Teenage boy charged in Canada's first 'incel' terror case

| The suspect, who cannot be named because he is a minor, had already been charged with murder shortly after the incident, which took place at an erotic massage parlour.

Police allege he fatally stabbed Ashley Noelle Arzaga, 24, who was discovered inside the building around 13:00 local time on 24 February. Two other people, a man and a woman, were found outside the premises with stab wounds.

| When Toronto police learned the crime may have been motivated by an extremist ideology, they contacted Canada's federal RCMP, which ultimately decided to press terrorism charges.

A first-degree murder conviction for an adult carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years-to-life, but as the suspect was 17 at the time of the crime, there is no mandatory minimum.


| I will at least say that "involuntary" is in the name, but you still get to choose what ideologies you decide to follow.

| Wait, erotic massage parlours exist?

| Incel is not an ideology you retard, its a condition

| how did we manage to get to this point...

| >>573a23
It's very clear I was referring to the terrorists extremist ideologies and not his inability to get affection. At least practice basic reading comprehension before you decide to reply, pls.

Extremist right wing ideologies is very similar to the radicalization of Islam. They're actively looking for easily manipulated young men and drive them to hate/confusion.

| >>657566
>Call someone a retard
>You're actually the one being retarded

Classic Internet

| >>657605
any number of groups are looking for same-thinking, or easily formatted, malleable minds.

but i kinda almost partially agree with your generalization about extremists.

| G/u/rls, I think we're missing the point. Erotic massage parlours exist???

| Is this just like a Toronto thing, or...

| incel is definitely an ideology, not a condition. it's a manner of viewing the world through a different lens. that doesn't mean that it's anything more that an sick ideology that feeds off men's fears and insecurites.

| >>657629 wrong, incel is just involuntary cilibate, the whole point of the word was to be a less stigmatized term for vingin, it has nothing to do with ideology, its just a condition where either a man or a woman cant have sex iven if want to

| >>657605
haha, left wing terrorism isn't real!!

| >>657652
>just a condition where either a man or a woman cant have sex iven if want to

i think we found the incel

| >>657629 >>657652
I think the word incel has two meanings today. It's a new word and things like this tend to take some time to cement.

For some people it's a word to describe a person who wishes to have sex but doesn't get it.

For other people it's a word to describe a perons who can't handle their sexless lives and lash out because of it. Sometimes coping with extremist idelogogies or hate for women in general.

| >>657664
stop calling others incel you incel

| >>657621
It's not a generalization. There's no doubt that right wing groups are actively looking for easily manipulated young men to spread their agenda to.

The radicalisation of islam follows a similar pattern and has been for at least 50 years.

| >>657674
you keep talking about "radicalisation of islam", what does it even mean?

| >>657679

| People who think the right is doctrinating are forgeting what the left has done to the internet, tbh both sides sucks but since the left became so extreme every centrist is being called rightist

| >>657685
Do you have any scientific fact to back up this post with?

| Just look how every social midia is censoring any rightwing thing they find and the embrace all the left idiology to the extreme, look at twitch, youtube, twiter, etc,

| >>657689
Scientific fact. I don't care about your subjective experiences with social media.

And as far as I know those sites only censor violent/hate-speech and obvious fake news. They're not censoring right-wing media(Republicans still gets their spot).

| >>657691 I'm going to assume you are unware of the social justice movemente and the many fuck ups it has been making, they are even the reason incel became another "we hate woman" word, these people are twisting a lot of stuff and censoring a bunch of harmless stuff in name of "equal rights", if you need proof, give channels like, timcast irl(its good journalism) and herohei(silly comps of examples) a try,

| >>657695
Scientific. Fact.

| >>ea7a1a >Give something scientific anon! I dont want your subjective opinion
>Academia is full of unhinged leftists and publishing a paper supporting right wingers would get you blacklisted

just lol

| >>657691as far as I know those sites only censor violent/hate-speech and obvious fake news. They're not censoring right-wing media
>There's no doubt that right wing groups are actively looking for easily manipulated young men to spread their agenda to
>I think the word incel has two meanings today
>Extremist right wing ideologies is very similar to the radicalization of Islam


| >>657714
The source is in the second post...

| >>657709
>Academia is full of unhinged leftists and publishing a paper supporting right wingers would get you blacklisted

Name one(1) scientist who's gotten blacklisted for publishing a peer-reviewed paper supporting ring wing views or GTFO.

| >>657723
i know...

| >>657723 that article is a biased mess, they can't even explain what an incel is, you dont need to be a man to be an incel, the article is spreadin uncecesary fear, just because some idiot who is an incel commits crime doesnt mean all incels are bad, that terrorist is just misogenyst, its like saying we should fear water since crimminals drink it, and there were no articles about right wing groups doctrinating wtf is the world are you living, get some reality check

| >>ea7a1a I dont know a specific paper but the father of the DNA Watson were stripped of his honours just for making a statement about differences in racial IQ. All the while bulshitting about how him and crick stole their achievement from genius Rosalind Franklin, the woman that were fucked over by muh patriarchy without any evidence

| >>657734 thery are also censoring some studies of gender diferences

| People need to understand that races and gender have some diferences since thats the way evolution works, we shouldnt ignore those differences, we should study learn and accept them in our lives, no one is born equal, and we should see those differences as general rule but we should understand that they are genetical tendencies and not demonize them, like men are more sexually active and have more sexual urges(1/2)

| But that doesnt mean men are more prone to rape, thats super strech,and that also doesnt mean all men are horny 24/7, black people resist more sun radiation but that doesnt mean every black person likes hot days, ad thats not even talking about the fact that most people in the world are dumb, and people with more than a 100 iq are not that common, so we need to see more, understand more and accept more, both the right and left are stupid(2/2)

| >>bdf4b1 preach

| >>657742
>both the right and left are stupid
eventually everyone should recognize this: the goal is above, the way is up. we must focus on upgrade.
but hey >>bdf4b1, where does me being an ethnonationalist come in...

| >>657749 what, sorry if I said something the offended you, I didnt mean to target you in any way, I was just agreeing and adding to your comment

| >>657751
same? i agree with most of what you said!
i'm just a bit politically depressed

| >>657749
>>both the extreme right and extreme left are stupid
Fixed for accuracy.

There's sanity in our political spectrum. You just have to find out yourself and not take what you hear at face value.

| >>657733
The article never stated that all men are incels, or are horny 24/7, or that incels/men are prone to rape or that all incels are violent or even that all incels are bad. You're the only one making those statements(so you can refute them a la strawman. Why you're so keen on making excuses is beyond me.

| >>657767 but sill, it would be better if people were smart and realized that taking sides is dumb and that we shoul aim for the betterment of society like, better resource distribution, developmento of new tech, renewable sources of energy, etc

| >>657772
The thing is, people aren't doing those things. They do take sides, they do kill because of ideologies, and they do manipulate the easily-manipulated. Wishing for betterment doesn't work but acknowledging scientific facts does.

| >>657774 both sides ignore or twist the facts so it fits their agenda, they only accept the facts that are convinient for them, these types of people are the same ones who would start a dictatorship if the could, its all for sientific fact my ass, all the great minds who are developing new shit are ignoring the pilitical garbage fire while the companies and celebrities are too busy inventing new ways to lessen the wagegap to gender equality

| If people were really seeing sienctifc facts they wouldnt be taking sides because both sides have flaws, the would be thinking "what can I do to make people trive?" and not "how can I get the message across that thei my ideology is good and that they are wrong?"

| Both sides are a bunch on screething people who think they have a moral highground and are under an illusion that they are fighting for true freedon when in reallity they are just vomiting words, censoring harmless stuff, creating stupid laws, oppresing groups and dividing the population, both sides a utter trash because they have taken some good ideas and decided to exploit the shit out of then and create a whole ideal world out of them without taking reallity in conssideration

| >>bdf4b1
There are more than two sides. You're doing yourself a disservice by not acknowledging this.

| >>657793 dont be stupid and assume all I'm talking only applies to what I mentioned, the world is vast and thera are many things to consider, and its praticaly impossioble to mmention whats wrong with every aspect of humanity, human ignorance knows no bounds

| >>657796
You keep using the term "both sides" in everyone of your post but hasn't even acknowledged any other side of the political spectrum. Based on your posts you don't even seem aware of any other sides than the extreme left and the extreme right...

| >>bdf4b1
And I'm still waiting for you to back up your earlier claims with some substance FYI. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

>>657685 >>657689 >>657695

| >>657804 says the guy who didnt post a single evidence that the right wing is doctrinating people

| >>657804 i you need proof just look at twitter, youtube and twitch, you are ignoring the problem if you dont know the stuff the left has been pushing on the internet

| >>657802 oh shut up, im only mentioning these more because these are the bigest outliers, if really think that all I said doesnt apply to the sides of the political spectrum and ideologies you are again choosing to ignore the problem

| Learn to think before asking for stuff

| >>657674
So did you just compare Islamist extremists, and people who are frustrated about celibate ?
Sry that was not generalization, idk what I was thinking. I read your post again, and sure you were simply comparing how radicalized Islam evolved, to how right-wing (which doesn't mean the same thing in every geopolitical area, though) extremists evolved.
You compared their ways of actively searching for easily formatted minds.
What are right wing extremists doing here tho... ?

| I mean, when do these so called right-wing extremists come into play with the incel thing ?
How did we even start talking about them, when they're not meaningfully linked or related in this article.
Maybe I missed something huge in the article, brb

| damn, I can't find the part explicitly linking incels to right-wing extremists...
please tell me if I'm missing something big, okay...

| >>657841 right? The dude be streching the fuck out of these articles to fit his agenda, and yet he says he only belives in science articles

| Thats bs, he the same as thos social justice bozos on twiter

| >>657845
Oi mate can we, like, read his next post or smthg, idk maybe i'm missing something completely obvious and it's perfectly valid, you never know...

| Disclaimer : that's not irony or sarcasm btw

| >>657853 true, what is that he only posted 1 article and never posted the one proving the right wing doctrinating stuff

| But you are right he could have an articles proving it but I doubt, I would probably know about it but maybe I just never came across it

| This thread is insane. >>bdf4b1
Right wing indoctrination is a well documented subject and so is it's connection to Islamic indoctrination. I could literally link hundreds of articles. It even makes sense on an intuitive level. American right wingers and ISIS militants have the same target demographic and everything.

| And is anybody really really arguing the fact that a majority of incels are conservative? The community is known for rampant sexism. Even leftist incels are still pretty regressive when it comes to women.

| Also, the race realist arguments in the thread have been debunked for the longest time now. Differentials in IQ in regards to race have been attributed to environmental factors. If any scientist have been shunned for espousing race realist views, it wasn't because the scientific community is afraid of facts or whatever, it's because these people were wrong.

| >>657905 good generalizations of incels, first you dont need to be a man to an incel so stop with the "most incels think this of woman", second if you want somethin to say about most incels is that they are just lonely so stop

| Bruh, have you been in any incel community? The overwhelming majority of it is body shaming, rascism, and plainly sexist content. I rarely see any incels discussing any real systemic causes of their loneliness, it's usually just age old conservative bullshit made digestible for zoomers. Your characterization of incels is extremely dishonest.

Don't get me wrong, there's nice incels out there, but they would never call themselves that.

| >>657566
This condition only exists in the "incel" ideology.
There is no such a thing than "involuntary celibate", escpecially not in Canada where you legally can buy sex for money. I have the impression that those "incels" honestly believe there is some right for free sex. But such a thing doesn't exist and never existed anywhere. In a sexual relation both sides always have to pay a price. People pay with their body, dignity and mind ("love") but also with time and money.a

| So, am I oversimplifying if I summed up what you said with "We got to the point that some dude who identifies as incel stabbed people because of right-wing indoctrination." ?
I asked >>657588
To which you replied >>657605
Let's imagine for a second that those dudes and dudettes that some people call incels are hypothetically all right-wingers.
What tells you that it's because of right-wing ideology that some of them get so disturbed they get to stab people.

| I'm not saying there's no connection, I'm saying the connection doesn't mean much in our case... if that makes sense to you, idk.

| But there's the possibility that I over-interpreted all of this...

| >>bdf4b1
Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationilize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief.

| >>657806
So you have no proof to back up your views with? Why do you even believe in them in the first place?

| >>657806
I'm not ignoring it. I'm literally asking you to show it to me but you can't.

The problem doesn't seem to exist and no one can point it out.

| >>657908
I think it's pretty clear that the word incel have several meanings today. Why are you so defensive about this?

| >>7e4e51 in a lot of places around the world theres no legal prostitution, also think about what you said, you not every incel is on a internet forum, and of course there will be the communities of bad apples, but incel is a super general therm for you to assume the majority is human trash, there is no race, gender, religion or ideology for being an incel, think about how much people you are generalizing

| >>809b0f as for you, I gave you 2 youtbe channel names, full of examples they cover the situation I talked about almost every day with articles, so all you have to do is type these names on youtube, but if you are too lazy to do that and want me to give myself the work to post a link, screw you and don't even complain about it cuz you still have to at least give the name of the "right wing doctrination" article

| And heres one the names again, Timcast irl

| And I realized this is the internet
And >>657960 is right, there is no point in arguing, since everyone thinks that being wrong will demoralize them as a person, wich is stupid but hey people do it so not my fault, and I'm not discussing here anymore since

| >>657975
You are putting words in my mouth.
Cite my exact words, when I have supposedly stated someone is human trash.

I'm not trying to be right.
I'm making a conscious effort to understand someone's words. And they're not yours.

I don't believe you are the person who is able to clarify, simply because you are not the person that I asked for clarification.
What you're saying maybe is true, but it isn't what I'm discussing.

| >>657977
"Make your own research" is not the same as providing a source.

You can't back up your statements with substance. Period.

| >>658022 the human trash part was not intended to be a citation
And the trying to be right wasn't a specific person

| >>658025 as I said if you are to lazy to type a name on youtube screw you

| >>658029
A name on YouTube and "make your own research" aren't sources.

If you can't even back up your statements with substance then why do you believe in them in the first place?

It's not a very intelligent approach to learning about the world.

| >>1d8995
Dude. Everything you're saying is ridiculous. "Make your own research" is the most unscientific thing I've ever heard. Flat earthers and anti vaxxers say the same thing. And Tim Poole is one of the dumbest people I've ever seen. He literally called Trump a Democrat, doesn't know the difference between asylum seekers and immigrants, and isn't taken seriously by anyone but his fans.

| https://www.researchgate.net/publication/264829254_Propaganda_20_Psychological_effects_of_right-wing_and_Islamic_extremist_internet_videos

Here's a link to a short book that cites multiple studies and meta analyses on the subject of right wing extremist indoctrination and its relationship with Islamic extremist indoctrination.

| Also, if you want to watch Tim Pool get embarrased in real time, you can watch his debate with Sam Seder.

| >>658036 that article is talking about slamism, but the things in it applies to all extreme ideologies, doctrinating is so hard

| The book refers to multiple extremist ideologies dude, did you even read the abstract?

| >>658037 I recomended tim mostly cuz he shows the articles he talks about but you gotta realize that the doctrinating from the exptreme left exist and is affecting the world, look at all the companies changing their politics to be politicaly correct, a bunche of plataforms such as youtube, twitch, twitter and facebook are censoring videos and articles to get an agenda out, look at what the me too movement has come to and journalism was kinda lost in that mess,

| Doctrination comes from all fronts and their power shifts so one spectrum takes over the other from time to time, and thats why ideologies are stupid they keep us in a bubble amd try to convince everything outside is bad, that only creates more conflict and discrimination, look at the way people are behaving in elections, talk to the people and you will see how bad the doctrination of any ifeology affexts the population

| >>658041
> you gotta realize that the doctrinating from the exptreme left exist and is affecting the world

Prove it.

| Bruh, the changing policies of the companies is a response to the changing politics of the general population. This is marketing 101. And people get banned of of social media platforms because they violate terms of service. These are privately owned companies and they can legally entitled to do so. The "me too" movement literally just exposed a lot of people in the upper echelons of society have sexually harassed people. Idk what argument you're making there.

| >>65804
Are you seriously going to claim to not be ideologically driven when you listen to Tim Pool? Just because he says he's a centrist doesn't mean he actually is. If you look at everything he's said and done, he's a borderline fascist.

| Plus he dude literally looked up a statistic in the Sam Seder debate, and said "that's the wrong information" when it proved him wrong. It's honestly embarrassing that you referenced him of all people.

| https://youtu.be/u88kL5RYu_8



| Since you apparently can only absorb YouTube content

| >>658039
Imagine getting filtered in the first paragraf of a paper lol

| Never said I only watch tim, just said he presents good examples to what I'm saying, but well what ever keep going

| >>658065
I never said you only watched him either, but it's pretty telling that you do. He's like, the textbook definition of a grifter.

| And the reason I dot carry ideologies is because it only creates more problem, when in reality all we need to ask is: what can we do that will help us thrive?

| My main point to all this is, incel is not a ideology, its just a very broad therm, that doctrination comes from everywhere from family to the political specttrum to the religion and enviorment, and that ideologies are meaningless fodder that we create to ourselves cuz we are too lazy think rationly to solve our plroblems, thats all I wanted to say, with out moral filters, big words, or political agenda

| Dude. I know you think you said something that you think is really profound, but it's legitimately making me question your age. I don't think you know the definition of ideology, politics, or what the incel community is like.

| >>658067
You're obviously carrying an ideology though, no matter how many times you deny it.

| >>658085 paradoxes are a thing in real life, not having ideology is an ideology, having no opinion is an opinion etc

| >>658087
Apathy is neither an ideology nor an opinion.

You carry extreme right wing ideologies though.

| >>658082 if don't get what I'm trying to say its ok, the incel "community" you see online is not a good representation of nor a good example of how incels behave, what I want you to understand is that these forums and threads are not used by every incel the exist, and that they are a minority, a bunch of guys that are bad people not because they are incels but because the are bad people

| Well I guess it's time for me to gtfo... just passing on the good night.

| >>658090 when did I say right wing stuff? Really, the momento you don't get what I'm saying, you negate my opinions and call me right wing???? Dude fuck you, if every who disagrees with you is
right wing and aphatic you have some serious problems

| >>658093
You're spreading and consuming right wing propaganda youtube channels and even use it as your sole source of information when asked to back up your claims. Many of said claims are you trying to paint the left wing spectrum as a global conspiracy that has seized control of the Internet/twitch.tv in order to radicalisie the population(but you can't seem to prove it).

If it looks like a zebra, eat like a zebra, it's a fucking zebra.

| >>658103 those are not my sole sourcer, but are my right wing sources, I see stuff from many parts of the internet and I saying the left is radicalized necause it is nowadays, bu I never sair the the right desnt have radicalization, you are putting words in my mouth, also why would I shoe left wing stuff when arguing with you who seems to be left wing, its like using fire aginst fire, there is no counter against the left in the left, its a bubble

| >>658103 bubbles are circle jerks, you cant see just left wing stuff and expect to see the whole world, get other sources, talk to more people, if you saw more of the world you would understand why ideologies suck

| >>658106
That is your sole source that you have posted when asked to verify your claims.

I see no reason that you have other sources hidden away somewhere that you refuse to post. You're obviously lying.

>I never sair the the right desnt have radicalization
No one claimed that you said this.

| And for your zebra argument: could be a striped donkey, since zebras are directly related to them

| >>658107
We're not talking about left-wing stuff. We were talking about your obvious right wing views. Stop trying to deflect.

| >>658108 why would I be right wing when I stated that I'm not

| >>658111
You're spreading and consuming right wing propaganda youtube channels and even use it as your sole source of information when asked to back up your claims. Many of said claims are you trying to paint the left wing spectrum as a global conspiracy that has seized control of the Internet/twitch.tv in order to radicalisie the population(but you can't seem to prove it).

Denying it doesn't make these statements go away.

| >>658110 of course I would have some right wing views I see multiple sources, I also have left, democratic, republican, socialist, and anarchist poins of view because I see the ideologies and I take what is good and leave the rest, I don't take one side and embrace all the bullshit they try to feed me

| >>658112 but that is what I'm trying to say, the left is on the power nowadays duh, power shifts in the political spectrum all the time, and my point is all ideologies doctrinate because all ideologies want the power

| There was a point where the right was in power, there was a point socialism was in the power, even facism was in the power thats how think work

| >>658113
Like that other poster said: I don't think you know the definition of ideology, politics, or what the incel community is like.

You keep saying this but you can't prove it. The only side that has been proven to engage in doctrination is the ones mentioned in this book: >>658036

Your personal claim that the left wing spectrum is a global conspiracy that has seized control of the Internet/twitch.tv in order to radicalisie the population is still unproven.

| And my point is, that this conflict for wasr is dumb and we should just take what is best for humanity and screw these ideologies that ruin the world with meaninless conflict

| >>658117
That's not the point to any of the questions I asked you to verify. Can you at least try and stick to the subject?

| >>1d8995
You have shared some very extreme right views that you can't verify with facts yet you still believe them to be true.

No matter how much you try to deflect you can't deny your earlier statements.

| >>658119 youtube has been censoring channels that talk positive stuff about right wing politics, twitter is now a depraved politicaly correct garbage fire, twitch censoring and banning crators but favouring woman and trying to crate a safespace wich is a left wing concep, the companies are trying their best to create new politicaly correct policies, and all almos all enterteinmente industrie has a left wing agenda

| >>658120
Prove it.

| If its not a type of doctrination than what is this? The companies and the world are finaly realizing that those ideologies are the one and only saviour of our society and every one who is against it are the cancer of the world( sarcasm)

| >>658124
Read the book about doctorination and learn what it is and what it isn't.
Here: >>658036

Private companies banning people for not following their Terms & Services isn't doctorination.

You got a reply to all of these statements earlier in the thread but you either ignored them or didn't understand them. Here they are again: >>658046

Also you're still not proving any of your statements with facts.

| >>657784

| https://www.forbes.com/sites/kalevleetaru/2018/01/12/is-twitter-really-censoring-free-speech/#411a486e65f5

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GCCz4RnRwg

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXY7rKeCB1Y

| https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ

| Sorry for the spam but this isn't something the can be made justice witha single aeticle or a single video, truth to be told all of this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is no way I can show everything that proves these points

| >>658133 love that song

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBQwCHoHcYI





| This just proves my point, doctrine comes form all sides, all sides are trying to take power, and we should try to get the best of all sides and dispose of what causes more probles or isnt fullsiling peoples needs

| What are you talking about dude? The videos linked to you addressed the indoctrinating qualities of videos you consume. Nobody claimed that the left isn't ideological. Everyone's ideological, even you.

| But there is also a problem that I've seen wich is a lot of people think that the right is a bunch of nazis and I cant even express how different those 2 thing are its like calling the left communists, wich is also very stupid and misinformed, these are 2 bombshells that need to stop being hammered

| >>658164 my last comments were just some shower thoughs, and>>658155 was for my own videos

| >>658164 not being ideological is an ideology, its the principle of a paradox,it doesnt invalidade that ideologies as bad in many ways

| Example, -we are all equal-
No we are not, there are many physical and mental differences from each individual, some people are smart, some are tall, other are cant veiw images on their heads, some are born with missing parts, some people have unusual talents, but since everyone is equel we have to creat a society that kill the diferences in people so the field is more plain and to stop inequality(1/2)

| Then ther is the opposit -we are all individual with specific needs-
Theres no way to create a world that suits everyones need, sacrifices are required, we would need to create foundations and rules for each person, and no governament can do that, at the end we are all humans and we need at least an average role so resources can cicle and stabilize wich causes inequality(2/2

| Conclusion: both sides have good principles but when fully embraced, its a shitty society, we should take what works from each side and create something usefull for our lives, too much inequality is bad but a little bit creates motivation and healthy comperition, too much equaly strips away freedom but a little bit of it makes sure nobody is starving and gives people a decent life, society need to learn where to addapt and where to change,humans are all humans but they are individu

| >>658167
Wrong. Apathy is still not an ideology.

| >only consumes right wing propaganda
>only shares right wing propaganda
>believes in right wing conspiracy theories
>claims to be a neutral party with zero ideologies


| >>658169
Is that what you think people mean when they say "everyone is equal?" Nobody thinks everyone's identical, they mean everyone deserves equal rights. You actually know nothing about politics. I still don't think you know the definition of the word. This is legit embarrassing man.

| On top of that, I don't think you're understanding anything that anyone's saying to you.

| >>658174 ah forget it, belive what you want dude, if every one who disagrees with you is right wing then I cant change it, just so you know(even though you wont) most of these soruces are centrists

| >>658175 my examples were hypotheticals, they are simple dumb way for people to understant, not 100% real, if you think that I'doing sothing wrong, tell me waht you see as right, you sound very respectfull, if you think I dont understand something explaing it if you are willing to

| >>658179
Dude, please. This is getting sad. The people you linked lied to you. Listen to what they say and watch what they do. Their actions and beliefs are clearly regressive. They call themselves centrists to appeal to people like you that don't know anything about politics. That's not your fault, these people are prolific, but they're manipulating you.

| >>658181
If I decided to clarify all the misconceptions you had, I'dbe typing all night. You seem really young, so I'm gonna hold out hope that you'll take a PoliSci class with a really patient teacher sometime in the future.

| Actually, Crash Course has a series on PoliSci on YouTube. I'd check it out.

| >>658191 I don't take all the opinions of theose creators, of course the spit bullshit from time to time but there is some valuable things,there a also other sources for me, those are my centrist and right wing sorces, I will check the channel you recommended

| But you shouldnt take all people say for granted and assume thats all they know, like you said if I were to point out all the misconceptions you had about may comments I would be typimg all night, if you want to know more abou me you should ask not assume, I'm 27 and live in a thrid world country, I've been to canada many times

| The probelem with first world countries is that they have many resources but corruption and ideologies give more conflicts to the populus and istead of voting for the best person the vote for the one who says what they want, and in third world its even worse since we have all that+ an inequal governament and a bunch o teens who get on drugs early and dont have great knologe

| Prostitution isnt legal here so yeah incels here have no right to sex, and I know how a lot of incels behave, the ones who commit atrocities are already fucked in the head by other stuff and are trying to compensate, I've seen my deal of lifes being ruined for drugs, politics, militia, doctrination, poverty and a lot more

| If people were smart and respectful the would be blindly flowing others or only porsus quick pleasures at the cost of others the would think how to imrpove themselves and their society

| When you see the worst of many of possible sides, you kinda have to selectively pick what parts of the mess are good and what are bad, I've realized that the problem is the fact that we are humans and we will always be tied to something, there will always be that one fucker that thinks they better than the others or that guy who will step on others, its actually crazy how people can be bad and not even notice, for them it is normal

| My msitake here was that I eas blaming the ideologies when in reality, if people were smart they would wouldnt rely on ideology, its no a problem but a consequence

| Sorry for the grammrar errors on that one

| >>1d8995
This is so embarrassing to read

| >>658205
>Prostitution isn't legal here
Where? I know only of a few countries where prostitution has consequences for the "customers". In most countries, where prostitution is illegal, the prostitutes are the ones who have to fear consequences by law. That makes the whole concept of incels nothing but look like some people who want sex for free because they believe they are nice - which at the same time is the reason why they aren't, lol.

| >>658175
>Is that what you think people mean when they say "everyone is equal?" Nobody thinks everyone's identical, they mean everyone deserves equal rights.
and equal chances...
You have a very good point here, but I'm afraid that there are many many people who honestly don't know the difference - thanks to dumb mass media propaganda campaigns, following certain agendas.

| >>658506
or thanks to dumb YouTube propaganda campaigns, following certain agendas.
Like the person in this thread who didn't know the difference either.

Either way, what point are you trying to make?

| >>658505 actually, in Canada, prostitution is legal. Purchasing their services on the other hand, isn't.

| eventually the most important thing we learn from this is that COMMUNISM DOESN'T WORK

| >>658556
xD wtf

| This thread stripped me of a piece piece of my soul. I will forever be haunted by my incompleteness. In my most private moments I will trace my fingers along the edges of what was once whole and and sob. I will hear the sweet whispers of Tim Pool. "You know, Trump is actually a centrist Democrat." His siren song will guide me to depths the likes of which no one dared dream. This is my fate. This is my nightmare.

| homo nigger activated AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

| Every person in this thread is just a bunch of losers

| >>658584
I mean, I think that's a rule of thumb when it comes to this app.

| >>658608 true, can we just agree that these guys are all just wrong

| >>658608
I've been wondering how people like Tim Pool fans ends up on one of the gayest sites in the Internet considering this place encompassess everything they hate.

But I think I get it now.

| >>658611
Nah, some of the stuff, like everything >>ec201b and>>d72e3f posted are pretty solid.

| Imcels are all wack of course one of em would kill for pussy, and op is obiviouly a paranoic lefty with the right wing doctrine thing, then there is the incel defender timpool fan who is just depressing to watch, honestly yall stupid

| >>658613 some of that stuff is kinda wack too

| >>658614
There is literal proof linked in this thread about how extreme right indoctrination works. It's a very well written subject.

| >>658616 are you the op pretending to be someone else?

| If so plz stop,

| >>658615 >>658616
URL for you in case you're interested in learning about it.


| Extrmists are everywhere, this book is just putting the blame on islam and the right, there will always be an idiot that takes their ideas to the heart and try to make everyone follow it, yall stupid

| Also extremist kinda lost its meaning, nowadays everyone who diagrees with their ideals gets called an extremist

| >>658621
I just linked it for you. You obviously haven't read it yet but you're already trying to invalidate its contents.

How gullible do you think we are?

| >>658624 gullible to enough to try to prove somthing on the internet, where any idiot can have an oppinion and be accepted

| >>9377ca
The sole reason you want to invalidate everyone in this thread is because it proves certain things about your extremist right wing views that you don't want acknowledged.

You're not even being subtle about it even though you think you are.

| >>658627 and gullible enough to belive everyone isn't noticing you are the "I only listen to science articles" guy

| Is everyone who disagrees with you a righty? Wtf dude!!! Kinda retard ngl

| >>9377ca
Hey, I'm the guy who linked the book. Wanted to clarify that the book is about the link between western right wing extremism and Islamic extremism and how they indoctrinate people. It never makes the assertion that these are the only groups who implement these tactics.

| Also, as far as you being a right winger goes, you expressed some pretty conservative views on truth.

>gullible to enough to try to prove somthing on the internet, where any idiot can have an oppinion and be accepted

Conservatives tend to try and dilute the credibility of truthful claims in a similar way because that's the only way theirs can seem credible.

| >>658639 don't mean to be mean but, why show only two groups and not explain that all groups do it, that only serves to stirr more trouble and spread hate to certain groups, kinda wack ngl, just look at>>13d871 he tottaly belives the right is a bunch of nazis trying to take over the world, the book only made him belive more that he is on the "right side"

| Doesn't mean you're a righty neccesarily. You could just be a really stupid liberal.

| >>658642
Because those are the most prominent forms of extremist thought in the world today? I could pull up FBI stats. The highest percentage of terrorist attacks come from those groups.

| >>ec201b ugh you are wack too huh, ok, this thread is lefty cilclejerk got it

| And it doesn't spread hate, it gives an understanding of the mechanisms of how these events happen. If anything, the book encourages empathy.

| Conservatives tend to do that, rightys act like that, liberals think that, yo dude you look like a robot, oh my doctrine show that these are the behaviours of a righty omg, he musy be the devil, wake up man

| >>658646
Lefties tend to be factually accurate what can I say?

| >>658647 emphatu for anyone who isn't islamic or from the right, cuz u know nazis don't deserve empathy

| >>658650
What? When did I ever make that argument? The people who get indoctrinated into these ideologies are victims too

| >>658649 ROBOT, then they say the left doesn't doctrinate cuz there is no proof, you sucking the left nut right now and don't even know it, you no better than the incel defender

| >>658648
And if you have a problem with academic consensus, I can't really help you. I can elaborate if you want?

| >>658652
What are you talking about?

| >>658651 everyone who isn't on tje left is a victim, we tend to be correct cuz we are the heroes of this world, don't worry blind sheeps we will guide you

| If you want to talk about left wing indoctrination, we can, it's just negligible compared to the right.

| >>658655
Okay, now you're just looking for a reason to be upset

| >lefties tend to be factually accurate what can I say?
>>658654 you don't even notice

| >>658656 if somethin that causes problem exist it isn't negligible you idiot, its like saying black people can't be racist

| >>658658
I still agree with that. The left tends to be correct because we tend to make logically and empirically defensible arguments, not because we're Jesus reincarnated or whatever

| >>658659
You honestly lost me dude

| >>658659
Do you know what negligible means?

| We have a far greater problem with right wing terrorism in the world right now. It absolutely dwarfs left wing terrorism. Both sides aren't equal on this issue

| It doesnt matter if its big or small, a problem is a problem

| >>658664
Okay, we can talk about it. What do you think about left wing terrorism?

| *Sjw, me too movement, mob mentality, cancel culture*
Says the left tends to be more rational, yall just as worse, don't try to sound superior, its sad

| Ok wait

| >>658665 terrorism equals bad, doesnt matter the origin, most who do terrorism do its because they are sick in the head, not bacause they follow an idea

| Are you seriously equating the me too movement with suicide bombers and mass shooters?

| >>658668
What? Yeah, mental illness is a contributing factor in a lot of cases, but are you really gonna tell me the 9/11 attackers didn't have an ideology?

| >>658669 no, that was the reply for this>>658660

| >>658671 if they are not sick the proly care more about the powerthrill and the world burnig the their ideals, any great crime organization leader doesn't fall for their ideals

| They use said ideal to control sick people, just look at hitler dude, history is here to prove it

| Ok, but the me too movement was just a social media campaign to expose sexual harassment by people in positions of power. SJWs are just people who care about human rights, granted, some are a little silly, and mob mentality isn't exclusively leftist. This is what I mean when I say left wing violence negligible. This is the worst shit you can come up with.

| >>658676
Are you saying every single Nazi was mentally ill? There's more at play than that dude. Indoctrination consists of many societal forces pulling and preying on vulnerable people. Anyone can be indoctrinated.

| >>658680 if there are people who cause problem on the left it means the left isnt any better, sjws caused cancel culture and mob mentality to explode in the past 5 years, me too movent influenced a lot of false accusations, the industries are trying to pander to the left cuz the can be E-canceld in a instant, so the left is just as bad as the right

| The Nazi propaganda machine was one of the most thorough the world had ever seen. They literally had kids go to camps where they had Nazi ideology taught to them. Nazi approved films were all that played in the theatres. These were just normal people in a really bad circumstance.

| >>658690 nah only the ones who fought for the nazis, many reports show that the common folk wasn't aware the nazis were killing jewish people so the population of germany was just ignorant and most soldiers were just folowing orders, the ones who folowed the nazi ideal though, those were the crazy ones

| >>658691
I've seen some of the "false accusations" and they've all been confirmed. And I'm not a fan of cancel culture personally, but it's not the same as an right wing mass shooting.

| >>658695
But they were still fed anti semitic propaganda. They were still fed nationalistic propaganda, and they still loved Hitler who was openly racist. Plus, hiding the truth is just another aspect of indoctrination. You aren't making the argument that you think you're making.

| So in the end doctrine and extrmist retard are the problem not the ideals behind it, blaming the right or islam is just stupid propaganda to creat an enemy cuz people are too scared to know that enyone could be pushed to commit an atrocity

| >>658704 yes I am, you are just to biased to notice, aka wack

| >>658712
Bro. You'll never know, but that was the funniest shit I've read in a while. The irony is insane.

| *never know why

| >>658726 I know right, its so funny when no matter what you say they dont belive it

| >>658706
And no. That's the exact opposite of what I said. There are systems of control in societies that influence the ways people behave. And sometimes, it coerces them into violence. Their feelings of antipathy are strongly correlated to the ideologies they have.

| >>658733
You haven't substantiated a single argument dude. Anyone reading this can see you don't know what you're talking about

| >>658726 bruh anyway I'm knoking myslef out, if you want to discuss more hit me up tomorrow

| Imagine beliveing that as long as you folow the "good" cult you are objectvly right, lol, this post was made by not sheeple gang and no sarcasm gant

| I think I'm good. Gn buddy.

| >>658737
Okay, wait how am I in a cult?

| I know I said I'm good, but you keep cranking out hits

| They live like, as lomg As I fLloW tHiS IDEal no I will Bee free from the shakles of sOcoiTy reeeeee aNd I will fRee these sHeEPle from thEiR Ducktr0yne

| Wait so believing in something means you're in a cult?

| I'm so lost

| >>658742 of course, trolling is gud, especialy when the person is gulliable to discuss something in the internet cus they belive they have some high all mighty ideal

| >>658747
This is actually hilarious. You got blown the fuck out, now you're saying it was just a troll the whole time. I'm not THAT gullible dude

| You will eat dirt hard one day or mabe not, hope you get over this silly war of sides, most people who are sucsesfull don't think about right or left cuz they know they are all doctrines and that both would collapse the world if followed by the world, any great leader of any institution, be it goog or bad, doesn't fall for sum stupid ideal

| It's okay, we were all 13 once. You'll walk it off champ

| >>658749 you would be surprised, if you knew how much effort troll put on the internet

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