Looks like my country is trying to implement herd immunity strategy

| fuck
what do

| How will life be?
Is it going to work?
We aren't gonna be sacrificed for the sake of the market, are we?

| I was about to write a serious reply, but all those questions are traps.
Sorry op

| >>655558
Not really, those were just the first things that came into my mind after hearing the news.

It's okay if you're not going to reply.
At least I'm feeling better, for now. I know we are just going to get along with this state, eventually.

| >>655634
The strategy of your state/country should not keep you from taking your own measures to stay safe.
The first question is fully dependent on how your people implement those safety measures ON THEIR OWN. It's all in your hands, even tho it's unfair because your gov can't help you.
Second question has the same answer. So no definite answer. But technically in the long run, if your medical capacity is not sufficient, confinement measures or not have the same long term numbers.

| Lastly, the third question is not a question that's really open for answers. You're almost convinced of the proposition.
If it wasn't for the market, please be assured that you'd find so many more things that you could have been >>>HYPOTHETICALLY sacrificed for. Which is to say none of them care if you sacrificed or not. Market doesn't care for people.

What I'm saying is that maybe they're going with herd immunity because they can't do otherwise realistically.

| See how you can find holes in all my answers ? Well I couldn't do any better if I spent more time on them. In the end my answers did not REALLY matter, if you see what I mean.

We COULD try to work on these questions together, but unless we're both very cooperating, we're gonna make this a nightmare.
I'm open to discuss this, ofc.
We could reach interesting conclusions.

| >>655666
I live in a third world country.
With all the things that happened during this "lockdown", I really am not sure to leave it all to the people on their own.

As for the government, I can't really trust them since the first thing they did when this virus emerges from china was to give away travel discounts. They are also far from transparent, even in this state of pandemic.

| >>655667
Again, this >>655634
I should've asked better questions, seems like it was kinda offending.
I just want to know your opinion about this, and what to do. Even better if you're from a country that implements this as well. Everyone there is doing fine, right?

| If you're young, your family will die but not you. Else, you'll all die.

| To be fair, lockdown wouldn't have been necessary if we'd known to apply exceptional hygiene rules, and that applies to all of us. Had we, as a whole (not just those who were already educated about pandemics or virology), been educated on the criticality of the situation, we'd have fared better.
Some of us have been dismissive about it because they felt invulnerable. Some others seemed dismissive, when in fact they simply had bigger, more immediate concerns.

| Your questions are justified.
They're just so hard to properly address, so broad, that it was impossible for me to even begin answering.
"Herd immunity" is really a result that is achieved. A state that you eventually reach if you "let things be". To me, it's the natural outcome if we can't either practice stricter hygiene rules, or medically suppress the illness.
It's not a solution of "choice" to me.


| We're not even 100% sure people can't get re-infected after they've had the virus. That's my issue with the heard immunity strategy right now. There are zero garuntees, and it may just end up not working, and killing a bunch of people needlessly.

| >>655807
Well, how would you go about it then ?
I'm not saying that to be a prick, I mean it.
If you had the power of your state, with a cooperating government, how would you lead us out of this crisis ?
Would you impose a curfew ? Maybe self isolation ?
Maybe restrict the logistics to absolute necessity ? Those options sound good to me, if I had the power, but also the means.
Unfortunately, in my country, I wouldn't have the means to force people to obey.

| And it just happens that I have a reasonable capacity to hold the ill in hospitals. Unfortunately too, reasonable capacity, but not sufficient.
The personel cannot rotate, because they were already overworked before, on top of being undermanned.
The only thing I can count on is that with time, hospitals get to a functioning point under 50%, so that there can FINALLY be personel rotation.
But no one is going to just stay home and wait for maybe 1 year.
So I'm in a pinch now.

| Because I have people who do not cooperate reasonably well, and on the other side, I cannot overload the health system EVEN MORE...
Because I need to wait anyways, I'd try to educate everyone that has a TV by forcing the broadcast of short TV spots that would explain the disaster that we're dealing with. If I've got good production, I can let that sink in people's minds.
At this point, if I failed to raise enough awareness to make people take care of each other, I'd be fucked.

| I also need to be doing something for construction work. If I can make it continue to work, without getting the workers in danger, by adopting different strategies, or even asking to work at reduced speed, I'd need the means to check that all these precautions are implemented for real. That's a tough point.
I'd also force literally anyone who remotely CAN work from home to DO it. What a fucking tyrant I am, I wanna puke right now.

| I'd also have to do something to help companies get equipment FAST to give to their employees.
At this point, I'd also need the establishment of provisional net-café like workspaces with individual rooms to allow those who can't work from home to have a reliable connectivity, and a place to work.
Everything would become so simple if we all worked together...
And on top of all this, I'd need to keep in check those who take profit out of this situation.
Hell, all of this sounds bad.

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