Where is gender equality?

| World goes under quarantine. Some men and women lose their jobs.

Men wonder what they can do now to possibly support their family.

Women start an onlyfans so they can still buy stuff online that they don't need during quarantine because it's their only choice.

| If only men didn't spread dick pics around so carelessly they'd be a scare resource that could be sold too... time for an enclosure of the common dick fields. Primitive ac-cum-ulation?

Also, good to know women don't have rent

| >>657268
So what you're saying is that men are useless and can't do anything during the quarantine while women are resourceful enough to earn money?


| >>657268
Everything's alright. Men are thinking what to do now, women return to the oldest profession - prostitution.

| Ugh, not the incel threads again

| >>657272
ooh a simp!

| >>b497fa >>657368 >>657391
People don’t owe you attraction. Better to focus on becoming a more attractive person. Get fit, be clean, eat well, work on your personality. Nobody owes you.

| >>657417
of course i know that, but why are you replying to me?

| >>657419
Because it applies to you.

| Nowadays as soon as some girls turn 18 they start an onlyfans

| Wow. It's almost as if our society has commodified women's sexuality for centuries and that has an effect on how women behave. Imagine that.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mD9PWDeldng

watch this channel op

| >>b497fa >>657427
"Some" is the key word here.

| By making this post, OP, what have you achieved towards lessening inequalities ?

| it's silly to say that women aren't oppressed because they can make an onlyfans account. are you somehow implying that men can't make an onlyfans too? because they absolutely can, it doesn't make them any less of a man.

| nice baiy

| i mean bqit

| erm... baut

| ah shit what's the word again... ?

| My classmate got offended when I said that she is camwhore because she sells her naked photos and fap videos. Like, who she is then? Independent woman? If you do this, then why r you ashamed of calling it what it is.

| >>657421
why did you assume that, you idiot? you don't even know me

| >>657657
I based it on your replies in this thread. You're being way too defensive and sensitive for someone who(claim to) doesn't fit the criteria.

If you look like a zebra, eat like a zebra, then you're a fucking zebra.

| >>657636
She probably got offended because you described her with a deragoratory term. It's completely unnecessary and only people who look down on such practices uses such terms.

She's an online stripper or a camwhore. Depending on what term you use you're telling us a lot about what kind of person you yourself are.

It's not really rocket science.

| >>657667
Maybe so.

| >>b7bd18 redditor moment

| >>657704
Definetly so. How would you feel if she started calling you an 'incel loser' instead of a 'virgin' for example?

| >>657727
Im a gurl, so I just share my point of view. We had some sort of word fight and I simply told what I think, why should person apologize for its opinion?

| >>06a56b
Because maintaining a relation/friendship is more important than standing up for some juvenile slight that you'll outgrew in a few years anyway.

| >>657785
Duuno, whats wrong with standing up for your opinion? Im not interested in building bonds with every person I meet anyway, so there wasn't problems yet.

| >>657788
There's nothing wrong with it, but calling someone a camwhore isn't an opinion worth spending energy on imo.

| In any case there's no point insulting someone over it, it's probably more legitimate than most jobs out there. At least people are getting something from it

| Be >>06a56b

>Call friend a whore

>Friend is upset


| >>657268
I find you should backup how you portray things with some debitable empiricism.
Or did you forget about all those unreliable men that leave their families back to have their freedom and the brave women that work hard to feed their children.
As long you have no proof that the scenario you described is rather the norm than the exception makes your statement nothing but misogynistic bullshit.

| >>657635
it's that gr8 b8 m8.

| >>657931
did you forget about all the unreliable women who married a man solely to divorce them and steal their financial assets and children?

divorce and custody court are more slanted than a Jap's eye.

| >>658132
If a woman gives birth to a child it's not really theft if they get custody of said child. That's just dumb and misogynistic.

| >>658139 so even with the mother being a bad person she has priority over the custidy because the baby comes for her hole? You know that 50% of that child was made by th father, my cusin had a child, the mother was bitchy drug addict, my cusin isn't the best guy but he works hard and my family gives all the support the bay needs, but guess who got the custidy? The crack head, because the system is biased, we had to convince the mother to not stop the lawsuits

| If think things kept going the way it was the world would have another child raised in stressing, poor and abusive eviorment with a mother that would use the kid for money and demonize the father so she could steal his money

| The justice system isn't fair, even though it has justice in the name, they are biased, they have loopholes, and they are also lazy, whatever finishes the case faster or gets more money wins

| >>658130
I'd even say
>gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

| >>658158
Do you think that's because society is secretly misandrist, or that we've mentally pigeonholed women into the position of caretakers? The uneven custody rates are a product of sexist stereotypes. Patriarchy doesn't just hurt women dude.

| >>658132
You can hardly speak of "stealing" if both sides voluntarily agreed on a contract before called "marriage" which includes alimonies for good reasons.
If a man is that stupid to fall for this kind of shit, I would say it's his own fault. It's not like those rules are a secret kept by evil feminist conspiracy. Except from taxation benefits I don't see any reason for marriage at all. And finally there is such a thing called marriage-contract.

| >>ab1494
Again, you just extrapolate things from your personal experience. Please understand that your view on the story with your cusin probably isn't neutral and his case may not be representative at all.

| when will we realise sarcasm is actually not something that helps conversation, and is easily taken for aggression because it is.
some of the posts here were definitely not supposed to be taken seriously...
well that's what i see, but i could very well be blind, you know

| >>658562
In the last decades it became really hard up to almost impossible to say if there is irony or sarcasm in statements shared online like never before. The internet has been conquered by consumerism and mass stupidity (which goes hand in hand with each other). It gives a significant amount of people a platform that are dumb as fuck - and with "significant amount" I clearly point out that they're NOT the majority but still enough to cause harm.

| >>659160 I think dumb people are the majority, if you think about it the average iq is 90 and we all know that when theri is an average the mojority of results are below said average, also, if dumb people were a minority a lot of problems in our society such as herd mentality and cancel culture wouldnt happen

| >>659264
You know IQ hasn't been seen as a credible way of assessing intelligence for decades right? I also don't think you know how statistics work...

| >>659268 talk to people and see how many of em are responsible and have critical thinking

| >>659269
You might be projecting dude

| >>659271 than ask this to yourself, wich is the majority? Dumb people or smart people?

| >>659273
It really depends on how you measure intelligence. It seems your standards are pretty low if you think you're smart, so I'd say mostly smart

| >>659264
>the average iq is 90 and we all know that when theri is an average the mojority of results are below said average

Why do you type like that nazi apologist from the incel terrorist thread?

| >>659291 I mean the guy was literaly saying nazis are sick in the head, so how is he an apologist?

| >>659294
I think he meant the one before that. Wait, are you the guy that said all Nazis were mentally ill?

| >>659295 I mean, if I refer to a perso as "the guy" its clearly not me

| >>659295 and the one before him never mentioned nazis so theres no way to know either

| >>659294

| Lore is cool, some stories really need some of it

| >>659299
It's just that that you were being pretty sympathetic to a guy that was obviously wrong. And there were a few people making race realist arguments, which are constantly used by Nazis.

| >>659308 being wrong doesnt mean that all that he said should be taken as the word of evil, and it doesnt give you the right to call someone a nazi without any solid proof, in books hitler has said a lot of stuff and people still use some of his quotes, its like getting mad at water because it keeps bad people alive

| >>659310
I didn't say anyone was a nazi or not. I could make an argument that they are, but they could just be really dumb. Doesn't change the fact that people in that thread were parroting debunked neo-nazi talking points.

| >>659311 define neo nazi, for me they were just people frustrated with the current political dynamics and conflicts and were being accused of being right wing nazis because they were bashing the left

| In todays age anyone can be a nazi, its very painfull to see this generation accuse frustated people of being racist or nazis for such petty reasons

| >659313
I don't think they're nazis because they're frustrated, I think they're nazis because they literally made race realist arguments. Even if they don't know that's what they're doing, they're dog whistling for white supremacy.

| Looked back at it. One dude admitted to being an ethnonationalist.

| >>659318 they never said white is the supreme race, they just said there are differences in each race, you are just fooling yourself

| >>659320 for what you know they could be black and trying to state black is the supreme race

| >>659321
They dog whistled it dude. This is what Nazis do when they don't want people to know that they're nazis. He let it slip when he realized people weren't challenging him. The only people I know that bring up the differences in race in a political context are white nationalists and neo nazis.

| >>659324 how naive of you, real nazis are proud of their ideology, they wouldn't hide their raceism, have you ever suffered from racism? The real racist don't hide that their hate, mosy of those "neo nazis" just think that races are different because races are a conssequence of evolution, natural selection and adaptation

| He also said he believes Watson and Crick's racial beliefs, which were inarguably unscientific and white supremacist, then said they were censored for telling the truth. This is just the JQ.

| >>659325
The real nazis lied about their ideology constantly. They called themselves national socialists to appeal to the working class, depicte consolidating power in the hands of capitalists. They also hid the holocaust from German citizens.

| >>659325
It's been scientifically proven that the genetic difference to be negligible.

| *the genetic difference between races

| >>659328 the first guy never said he agreed with the studies and conclusions he just said that people need to learn that there are some differences in races

| He never stated one was better than the other he only said that people are different, wich is true, because we are not a bunch of carbon copies walking around

| >>659330
Okay. Here's what I think. You're either a troll, or you're illiterate. There's no way you can read that thread and not see that he's a nazi.

| >>659328 the genetics may not be different but that doesnt mean the bodies are equal, darker skin is helpfull for protection from sun rays(black), pointy noses help mantain the air temperature of the body(white), smaller eyes prevent sand and dust from getting in(asian), bigger hips help child birth(women), bigger torso helps when fighting( men), not saying one is better than the other just saying that there are differences

| >>659332 its seems like you *want* them to be nazis, real nazis wouldn't loose their time in a secluded internet thread, by your standarts at least 40% of the world population are nazis

| Dude. I don't know how to make this more simple for you. There was one guy who supported Watson and Crick's racial beliefs, which were that racial minorities were inferior, and another dude that said he was an ethnonationalist. Nobody was talking about adaptive physical differences. They were implying white supremacy. If you can't apply logic to this, I can't help you.

| woah damn, people have some scary bite in there

| >the first guy never said he agreed with the studies and conclusions he just said that people need to learn that there are some differences in races

| Heve you red the thing, no one said that they agreed with the studies and the guy who called someone an ethnonationalist was just spouting names around like you

| White supremacist, nazis amd racists people don't hide their ideals, some people are just confused or uninformed about what they say, they might sound like a nazi if you really want to strech your conclussions, but thats an exageration, you want to find nazis online, so of course you will se any small resemblance of nazism everywhere, you sound like anita saying everything is racist and sexist

| >I dont know a specific paper but the father of the DNA Watson were stripped of his honours just for making a statement about differences in racial IQ. All the while bulshitting about how him and crick stole their achievement from genius Rosalind Franklin, the woman that were fucked over by muh patriarchy without any evidence

This was the exact quote. He clearly that the statements by Watson on race and IQ which were unscientific and racist.

| *clearly thinks

| I mistyped. He agrees with Watson even though his statements are wrong.

| I know the paper he's referring to and it's constantly cited by Nazis

| >>659358
I literally gave you an example of how the actual nazi party was dishonest about their ideology. It's in their name.

| >but hey >bdf4b1, where does me being an ethnonationalist come in...

This is the ethnonationalist

| Not to mention there was overwhelming evidence to support the claim that Watson and Crick stole their discoveries from Rosalind Franklin

| >>659359 look at the ip of that quote, the guy who saide that wasn't the same person who got called an ethnationalist

| >>659361 I already proved he doesn't agree with watson, stop repeating yourself

| >>659362 just because nazis use a research in their favor doesn't mean the research i nazi, or are you telling we should destroy 70% of all medical progress we made in history just because it was a research made by nazis

| >>659363 no you didn't, you just said "this is what a disguised nazi would say so therefore he a nazi" wich is very subjective and isn't concret evidence

| >>659365 who was the owner of the research is off topic, and the guy who said that the research was stolen wasnt the same guy was called a ethnationalist

| >>dce9be
You sure get very defensive about "someone else" getting called a Nazi on the internet.

Didn't you get your fill in the last threads? We know it's you. You're not being very subtle.

| You sound like a kid who never faced racism in your life and is feeling hurt in place of the people who acctualy have faced complications for their ethny, you are acting like a white knight for the minorities wich as someone who is black, I find it quite disgusting, it like a white guy comming to me and saying hey, you are unprileged and is in nedd of my help since you cant deal with it on your own

| >>dce9be
There's no way you're this dumb. The second guy called HIMSELF an ethnonationalist. Nobody else called him that. The quote is right there.

| >>659395 of course I do, my father fought in the war and saw the real nazis, my grandmother was a jewish refugee, so yeah, I do get defensive when some random idiot call a person something with such heavy historycal bagage whitout even knowing how these people behaved in their society

| >>dce9be
He called HIMSELF that

| >>659397 no you are the dumb one, he didn't call himself that he just asked what him being that had to do with the topic, since he was accused of being it, you are just fooling yourself

| >>659399 so you have no arguement and is jsut repeating the same thing? Ok

| >>659390
Again the quote is right there he obviously thinks Watson is a credible source. You didn't disprove anything. He's also not quoting science. He's quoting racist propaganda.

| >>659401
Is English your second language or something?

| "Where does me being an ethnonationalist fit into this..." he was asking another poster if he belonged on the right or left

| >>659393
I literally gave you an example of how the Nazi party of Germany lied about their beliefs.

| And you know literally nothing about me. You have no real arguments so you have to pretend I have some sort of moral failing.

| >>659402 nope, he only said that people need to understand that there are diferences in race, this is a very subjective quote that does't comfirm any association, also you are empling he acctualy knew what the research was about, meybe he was just ignorant of the context

| >>659404 I mean if you read>>659398 you will see that my family tree is all over the place so yeah not my first lenguage

| Also, look at the dude's id. It only shows up once, and it's when he calls himself an ethnonationalist. How could anyone say anything to him if he hadn't typed anything before?

| >>659405 he got accused of being an ethnationalist and was asking what that accusation had to do with determining if he was from the left or right

| >>659410 the how can you prove they were the same person then? You are now putting the quote of another person onto the one you want to be nazi, so yeah you are fooling yourself

| Diffrent id only happens after one day of the post, and the discussion on the thread happened yesterday, how can he change id for one single post and go back to the original if this all happened in the timespan of an affternoon?

| >>659413
They aren't the same person, the have different IDs. I made the mistake of thinking there was only 1 nazi. Turns out there were two.

| And if he had alternates, why would he only use it once for such a random question

| https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/01/science/watson-dna-genetics-race.html

This article contains a link to the debunked paper that Watson published and illustrates why it's racist.

| Neither of these people were talking about some benign difference between the races. They were talking about race and IQ. This is a debunked Nazi talking point used by neo nazis because they're too dumb to know better.

| >>659415 see, you just throw the word nazi around like it means nothing, thats a disrespectfull thing to do to everyone who suffered from the nazis

| >>659418 now you are just inventing stuff to prove your point, stop it, its just sad and hummiliating

| >>659420
>stop it, its just sad and hummiliating

| Being a nazi isn't just think that people are different, is thinkin that the their own race is better and all the other are inferior, its about wishing death to the races that are not yours, you are blowing things out of proportions, not everyone is a nazi

| >>659423
I think it's fair to call someone an ethnonationalist when they call THEMSELVES an ethnonationalist. And I think it's fair to call someone a nazi when they use nazi dog whistles and cite debunked studies linking race and IQ.

| >>659424 the you a just an immature manchild who belives the world is divided in good and evil and never grew out of cartoons, you should grow up and stop white knighting everyone person you think would be offended by something, my race doesn't need to be told what a racist and a nazi look like by some person born in the 90's who only saw what those things through book and internet, and never sufered any hardships because they are different from the "norm"

| >>659431
Again, you know nothing about me, and haven't made an argument. Everyone's watching you shit yourself dude.

| >>5f1fc5
I want to thank you for making me learn or laugh with every single one of your posts in both of these threads. Your wittiness and knowledge truly made my days and nights. But I think we accidentally started something in /u/.

| >>b7bd18
That's so cool to hear actually. Glad I could do that for you. Congrats on making it through those dumpster fires. What do you think is happening though?

| >>659434 yeah ok, go live in your undercover nazi dystopia, where every 40% of the populus are nazis in disguise trying to secretly take over the world and can only be defeated by being called out online

| >>659609 I think you missed the point there

| >>659647
The dipshit corner is in another thread my man.

| I wanted to be charitable and assume there wasn't a nazi problem on this app, that's why I asked, but you're making me second guess myself

| >>659650 by your view everyone is a nazi so if you had some power you would be worse than the actual holocaust

| >>659609
It may be a coincidence that the spammer returned but I find it unlikely. He probably didn't like seeing his ideology get debunked like that. Or maybe he didn't like the messenger? I dunno why he's spamming /u/ though and not /new/. Maybe it's too obvious? Or maybe he doesn't know how to change the code lol.

| so you are calling me a nazi now? Really? After me giving my family history and the showing that none of the so called nazis of the other threads are just dumbasses with some distorted views?

| >>659652
The only person I called a nazi was the dude who believes in debunked racial science. I guess if you want to be technical, he could just be a white supremacist.

| The other dude is a self proclaimed ethnonationalist

| >>659670
Never said you were. But you spend a lot of time simping for them. Which would contribute to a nazi problem.

| >>659680 in your fucked up mind that is, gosh, go learn what a real nazi is and then come back

| >>659661
Lol, he sounded stupid enough to do that. I'll check it out

| >>659694
Idk how you can type with your head so far up your ass. Are you okay with ethnostates dude?

| >>659688 get outside and actualy face so raceism face some bullying, then come back to talk, you wouldnt be able to find a nazi, a white supremacist or a bully even if your life depended on it

| >>659721
I know where to find one

| >>659718 I bet you have never seen an ethnostate in your life

| >>659721
Dude. You can't even see them when they call themselves ethnonationalists. You've gone from shitting yourself to rolling around in it and presenting it as an argument.

| >>659735
I mean, most people who live in developed countries haven't? What's your point, I have to time travel to Nazi Germany? I can list off some modern ones if you want?

| Well theres no point in arguing with idiots, if think every person who says somthing stupid online is a nazi, fine, go live your lie,I give up, you won, be happy and god bless you

| >>659726
I think it's probably a coincidence. The guys I talked to were barely literate, I doubt they could've figured out how to bypass spam security, but I guess you never know

| Unless you think god is also racist, if so fuck god

| >>659782
I don't think everyone who says something stupid online is a nazi. I think when they call themselves ethnonationalists, it's fair to assume that they're ethnonationalists.

| Goodnight sweet prince

| >>659787 do you really thing those idiots from the other thread could do that sayuri spam? You have internalized some pretty immature grudge eh? To be able to bypass a spam security they would need to know some good thec stuff, its probably some random troll who are using spam

| Lol, you ACTUALLY can't read. I said it was probably a coincidence, and that they were to dumb to figure that out. What happened to nap time buddy? You're clearly cranky.

| >>659849 actualy yeah, I am a bit cranky today, essential worker and all that stuff, at least we agree that its just a coincidence, I take that last comment back, sorry

| >>659870
Lol, it's all good. You've had a long day, maybe you can get some rest, and when you wake up, you'll realize I was right about all that other stuff too

| >>659919 nah don't get your hopes up, your views are too extreme for me

| Be >>dce9be

>Guy says he's an ethnonationalist
Seems fine

>Guy calls the ethnonationalist an ethnonationalist

| >>659787
Yeah I don't think this dufus is the spammer. But I think the spammer might've been triggered by reading the threads. Or it's just a big coincidence.

| >>659980 probably not, the titles of these spam threads are in japanese, but nothing there is about any political statement so no way a triggered mofo could be behimd that, if they were triggred they woul be spamming some dumb idology or shaming some arguments, and accordind to the awoo testing grounds, the spammer is someone who has been hacking the plataform for a while

| >>b7bd18
There's always the chance, but I think if they were a nazi, they'd probably spam something racist or sexist or something. As dishonest as they are, they really have a hard time keeping it in their pants. Either way, the spammer is still an asshole.

| Be like >>5f1fc5

>there are actual people suffering on the world
Seems fine

>a random idiot says something stupid on the most random place of the internet that could sound nazi if gratly exagerated
Omg he is a nazi, no way, we need E-cancel, dox him and burn his house, no nazis allowed

| >>660089
I know people are suffering in the world. I can help them and make fun of nazis online at the same time. And I never said harass or dox him, that's typically a nazi tactic.

Plus that dude was like, one step away from giving the phrenology speech from Django Unchained. I literally quoted him and he believes in debunked race science.

| >>660134 nah harrasing and doxing isnt a nazi thing, killing your family and doctrinating your children is a nazi thing

| Dude was a white supremacist at the very least

| The spammer currently in /u/ is unrelated, as far as we are aware. They are actually the Reol/Russian Pedophile/Script Kiddie spammer from a year ago who lead to the creation of Captcha-chan. Unless he suddenly grew a taste for politics since.

| >>660161
Do you think Nazi tactics haven't advanced since the 1930s?

| >>660134 and again, he never said he belived in those researches he just said that people should know that there are some diferences in race

| >>660172 going from a militia to doxing isnt an advanced tactic, its quite lame actually

| >>660177
Differences in race and IQ. Which is debunked pseudoscience that racists parrot.

| >>660186
I agree nazis are very lame. What I meant was that they've adapted to the digital age.

| Have you heard of behind the meme, the guy got doxxed for exposing memes, are nazis really on tje same level as some edgy teen mene lord who think memes are an ecomnomy?

| >>660196 if they adapted they would be hackers, have militias on minor communities and have some kind of big forum on the deep web, not be a bunch of teenage losers on their mothers basements

| I'm telling you, you have some crazy nazi paranoia, you just dont want to belive me

| >>660201
I believe I said I DIDN'T support doxing actually

| >>660223
And dude they do. Remember Charlottesville? The Proud Boys? All the Jewish buisness owners over the years that got doxxed and attacked? 4chan's pol board is a nazi breeding ground already, but they have numerous organizing sites on the deep web too.

| >>660246
You're so out of touch with modern politics dude. When's the last time you left the timeout corner?

| These retards on 4chan may be nazis nazis, but the two guys on the other thread are just losers frustrated with the current politics, you can tell that because they seem to have a problem with the concept of ideology

| >>660254 I was just teling you who are the type of people who dox the most, how did you interpreted that as me telling you condone doxxing

| >>dce9be
Bruh, being frustrated doesn't mean you aren't a Nazi. In fact most nazis turn to nazism because they're frustrated. This is an aside, but those guys didn't even know what ideology was.

Also, I'm pretty sure I can pull up stats that show right wingers dox people the most.

| Btw just found this. I think you'll like it.

| >>660375 why does everything need to go back to the right wing=nazi thing, its kinda annoyng and mocks all the bad things the nazis have done

| >>660382 loved it, though I dont think most neo nazis are that on the nose, cant say I never found someone like that

| Cant say you have bad humor

| >>660412
I didn't say all right wingers are nazis, I just meant nazis fall within the right wing.

And you have found someone like that. Those two dudes from the thread. I don't know if you know this, but every second you spend simping for those dudes, you're being the butt of a joke.

| That's why I sent the video. You're the guy who doesn't realize his roommate is a Nazi until it's too late.

| To your surprise yes I've found, don't even need to tell what I did, 911

| I dont think you know what a simp is

| >>660568
I know what a simp is. I compared your defense of these dudes to simping because it's equally embarrassing and obsequious.

Thanks for making me ruin the joke.

| Have you ever seen a real comfirmed nazi with your own two eyes? Anoms on the internet who dont agree with you with vague statements and poor arguing skill don't count

| >>660588 how old are you, 16?

| I'm really worried now, you know that accusing someone of being a nazi with no solid proof is a crime right, if they were smart enough, the guys on that thread could sue you

| >>660598
I mean, yeah. There's a surprising amount of nazis in the world dude. One of them used to be on my campus' radio station.

Even if I was 16, I'd be around 6 years older than you

| >>660616
I'd love to see how that would hold up in court.

| So you had a nazi class mate cool, what was the worst thing he did? He called the jewish kid a faggot? Got in a arguement with the hsitory teach about how the germans were the victim? Drew a bent manji on the chalkboard?

| >>660634 yes there is but its not as much you think, you sound like a friend of mine who said that every person who says somthing bad to a black guy was rascist even if the black guy was in the wrong, because black people are oppresed and have been through a lot, so they need to vent out their frustration, oh no a black person is frustated are they a nazi too

| >>660670
Now you're switching arguments. Yes he did all that, and he also consistently spouted nazi dog whistles on his show. The campus only took action when it came out that he sexually assaulted a girl. And he wasn't just a lone wolf. He had supporters that protested when his show was removed, and I'm pretty sure he's still allowed on campus.

I'm not saying every single person in the world is a nazi, but there's more then you want to admit.

| >>660693
I never said any frustrated person is a nazi. Just that Nazis tend to be frustrated. And I don't know the context of the conversation you were having with your friend, but I think it's okay to say something bad to anyone who's wrong, as long as it's not racist or sexist or whatever.

| Like what I've been doing with you.

| Well at least we agree on that

| Saying ni**a when you are white is a nono but callin someone who is black a moron shouldnt be seen as racist

| >>660756 your story seems realistic, nazis are always found in groups and they do active propaganda, I srsly don't get how you see the 2 guys at the incel terror case as nazis, one is just frustrated and the other is a shitty troll

| Turned out we had a lot in commom, I guess thats how the universe works, its getting late where I live and I have work, cya

| >>660974
I've said this a million times dude. He believes in debunked racial science that is used by nazis to support white supremacy. He also expressed sexist and racist opinions in other posts.

And even IF the other dude was a troll, I'd have no way of knowing because there were people in that thread posting nazi talking points unironically.

Idk how much we have in common, but at the very least I don't think you're a nazi. I guess that's something. Gn buddy

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