If Minneapolis is going to defund disband the police, then what's going to happen if a mass shooting were to happen there?


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| Well, it's an exaggeration that the police is going away completely, they're just switching to a different model of policing. What's being defunded and disbanded is the current system, which is almost completely corrupt.


For example, militarization of police forces hasn't shown to really make anyone safer, but it does make the police more assholish overall.

In my opinion, if Mr. Kroll hadn't been so hard headed (and had his memorandums to the rest of the police leaked), maybe the city council wouldn't have decided that the only way to fix it was to dissolve it. You can see in the article where previous administrations have tried to tackle the problems in the department from the ground up, and they've been roadblocked at every turn by this so called "union."

But of course, sometimes a total reset works just fine, as seen in Camden, New Jersey.

| The military will step in if the police is unable to handle something big, like a mass shooting(or going rouge) for example.

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| >>668188 well,assuming the populace is armed. I would assume people would hunker in place. Find the shooter killing people and kill them. Which has been the case for a multitude of mass shooters. Like what happened back in December https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-50952443

| I mean u already have a warlord or some shit in washington. People r just gonna do dumb shit and replace the police they hate— and then the military or idk atf will blow them up lol

| >>668848 you think that overlord guys take over on the precinct is going to go downhill?

| Let the police handle the warlord.

| So the warlord guy is a wannabe rapper, from what I'm hearing... Wow

| I think the reports of him being a warlord are overblown. The only sauce I was able to find was a reddit post which has since vanished, and streams on twitter live at the Zone haven't show any armed guards or anything.

Its also growing.


And in this twitter thread, it looks like the mayor and Seattle PD are letting them stay.


That probably explains why the Department of Transportation is installing porta potties (toilets). It has turned into a gigantic festival.

| For comparison, this was a few days ago:


| It's starting to feel like minecraft anarchy server.

| Sounds like a shit show

| They could have neighborhood watches where they pay people to police in their spare time or something idk who cares I'm not American

| Defunding the police does not mean completely disbanding the police. It simply refers ti reallocating finances that go into the police foece into other goverment agencies to help society in other (significantly better) ways.

| >>670054 Fair enough, but you would still have most people who think that "defund" means remove the police completely. Using the term loosely wasn't a good idea to begin with, and instead should've used "reform" instead.

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