| What do you think about idea if we made Aristocracy leaded by us? Little like secret club with strict rules of roles and with form of our honor "game" we would rule world~

| Already exists.

| Hierarchy is a shit, aristocracy sucked

| nice idea...

| all hierarchy must be dismantled

| Noo, i'm talking about Aristocracy, about us, better people of society of good g/u/rls! ^^ We are priviliged! Or you are not thinking it? We won't want make you feel uncomfortable of course you can leave our club, and you will stay just as common person... Without any special rights... How sad..

| >>0803a7
Sounds delusional and gay

| I have feelings that we should start to vote about if we want g/u/rl 7a7db0 stayed in our Aristocracy Club >:c

| >>655069
Fine! I'll just create my own Aristocracy club! With BlackJack and hookers. In fact, forget the Aristocracy part!

| I'd feel bad if I shit on this idea. :(

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