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sometimes i think about how fucked humanity is

| we only have a few decades left, judging by how much we polluted the earth and how global warming is getting worse every year. but at the same time, i'm not really upset about it. because i know that as a teenager, i still have time to enjoy everything and make the most of what i have now. even if i don't get to live past 60, it's not like i could do much at that age anyway.

| and i know that in the end, life will still continue on earth. even when humanity is gone forever. and i think that's a beautiful thing. life will continue on until our universe eventually comes to an end.

there's so much yet so little time left, and i'm going to make the most of it. spending time with friends, enjoying the videos games, movies, and anime i like. even if it doesn't mean anything in the end.

as long as i get to enjoy life, i don't care if it ends.

| I admire you.

| Humanity sucks, thats why I'm planning to live on an isekai, with my isekai transporter machine that creates a new world and allows you to live there forever though you wont start with any op super powers

| >>674531
>with my isekai transporter machine

Can I see it?

| >>674550 ha nope, I wouldnt allow any other human scum in my world besides me, I'm already enought to trash may own planet

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Sounds like you have pretty high standarts

| >>674576 nah, I just dont want other people invading my isekai, if you want to go to another world you should find your own way

| >>674419 >i still have time to enjoy everything
Oh no you don't. We'll go out with a bang if it comes down to a final showdown - and you are old enough to be drafted.
But overall I don't think that we are fucked. Nature is very resilient - and we are the best of the best in that regard.
We'll suffer for generations. And our descendants will curse us for wanting to "enjoy everything" and not to "fix our shit".

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i understand what you're saying, but there doesn't seem to be any signs of a major war like the one you seem to be thinking of. there's totally a lot of fighting going on right now, and while it's big, it isn't *that* big. even if things get unbearable in the future, as i said in my post, i'm not scared of offing myself if shit hits the fan.

and i heavily doubt us having any descendants to curse us considering how humanity gets closer to extinction every year.

| and let's not forget how global warming and pollution are constantly getting worse. it doesn't make sense to believe that humanity will last, at least on earth. if we somehow manage to live on another planet or some shit, cool. but that probably won't happen. but that's ok, because humanity isn't necessary to keep all life moving.

| >>674745 The main sign of a major war is a long absence of one. With every year tension between nations becomes stronger. And regular people? They are fucking quick to forget the lessons of our past. Not to mention that they have no say in those matters.

| Our ancestors managed to build thriving civilizations in a goddamn deserts - we have a long way to go before we have the same problem in the Northern hemisphere. Global warming is getting worse and it will be for a while, but that's not an unsolvable issue. And with our current technology survival even in extreme conditions, if it comes down to that, is more than possible. I'm not saying that everyone'll survive in the worst-case scenario though. But some will.

| Enough to adapt and overcome, I'm sure - although that's not a given.

| It's just... I get that we have a hard future as a species. It's important to recognise that. We've caused all those problems. But we definately are capable of solving 'em - and right now, while education is widespread, internet is workng and the next major conflict is some time away - it's prime-time to do that. Thinking that we are alredy doomed certainly won't help. Because, call me an optimist, we are not.

| >>674869 I dont think the nex major conflict is so far away, usa vs china is has been escalating, and with the us weakened and china's good planning the might start a war in a few years

| >>674939 I doubt that they'll want to start a war with their consumers. China is basically a megacorp now - it is likely that they'll deal with USA using economic pressure.
Although that's a whole other can of worms.

| Econimcal war is still war, and trump was right when complained about china getting too much control over the world economy

| >>674952 I mean on one hand he's right, but on the other - USA has already got too much control over the world economy. It's good that freedom nation has some real competitors. And the best part is - they made China what it is themselves.

| >>674958 I would rather that nobody has this much control over the world economy, and china basically produces for the whole planet with semi slave labour, and trump isnt planing to overthrow china, just to make the us economy more independent wich is good because this will incentivise more countries to do the same

| >>675012 I agree - putting all eggs in one basket is never good. But i have my doubts about countries making their economy more independent. The planet is more than happy to use slaves, they just need to be on China's territory. It's easier for them to just shift focus from The Red Dragon to some other country with cheap labor - with more merks this time ofc, just to make sure that they do not get too independent. I guess we'll see what happens.

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