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What are the best news outlets to keep up with the global situation?


| honestly, none, mainly because of the amount of information combined with the increase in information entropy making it harder for people to know what is happening in reality. I would think that certain AIs could theoretically aggregate the news and attempt to filter out noise, but I haven't really seen anything like that. Your best bet would be to analyze all the sources of information yourself and write down the useful info, I guess.

| >>676233 There's this.

| +1 for theneutral.com

and https://euvsdisinfo.eu/
are great for finding out which news items are fake and/or propaganda.

They even explain how they reach their conclusions and most of them uses public software and APIs so anyone can confirm it.

| >>676300

Nice links. Bookmarked.

| >>676260
wow, those are actually pretty good!

| I don't always follow news site, but I find AP and Reuters to be decent news sites from a neutral perspective. What do you think?

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AP has a lot of emotional language, but does very well in reporting.
Reuters is pretty good and has minimal emotional language and bias, but it doesn't report some events.
Overall, the noise problem remains. \_(O=O)_/ what can you do

| I love going through the AP archives and looking at obscure old news videos. They keep record of nearly everything.

| Problem with finding "neutral" news sources is that a neutral viewpoint doesn't exist. Sites that claim to be neutral are typically just neoliberal, since that's the dominant ideology of western society right now. You should get your news from a variety of sources, be aware of the conclusion each is trying to lead you to, and come to your own conclusions

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Coming to any conclusion in a world of disinformation is insanity.

| >>677330 I agree but op seems to want to be insane, might as well show how to be the least insane

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OP is simply looking for a decent news site to follow.
Also, I don't think being neutral is always good. What matters more is being independent and accountable, due to most of the mainstream media being controlled by certain entities for a certain gain.
I do agree that we should get some variety of source of information to get a decent look on perspectives.

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Pierre Bourdieu used to talk about "axiological neutrality" (axiological from axiom, axis): true neutrality and true objectivity don't exist. But you can be honest about who you are and where you come from in order to give your reader the means to identify your axis (your intent, your frame of reference -- your politics).
Sad thing is this requires a minimal level of trust which can seldom be achieved nowadays.

| Most every MSM news outlet is not worth the bytes they use... They have become propaganda machines.

| Most every MSM news outlet is not worth the bytes they use... They have become propaganda machines.

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both msm and nonmsm (ex. altnews, social media, etc.) are propoganda. That's why you look at as many sources as possible and try to figure out what's happening, although you can never know for sure.

| Issue is with things like say the Jessica whats her name murder thing. The girl who was killed for saying "All Lives Matters". Only 2 news places covered it. The local news (which barely touched it) and a Right Wing commentary site. THats it. So information is scarce.

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I just googled "jessica all lives matters murder" and found tons of news about it. What are you on about?

| it only just started popping up. For a good day or so, only Fox56 (or is it 54?) and that one right wing site was the only places that covered it. It only got more coverage because people were trying to get it to trend on twitter.

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I think you're right. It seems like most sources wrote about it on the 12th which is almost a week after the murder.

| Yeah. Cassandra Fairbanks pushed hard to get is trending, causing other right wing people to start commenting on it and retweeting.

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