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What would be your way to say fuk u! For society?

| Is there enything you dislike about the world? if so, what would be your way to show your sadness or anger towards those who made your life worse?

| Mine would be asking for aliens to just take me, people are too dumb and I dont want to live in a planet with a bunch self harming apes

| Ghosting my mum, given her recent attempts to pull me into her conflicts that have nothing to do with me.

Moving away, disconnecting from the internet, I guess.

| >>667979 ouch, its always harder when close family is involved

| I drive without my seatbelt. Society can't tell me what to do!

Jokes aside, I won't say fuck you to the entire world. It's too big.
But the society and state I'm living in(Sweden) actively produces hate so I can definetly say fuck you by lighting myself on fire like that Vietnamese Buddhist monk.

| >>667982 not really, not a lot of people like her because of how much validation she wants.

She tries to win me over with money, which is honestly fucking cheap as shit to her given what she earns.

| Another thing for me that deserves a fuck you is bullies, god I feel like discrimination starts in a kids life with bullying
I whish I could just snap my fingers and get rid of all those people

| >>668177
Yeah, bullying is not very nice. What's your stance on bullying the bullies though?

Another thing that for me deserves a fuck you are people who wish death and suffering onto others.

This video explains very good how I think we should deal with such people.

| >>668181 I dont wish death on then I just wish they would have never made my life the way it was, by get rid I mean puting them in place where thei wouldnt disturb others

| >>667975
By not giving a fuck.

| >>668191
You didn't strike me as a person wishing death and suffering on other people. I was mostly wondering if you're okay with using the same methods against bullies they themselves use against their victims.

I dunno if it actually works or not but for some it can be an eye-opener.

| >>668223 ussually abused people tend to abuse others, this happend to me and I just realized that I subconsiuslly manipulated a dear friend of mine cuz I was so fixed on the idea that everyone hated me, wich isnt true, it was just a group of people that hated me, so after suffering with bullies I became one myself, I just want this cicle to stop, people suck and there is nothing we can do to help society

| Like, think about it, we as a species are walking to a path where everyone hates each other, there a re bullies, dictstors, ignirant people, those who cant stand diferences, peopl who just want to go out and break stuff, these people will be the cause colapse in nay society, and they will always exist

| So fuck society and humanity, cuz there will always be a fucker to ruin your day, and you know what they say, one bad day and your life might be ruined

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