What do you guys think about Donald Trump?

| Before the Virus outbreak l thought he was a strategist good at threatening his opponents and maximised profit. But now,l think he is just a normal pepole like my parents,beliving many ridiculous things(e.g. Inject disinfectant into body can kill virus)...What do you guys think about this? If you are not Amercian,l hope you could mention about how pepole in your country view about Donald Trump lol

| He's a joke, and so are all of his supporters.

I could go on and on about all of all the stupid shit this man has done and said but I really don't care enough to.

People of my country and probably the rest of the world feel the same.

| he doesn't shake the world
i only respect a certain kind of people

| He's a TV star. Nothing more. So just like most TV stars, he lacks intelligence, but knows how to keep the show going, even if he doesn't necessarily understands what he's doing.
And I wouldn't have cared if he wasn't elected as the president of this (self-proclamed) powerful country.
The only good thing is that it destroyed a big part of the "aura" the USA had, and now people start to realise that it's crap.

| Unfortunately he's the USA's president.

| Do you know book hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy? Technically trump is world's adaption of president from this book xd

| Shit-tier president, makes smooth-brained decisions, but knows how to get press coverage. His supporters love him and his opponents love talking about him.

| Not my president, unless he realizes one can manifest destiny in directions other than west.

| >>b24b40 global conquest is our only hope at this point

| >>655213
Sounds like a juvenile fantasy to me

| >he is just a normal people
Now you're starting to realize, why government is a

| He is a retard. Objectively look at his actions and what he spouts; he is a walking contradiction only elected because of DNC committing suicide with the nomination of Hillary.

| he's a fucking dumbass, he doesn't understand shit about what it takes to properly run a country and his supporters suck his dick because most of them that haven't stopped supporting him or have given up on him are old people that agree with anything he says or does. but at the same time most of the people running for president of the US are braindead so i honestly don't even know what to think anymore

| #NotMyPresident

| He's a cool guy with some very large hands

| Being european is awesome xd

| #trumpliepeopledie
First layman president

| >>655347
be proud of your roots

| >>655441 ah yes, let's be proud of invading innocent people, and then stealing their shit like a bunch of fucking savages, and then somehow lie to ourselves and say that we're superior, even though we're just as greedy and desperate as anyone else.

| >>655671 You'll need to clarify because this applies to most countries

| >>655671

| >>655719 But he's right though

| >>655749
Not a left?..

| >>655762
Oho hehehe I giggled hehe

Yeaaa it's completely possible to be aware of those facts and still be proud of the rest.

| He looks silly

| >>654915
>But now,l think he is just a normal pepole like my parents,beliving many ridiculous things
Yeah, except he is a billionaire thanks to his real estate heritage from his daddy. And US-President. But apart from that he maybe is just "normal people like your parents". But I even believe he is less than that, just like his fandom of "white supremacist" subhumans.

| He's impervious to facts and reason. His followers are basically like cult worshippers. Follow without questions and when the contradiction and flaws are pointed they deflect with "libtard" or "mainstream media".

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