Sweden warned of "Russian Roulette" Covid-19 strategy.

| https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/23/swedish-pm-warned-russian-roulette-covid-19-strategy-herd-immunity

| TL;DR:
>Sweden criticised for adopting the same strategy the UK had, until the UK decided it wasn't effective.
>Sweden advises against non-essential travel, advise those who feel ill or are over 70 to stay at home, and ban gatherings over 500.
>Stefan Löfven and Anders Tegnell described as playing Russian Roulette with the population.

| >corona exists

| Sweden's government has been shit for some time.

| This is working in Sweden though. We aren't going out to get drunk at the pub like the Brits did.

Nah, people just complain too much these days. Only the extreme right is complaining about the government.

| >>638290
well beyond your political stereotyping i do think there is much to complain about. you can't wish problems away by sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich.

| >>638290 *laughs in historic rampant alcoholism before state monopoly*

| >>638290
So what, the moderates and liberals are far right now huh

| >>638296
I prefer constructive complaints above simply whining for the sake of whining which is what the extreme right is doing en masse. You're not even posting any arguments yourself. Just a bunch of projections and ad-hominem.

For certain groups in Sweden it's "in" to complain and try to drag Swedens name into the mud every chance they get. It's not very contstructive or even well-educated.

| What the govt did there is the same as what they did in my country. When people complain about the government not doing things effectively, they got associated with some extreme religious/right/left-wing ideology.
I guess it's the same everywhere, eh?

| We should blame the extreme center then.

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Unironically based.
Extreme left and right shall be united againts the (((centrists))).

| >>638724 If only tbh.

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