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Video Shows Law Enforcement Officers Slashing Tires at Minneapolis Protests

| A week ago, there were many reports out of Minneapolis that protesters, reporters, and even medics had found that the tires of their cars were slashed at some point during a night of protest. Witnesses said at the time that law enforcement officers had carried out the act. And now there is clear evidence to support that claim.


| Goodness.

| Wtf, why would they do that?

| >>1fc15e acab, duh

| >>667856
Might actually be true for Minneapolis

| >>667584 the government has been known to employ false flag attacks in the past. Why wouldn't police forces do the same? The recordings we can easily do of the police just allow us to find out about these false flags and hold them accountable(not like they will face punishment for their crimes)

| active measures. just like those supposedly nazi hate groups drawing swastikas on jewish cemetaries.
there's always a lot more to it than you'd think

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This thread is permanently archived