick ass after just enchanting his gear to +3

| noice

| Ah yes, the fat billionaire with the spray tan looks so cool with a mask on. Come on guys, this is pretty sad

| >>679149 you are pretty sad.

| >>679160 hahahaha criticizing goofy ass nerds is sad. I'm glad I'm not you

| >>679213 you are very sad

| >>679149
i need crack to understand this convo lol

| Honestly I was wearing Masks before it was cool :P #CyberPunk4Life

| Yanks

| I wish he wasn't wearing a mask.
So he can get infected early
and dead or end like boris

| as much as I dislike him he does look a lot cooler when he isn't doing his normal constant pogchamp face.

| >>679356 yo! Thats a good one, pogchamp face.

| Honestly Trump>>>>>> biden.

| >>679441 i mean, all you gotta do to be better than him is be able to talk and think.

| Non-US here, and from what I read, Biden and Trump aren't really great choices. So like, how are they your only options in election?

| Trump is shit that smells and tastes like shit. Biden is shit with tons of parfume and flavor.
The only reason Biden is a better choice is because his hypocrisy doesn't cheer up any assholes like trumps open assholeishness. That's the sad state of current US democracy.

| >>679819
US isn't a democracy tho, it's a democratic republic.
Types: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Types_of_democracy
although agreed on what you said

| funny types:
totalitarian democracy (lol)
demarchy (aka rng democracy)
consensus democracy (does not equal majority)

| Do you pray to RNGesus to fix the roads with a slight chance of legalized purges?

| >>679887 I spent a thousand bucks on the Demarchy banner, didnt repair my dilapidates roads. Rate up is a lie

| >>679891 lmao, got two premium roads in the first ten roll, you're just cursed

| >>679776 Because brand recognition. Someone else could totally run and win, but without the help of parties, they would never get enough publicity and media coverage to get any traction.

| >>679776
Lawrence Lessig explains it pretty well.


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