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Brazil: two ministres left government

| After the ministre of health left president Bolsonaros cabinet, now the ministre of justice left the government.
While the health ministre left because of differneces concerning bolosonaros policy not to take the current corona virus epidemic serious, the surrender of the justice ministre has an entirely different reason: He was one of the leading figures in the anti-corruption campaigns, but it seems he stumbled over the corruption by the family clan of the president himself.

| https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/16/bolsonaro-brazil-president-luiz-mandetta-health-minister

| Im just waiting for a meteor ending earth now, politics in brazil are a joke, I wish we could better ourselves but its too late

| >>461de3
>This corner of the world is shit and I want everyone including you to die because of it

I loathe fucktards like you

| >>647798 history dude, humans in general suck, we never learn, we are greedy, most people are dumb, that statement isnt just becuse one country, its because the whole world makes the same mistakes again and again, the whole world is shit

| >>647836
No, your outlook is shit and if you wish death upon people based on ignorance and hate you're a fucktard and I loathe you.

| >>647841 ok then, belive what you want, even though i didnt wish anything, im just waiting for death to me and everybody else, since you know, people die and we are not protected by anything, if a meteor comes what would we do anyways, we cant even unite and help ourselves for a virus and we still have wars happening and exploitation of people all around the world

| >>647849
Yeah, we still have wars and eploitation. We can't change those overnight. Like the old saying goes Rome wasn't built in a day.

It doesn't change the fact that this is the era where the least people die from war than has ever happened in the history of mankind.

It doesn't change the fact that more and more people everyday live longer due to our medical progress.

Don't look at the idiots. Look at the helpers and the ones making an actual change.

| >>647953
least number of people*

| >>647953 there will always be more idiots than geniuses, humanitys lazyness will be the doom of us all

| We are mere creatures in a spec of dust we call earth, all we can do is delay our demise, so live doing what makes you happy cuz trying to save humanity is a waste of effort

| Bolsonaro is a narcissistic sack of shit, who would believe he wouldn't take the occasion to fill his pockets. It's more likely that it's simply a case of the rats deserting the sinking ship that is Bolso's governance.

| >>647964
You are only alive and able to do those things that makes you happy because other people are actively improving humanity and have been for quite some time, you ungrateful schmuck.

The fact that there, in your opinion, exists more idiots than geniuses is not a valid reason to focus on the idiots rather than the geniuses or the helpers.

You sound depressed and should probably seek some help for that.

| >>648045
According to Sergi O Moro himself he is resigning to save his own career. Apparently staying by the presidents side is career suicide.

| >>648081 most people who do helpfull stuff are doing not for duty, but because they like it, they are not doing to please me or you they are just pleasing themselves, wich is fine but the fact is that they have a passion and it just happens to be good passion, and they are not dumb enough to do stupid harmfull stuff, these people are going to die just like anybody else, but their improvements wont, me not giving them the recognition they "deserve" doesnt make me ungratfull

| There is a lot of talented people who never got their ideas out there, but their passion still lives, independent of their regocnition, the stupid people just hinders those ideas, so they are the ungreatfull, the ones who exploit, who bully, who hoard ressources, and those who create the things that destroy the planet just for profit and not for betterment, me pointing out the idiots makes their actions more visible

| People like you are the ones who let idiots do their harm, saying that we should foccus and praise the good and ignore the bad is dumb because the bad exist and it grows under our feet, then it comes crashing like a meteor, just like the truth, give both the required attention, dont sheild people from the bad, let them learn and get hurt to make them stronger and smarter, people need to remember natural selection and death are normal things

| none government with left ministre

| >>648119
People like me allow idiots to do harm by doing nothing? I'm literally trying to stop you from spreading hate, misery and death you fucking idiot. Yeah, that's right. You're one of them.

What do you do bring to the table to stop idiocy besides counterproductive practices like whining and spreading hateful ideologies yourself?

| >>f797f4
Your walls of texts are just full of moronic sayings and absolutism. "Helpful people are gonna die too". What the fuck do you even mean by that? How does it change anything?

And now you're trying to lecture me to give both "sides" the required attention? You've only focusing on the negative yourself and now you're trying to lecture me about it? Wtf?

As I said earlier stop focusing on the idiots. If you stare into the abyss it risks staring back into you.

| >>648111
You don't have to give them recognition even if it's a healthy thing to do every now and then.

What you shouldn't do however is to downplay or talk smack about what they have done both for you and the world in general. You're literally one of those idiots you mentioned that stops progress from happening.

You do this by spreading counterproductive practices like hate and apathy.

| >>cf05b8 if you dont get what Im trying to say, them dont fill it with false stuff, im no saying anything hatefull, I didnt propose any solutions, i just said people forgot that life has an end and that makes people repeat their mistakes cuz they think they can always try again, that there is a solutiin, when they cant, not all problems can be solved

| that is the hallmarks of a successful government.

| A lot of people think its ok to not think, to get sick, to get hurt or even hurt others because there is not enough conseguences and we are filled with lies, that make everything seem ok, when there are so many problems in the world that can be solved but people want to focus on other minor stuff like sjws do, the world is a lot worse them it seems and people stay quiet, because its expensive to solve or not so interesting to solve

| It not extrmist to say the world is a lot worse and we should be aware of it, when truth come crashing look at the world, people not beliveing the problem exist, people attacking others, people hoarding, because everythin was "fine" before and they never had knologe of what to do, and think they need to take everithing for their survival, people are stupid but we dont even let them know the bad stuff or let them do the bad stuff cuz its better for someone else, sheilding is dumb

| >>cf05b8 why do i feel like you're bait

| >>648318 I know right? All I did was say that I was waiting for a meteor

| >>648333
You definitely said more than that. You claim that you wish people would better themselves but all your actions in this thread are counterproductive to that wish of yours.
You claim that you're not hateful(but you didn't deny apathy) but your actions are feeding existing hateful and apathetic ideologies all the same.
It's idiotic and as I said earlier you're one of the idiots who prevents progress from happening.

| >>648333
>."humanitys lazyness will be the doom of us all"

Is what you said earlier. You should probably reflect on that since you seem to have taken it to heart. You've given up on humanity yourself and waits for a meteor to kill everyone because you yourself have lost hope.

This is textbook depression and you need help. Spreading around your depression is counterproductive to your wishes.

It costs you nothing to not spread negativity with sayings like "I want everyone to die".

| >>648383 so you are butthurt cuz I'm sad? Woah talk about over sensitive, you proly the type of person who gets offended by every thing and wants to censor every bad stuff online because it might make other people bad, thats the type of laziness Im talking about, instead of teaching lets just cancel, censor and sheild people from those negative things and when reality comes crashing we just whinne until it stops and talk about it again, how nice

| Humans have problems? Just kill all the humans fam. Problem solved. :^) (this is bait for the love of furrack do not respond to this).

| >>648581 even then it still a viable solution, you cant suffer if you are ded

| So >>cf05b8 was an sjw all along, s
How sad

| (1) Brazillian here, it feels like nothing matters on this country anymore, bolsonaro and his administration can say as many blatantly nazi/racist/homophobic things and nothing changes, it dosent even get a reaction anymore. he is actively campaining against quarantine, his supporters are going out in protests in favor of the return of the military dictatorship, bolsonaro is gonna fall but only because there are now people interested in making him fall, there are so many possible

| (2) reasons that he could be impeached(or not have been president to begin with) but only now people are reacting because he has gone fully insane. The problem is when he falls someone just as bad could come in like moro, and whats worse? the conservatives are gonna fall for it.

| >>6767c3 Bolsonaro is bassicaly a refletion of our country, he is a joke with a bunch of idiotic promises sprinkled on top to make it seem more reasonable

| >>f797f4 based and blackpilled

| >>ebe2fa death people/living beings cant have problems or suffer

| What a piece of worke is a man! How Noble in Reason? How infinite in faculty, in forme, and mouing how expresse and admirable in Action, how like an Angel in apprehension, how like a God?
>>f797f4 > surely I don't see my species like that, do I?
I see it one day becoming that >>f797f4 Is it that that concerns you?

| >>650831 nah the world already is like that people forgot how dangerous things are and also how unhealthy we as a society are, people are desperate because crona is killing millions becuse they cant belive that there is that many unhealthy people in the world

| >>650845
Sorry, your writing doesn't make any sense to me. Would you please explain:
- The world is already like what?
- What do you mean by "unhealthy society/people"?
- How is "not believing how unhealthy that many people are" related to corona?

| -The world is already like >>f797f4 described
- you know, people dont excersise, eat more than they need etc, have many problems like diabets, HIV etc
- pople who are unhealthy and have low immunity have a waaay higher chance of dying from corona, and some people think that just because they aren't fat they are healthy but look at how many people that supposetly weren't in the risk group(elders and unhealthy) yet have entered critical condition or have died

| >>651347
You're being way to vague. Your post means nothing if you don't have any numbers. How many are living like you described and how many are entering critical conditions and how many are dying because of it?

The death rate is 2% of confirmed infected so the people dying because of what you mentioned must be less than that.

| >>651388 I'm just saying that there is a bunch of people who seem healthy but aren't, thats why thousands of people are dying or in critical condition worldwide, just in brazil 100,000 people have died

| >>651388
>The death rate is 2% of confirmed infected
I suspect this is an average value, and there I like to point out that it differs massively from country to country, depending on their actions, measurements and information policy.
If people die by a virus who "seem to be healthy" the primary problem still is the virus and not their - in your opinion - to high rated healthiness.

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