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Keepin /new/ alive since the planet is dying

| What can I say that would spark a needless heated debate on the internet?

| Orange man gud

| Blue lives matter

| All lives matter

| American politics

| Brazillian president

| Emu war

| Remove Kebab

| *Insert something silly*gate

| No lives matter.

| Japanese anime tiddies are bad but actual sex scenes are fine as long as it isnt pleasurable to the viewers and panders to manorities

| Your sex is assigned at birth.

| Biological sex should be defined since there are differences between man and woman to the point it requires different medicine and specift types of medical treatment, but what you are personaly identified as is up to you

| There are only two continents

| >>672740 cant say I disagree but I can also say its all a matter of perspective, europe and asia are the same land piece just like south america and north america, but africa and antartica are its ownd separate land pieces and bunch of ilands together with australia could be argued as a single continent, at the end of the day its all maps and geography, there are a bunch of ways you could separate land marks

| Technically New Zealand is it's own continent too. It's called Zealandia.

| >>672543
Black Lives Matter.

| >>672903
there it is: the shittening

| Equality means equality for everyone regardless of their skin color, gender, religion, sexuality, etc. Nowadays some people seem to think equality means oppressing white straight males because it’s “there turn”.

| >>672913 their*

| There's only one ocean

| >>672917


| >>672917 also, there are no lakes and rivers, they all came from the ocean

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