Why do ppl still believe that Rona's a myth?

| My best friend's coworker wouldn't stop going to work because he doesn't believe in corona despPITE HIS GIRLFRIEND BEING POSITIVE FOR ONE.It baffles me how dumb ppl are. How are they real???

| People are stupid. (except me of course)

| Talked with a friend who said he's beginning to think it's a hoax. Said he saw people being incorrectly diagnosed as having Covid on videos and one time with a friend's dad who actually by his account died of a heart attack. All I can say is we should wait and see what will happen after the protests.

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Yeah this is a better answer I guess

| Its kinda dumb how the pandemic suddenly vanished when people were protesting, bad journalism is what causing people to not understand the virus

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This is why I'm proud of not being American, like, wtf, we see over here these protests randomly on TV and I can only wonder how much fucked the US is gonna be in the coming months, while here in Europe everybody is so scared that they actually (kind of) listen to what the government/scientists say and are extra careful with everything.

Only dumb, rich people on my country are out there protesting, they are so few it's laughable and they just babble about freedom

| I read about how some people don't cover their mouths when they couch because they think it's a political statement.

Dunno if it's true but it reminds me of people not wearing seatbelts to protest against the state.

| It is never a surprise for me, I mean, you do know that flat earther and anti vaxxer exist, right? Not to mention how WHO and early knowledge about the virus were kinda wrong.

Like how people thought that the virus is not an airborne, so masks were unecessary + wearing a mask meant you are taking it from medical personeel. While now it has been proven that masks reduce the spread and even cloth masks help.

Expert being wrong is just a great ammunition for these kind of people.

| >>671434 people need to understand that science is something that takes time and need studies to be comfirmed, not all studies are right and its mostly speculation especially in the erlier stages of the pandemic, but no people wnat results now, they want the scientist to say stuff now

| America really needs to invest in a better public education system... I feel this is the root of the problem. Americans have lost a ton of funding. I would have wanted to become a high school teacher, but the pay is awful. I also blame the rise of unregulated social media. I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts so they can't monetize off of my information. America needs a lot of reform, but a good 33.3% of the population are extremely ill-informed.

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