Are "SJWs" even a real treath?

| Everywhere I go I see people complaining about "SJWs" but I never encounter them myself. I have maybe talked to a single person who fits the criteria but have spoken to countless anti-SJW people who seemingly acts exactly the same as they claim SJWs are doing.

They just complain about inane topics, shoehorns their political views into regular discussions and generally never explains themselves.

To me anti-SJWs seems like the hypocritical other side of the same coin.

| Where do you even go to meet these SJWs and where do they gather in such large numbers?

| SJWs don't hold strong principles, but they pretend to. The problem is, that's not a real category of people. It's simply a way to dismiss anyone who brings up social justice.

| Stop browsing 4chan

| >>672606 go to twitter or reset era, you can find than real ez there, they are just a mob of people who feel offended by anything that they disagree and try to cancel, change and censor those things, with a bunch of companies hearring them out for some reason because despite being a very small part of the world population they are very vocal, and have barely any real conviction or standarts

| what I said applies to both sjws and anti sjws, these people are crazy

| >>672652
I'm on twitter but I never see them with any of the people I follow.

The reason companies appear to hear them out is because most big companies uses focus groups to test out ideas before releasing them. It doesn't come from twitter users.

I don't think these stereotypical whiny reset era/twitter-people have as much power as some people think they do.

| >>672666 unfpurtunantly they do, persona 5 royal was needlessly censored because of a stupid thread on reset era, there is this huge debate going because of sonys double standarts of censorship witn eastern and western games, manga being censored here cuz a character shows a concept that can be interpreted as something political etc, its quite annoying

| The Persona 5 change wasn't so bad, was it? I think it’s perfectly fine for Atlus to not want to blatantly offend people in Western markets with scenes that come across as pretty damn homophobic. It’s up to Atlus either way.

I think companies can take this kind of thing too far, but I also don’t take a black and white stance on this type of thing. There’s reasonable room for debate about what types of alterations should be made for different markets.

| I mean, the only two gay men in the entire game are child-rapists. If there were other gay characters then maybe we could just view these ones as lechers more than anything, but that isn’t the case.

| >>672675 heres the thing, these characters are not rapists, they arent even confirmed gay, by way the old diolog implied they could be just heavilly metrosexual, they kept talking about manliness and how they wanted to beauty up ryuji cuz they saw him as good looking, people were totally overblowing the thing and calling it gay and getting offended about some guys being very persistent the original joke was totally fine and the people complaining didnt buy the game

| Also, these franchises are played by people who enjoy the eastern market, so why change it to fit the western culture? And the worst part is, they dont give you the option to change between the censored and uncensored options, if we had options this wouldnt be an issue

| There is also the case where people attacked the author of my hero academia for having a villain that was a dr who would experiment on people and that his name was murata, they said my hero aca was a nazi propaganda because a villain did something bad and had a the same name as someone who did terrible stuff irl, they doxxed the guy, planned assaults and threatened him

| Then after he apologized they kept looking for stuff to blame, the searched birthdates of characters, made up a bunch of felacies to cancel the manga cuz in their heads it was nazi propaganda, if that isnt sjws overblowing and ruining lifes idk what is

| >>672677
The characters are obviously stereotypes of gay people, there's no question about it. The two men acknowledge Ryuji is young, under the age of consent, but then continue to discuss how attractive they find him. Ryuji is clearly uncomfortable with their advances, and repeatedly tells them he isn’t interested while also trying to make excuses about why he has to leave. Then he screams for help as they drag him away. It's very predatory.

| >>672692
It's all about context and for a game like Persona that cathers to young teenagers then I can understand why a place like America can find a problem with it. They're very protective of their young when it comes to stuff related to sex and grooming/predatory behaviour.

In a different more mature game it wouldn't have been a problem.

| >>672679 >>672680
If true this is fucking horrible. But I take your words with a grain of salt considering your earlier posts.


| >>672694 that really happend just look up my hero academia dr.murata name change

| >>672693 the scene is cringy at most, the never laid a single hand on ryuji, there is no sexual tension, it felt more like they were inviting him somewhere and being a bit forcefull with their words, also if you see these guys and think they are gay its your problem, no one ever mentioned thei sexuallity and I know a lot of gay people on my family and friends that dont act or talk like that, there is also straight people who act like that too, so its not a gay steriotype

| >the never laid a single hand on ryuji
They did. They forced him away against his will.
>there is no sexual tension
They're flirting with him and one even says he's gonna take him somewhere private and eat him up. Not to be rude but are you austistic?
>it felt more like they were inviting him somewhere
He obviously tells them no over and over. He even screams for help.
>also if you see these guys and think they are gay its your problem
They are obvious stereotypes... Don't be dense

| >>672705 fine then belive what you want, its all subjective anyways, if you see a problem thats your problem, just dont join the mobs and dont buy the things if it bothers you that much for you to want change

| >>672709
I never said I saw any problems with it. I just said that I understand why people find it predatory and that I understand why America would have a problem with it.

Something you seem to be keen about making excuses about for some reason...

| Have you seen the may hero academia case? Or you wont even search it cuz you dont belive me?

| >>672719
I'm reading up about it right now.

I can understand why people initially complained about referencing real examples of torture on human test subjects in a manga intended for people as young as 12 years old though.

After that it seems to have taken a darker and more juvenile turn and people seem to be looking for things to complain about.

| >>672727 I mean its not like the stouty glorofies the character, he is a villain, its literally saying torture and human experiments are for evil people so the the uproar is really needless, an I think its fine for people to be aware of how some dark stuff exists, kids are not that dumb epecially 12yr olds

| >>672733
Well it's not an educational piece. It's a comic intended to make money for its author and publisher.

And I disagree about showing or leading 12 year olds(and younger) down a rabbit hole of such dark things as what the "logs" had to endure. It'll mess up a lot of kids if not handled right.

It's a very dark reference even for a mature manga.

And 12 year olds are definetly stupid fyi. Even adults have trouble handling traumatic stories, real or not.

| I can symphatize with that original complaint and the reasoning behind it.

But going on a witch hunt and canceling his works seems like abuse and I sincerely don't see the point of it. I don't think this is all SJWs though. People love going after famous successful people just to fuck with them just like they did with Britney Spears.

| >>672736 if you do a witch hunt you are an sjw, and the sjws are the problem,and like>>672608 said, most sjws dont really belive what they preach they just doi it for clout and free harassement, I think you dont really know wht an sjw is if you think that not all witch hunters who aggressevly preach their "ideals" ont the internet are sjws, the therm is because of that, they fight(literally) for social justice

| Also the manga doesnt make light of what the villaind did, and there is not really anything graffic so yeah it is a dark reference but its not like its more than *a reference*

| These sjws are really nothing more than people who spend too much time on Twitter, if you don't go on there then they don't impact you in any way. Just some liberals who really want to appear as anything but the status quo

| >>672761 dont impact me but impact the industry, politics, and the products I conssume such as enterteinment by doing stupid "hot"takes and death threatening innocente people trying to do their business and ruining intire communities of fans and custumers so yeah no direct impact but a lot of indirect impact on my life

| Less games to buy, less comics to read, less products to consume, more people and creator quitting their jobs due to stress, more politicians following crappy ideals, and more lives being ruined cuz cancel culture made their bosses fire people who got accustions that werent investigated by the police but god forbid someone is being accused so the internet has more power than the law and they should be fired and never be able to work again

| Type kick vic on the internet and you will find an example of that happening

| >>672737
>if you do a witch hunt you are an sjw

This is obvious BS. You don't even know what an SJW actually is wtf.

| >>672780 "it changed from a primarily positive term to an overwhelmingly negative one.[1] During the Gamergate controversy, the negative connotation gained increased usage over-shadowing its earlier origin" so sush plz, gamergate was a witch hunt, read the intire thing before posting it

| >>672794
Are you retarded? No where in that article does it claim that witch hunting is synonymous to SJW.

| Somebody doest know that witch hunting is an expression for cancel culture

| >>672808
Somebody doesn't know what he's talking about, more like.

| Somebody is salty and is doesnt want to research the correlatation about sjws and cancel culture ant the recent definitions and conotations

| >>672815
I researched it. I even posted the wiki article that disproves it.

No where in the entire fucking world does it say that all witch hunters are SJWs or that engaging in witch hunting makes you an SJW or that SJWs killed Frankensteins monster and made Britney Spears shave her head.

All that BS is located entirely in your confused little head.

| >>672818 wtf dude what frank and britt have to do with it, are you drunk? The article even stated that the negative connotation is the most used nowadays, what are you even going on about?

| >>672829
Are you legitimately retarded? Can't you even follow the red thread throughout our conversation?

| >>672830 got lost the momento you said frankenstein, if you dont have anything else to say just stop, internet arguements are annoying

| Sorry if you got offended by anything, just said that sjw doesnt have the same definition from before and that even the wiki agrees with me, you dont need to agree with me, do wjt you want

| >>672839
Why would you engage in them if you find them annoying? Do I have to hold your hand and guide you through that too?

| >>672840
I'm not offended. I just called you out for being mis-informed and corrected you. Then I made fun of your inability to follow a conversation and getting yourself confused.

| >>672840
The thing is no one made that argument, yet you're using it as a counter-argument for some reason. It's all in your confused little head you dumb bitch.

| >>672843 ok if thay makes you happy who am I to judge, you dont have to belive the wiki or what I say, live your life dude, if you dont see sjws as I or the wiki discribes its your problem, you are your own protagonist of your own story

| >>672846
I believe the wiki and it doesn't correlate to what you say, you dumb bitch.

| >>672845 gee how rude, its almost as if you are refusing to read the wiki again, and are having a meltdown cuz I dont agree with you because you belive in your views and want me to belie in them, just like how I see sjws

| >>672848
Point out where in the wiki it says that witch hunting is synonymous to SJW.

Oh right, you can't because it's not there.

| >>672847 uh sorry, I'm male and my intelligence is above average, so please could not misrepresent me, call me a smartass bastard or something, also bitch is a very misogenistic word and dumb is offensive to people who have below average intelligence

| >>672850 go for the wiki and read it again, also read the "meaning" part and then read about gamer gate, then google the current definition of witch hunt and while at that, give cancel culture a tab too

| >>672853
Lol you're so fucking dumb. Literal anti-vaxx tier reasoning there.
"I can't prove it but it's true just make your own research".

According to your own logic SJWs killed Frankensteins monster.

| >>672855 where is the frankensteing thing comming from? Is it because I said mob mentallity? Are you so simple minded that you dont understand expressions, dude wht world do you live where every thing people say has the same meaning as in a dictionary? Please make your own research on that I gave you all the kye words to search and its not like its hard anyways, you a having a meltdown this big just cuz you are too lazy to google? Antivax have more conviction than you it seems

| then they came for men,
first they came for white people,
and when they came for me, no one was left to defend me

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