| Literally stop talking about it

| >stop talking about a worldwide pandemic that is literally happening right now

| I mean you are doing the opposite of what you want us to do so...

| >keep talking about a topic literally everyone is aware of

| It’s an evolving situation. While some reports are redundant, keeping people informed of new developments is important.

| Two 90 year olds died, big whoop.

| I mean I wasn't paying attention to all the coverage until I heard a couple people literally dying not because of the virus but because they were so misinformed that they thought drinking rubbing alcohol and fish tank cleaner would help prevent coronavirus. It pays to stay informed with update info and to have a health dose of scepticism.

| There are two things the world is fighting right now: Coronavirus, and stupidity

| >>639312 someone dying of drinking fish tank cleaner literally deserved it and has nothing to do with Corona, it's amazing they managed to live as long as they did

| >>639327 hey I'm not saying they deserve it or not but staying informed can't hurt

| >>639198 I'd rather my old folks lived, you unsympathetic tool.

| >>640014 old and living, pick one

| >>640082 I'd be rather happy myself if Bernie wasn't out and about but clearly that's not the case and his old skin flaps shall grace us forever more, so you can tick both boxes

| i just hate it when someone says corona instead of covid-19
because i always think of the beer first

| >>640736

| >>640736
How do you feel about calling it 'the Wu Flu' ?

| OP here, who fucking cares what it's called, they all get the point across.

| i like wu flu though...

| >>640946
Depends how you like/need precision in your life and thinking, mate.

| Ypu can't stop me
I know kung flu

| >>641296 And the average american knows Smith & Wesson. They will shoot you the second you sneeze.

| >>641298 but did he fire six shots, or only five?

| Let's just keep it the whole coronavirus thing in a board, yes?

Anyways, have some interesting news:


| and btw, does anyone else just wanna go outside? i was legit starting to go outside a lot before then and now staying inside is making me insane, i don't want to be a neet!

| >>641738
I'm a Swede and I go outside for daily walks. It's fucking awesome.

| >>641788 yes, your government doing almost nothing when you're already sitting on at least 3.5k cases is very reassuring.

limiting social gatherings to no more than 50 people and keeping schools open is also reassuring.

| >>641976
doing almost nothing? lmao what are your sources? Fox news?

| >>641976
I think I need something a bit more scientific if I'm gonna give up my freedoms and you're feelings about reassurance isn't it.

| >>641990
>I think I need something a bit more scientific if I'm gonna give up my freedoms
What does she mean by this.

| >>641989 Guardian, Bloomberg.... choose your poison.



England can't risk trying herd immunity with an unidentified virus.

Sweden as a people do attempt to restrict the spread of the coronavirus, but many seem to live as if nothing's happening.

| I've been to a Max burger joint, while I can't answer for any others, this one had a person handing over orders to people, that's a lot of potential exposure, and putting other workers and customers at risk.

Schools, public transport still running, when you're talking about a virus that can spread without anyone knowing for weeks (or, to boil it down, being asymptomatic), it's very much a game of Russian Roulette.

| Major transport roads like the E4, E20 etc still have plenty of traffic on them.

| Literally no one I've seen on the streets practice distancing and are in groups of more than 2 or 3.

| guys, my boss asks me to clean up too much using bleach, my hands are turning white

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