Im not american but

| Please dont let biden win, hes a pedophile. Vote bernie. PLEASE.

| I don't know what it's about, but they're going to make the choice.

| Don't worry, biden can't win, we'll get the other pedophile

| They're both bad anyway. Biden & Bernie

| The "socialist" Bernie is currently the only reasonable alternative choice.
Biden stands for continuation of the same wrong politics of all previous US-presidents after Franklin D. Roosevelt (new deal) and Dwight D. Eisenhower ( (science and education system reforms after sputnik-shock).
Another period with Trump or Biden will just continue the downfall of the USA as the still dominant capitalist empire. It kinda amuses me, that a "socialist" is the only way to save US imperialism.

| So you want the U.S. to become a commietard? Yikes

| I'm just bored with Trump at this point. He's been so over the top that it doesn't surprise me anymore, and all the shittalk about Trump never really dies down, so he's been getting on my nerves. I just want Bernie to win so the lefties can shut up and I can watch the righties go apeshit instead this time. It'll def be interesting too to see a if he'll actually do the 'radical' things he said he'll do or if he'll just be another populist puppet.

| >>637137
Maybe you should treat politics as politics instead of another reality show...

| >>637139 Should is one thing, but ask everyone else what it feels like and reality show will be their answer. So until people shape the fuck up and take this shit how they SHOULD treat it, I will continue to regard it as such.

| And if the people you point to whom you regard as 'serious' about politics be regarded also as clowns by others, it's time to look at them more closely, and maybe yourself too. Granted, there are always going to be dumb people pointing at others while trashtalking them, but it's still your responsibility to present your views. If you rely on dumbfucks to do that only to make up excuses for them, then you're also a dumbywucky.

| So I repeat: unless I see people being reasonable, this will always just be a shitshow for me to lay on my couch and eat popcorn to.

| >>637143
That's just stupid and contraproductive. If you actively behave exactly the same as the people you want to change you're only normalizing such behavior. Cementing it even.

If you want to change how people think and act you lead by example.

| >>637167 But I'm not though. I'm being indifferent in protest to people being so far up their moral assholes like you who feel the need to express themselves whenever and wherever because they're oh so very right. I used to try to follow my moral compass in the past, but most times it's as useful as China trying to contain Covid-19 when it comes to trying to get into a conversation without rhetoric being thrown at each other like shit-flinging baboons.

| >>637173 But I'm not though.

Yes, you are. You've been doing it in everyone of your posts. Do you even read your own texts wtf?

| >>637175 How am I spouting rhetoric here? Where here am I trying to push my political opinion? I made a passing comment summing up my feelings on the US presidency and the culture revolving around it, then you came in saying I should be more involved and less detached. You want my actual opinion? Bernie's a weak chump, but the corps have been causing so much bad shit to happen, so I'd vote for him so that privatization of certain goods be regulated. Are you happy?

| >>637178
Dude, just read your own post at >>637143

| >>637073
Bernie Sanders is what normal people call a "social democrat". He's far from what real socialists or even communists are. It seems like almost a century of red-scare paranoia and propaganda still works.
A gentle reminder that after WW2 "social market" was introduced as a compromise between radical free market and and central planned economy. It worked very well until the collapse of the USSR was foreseeable (which most of the time wasn't) - it made capitalists too cocky.

| >>637139
as a European, 2016 US election was the most entertaining tv reality show i've ever spectaculated.

| >>637269 then Brazil decided to do the same cuz they seem to simp for US

| >>637014 biden has dementia and Bernie wants to make everyone poor.

| i like bernie because i saw a funneh video on twitter haha

| >>637308
In Europe Bernie would be the only one who had a chance.

Only in the Americas would people vote for someone like Biden or Trump.

| >>637180 If you're genuinely trying to give constructive criticism, something other than 'Look at yourself and know where you're wrong! What's that? Where? There!' would be better. If I or people had such self-awareness we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place.

| Is Biden stuck in a nuclear bunker or something? What is with the lack of word from him?

| >>637441 agreed. In my country, Bernie would be the only logical choice. Everyone else would be a joke. Only in America could things get so weird.

| >being indifferent in protest
is there a kaomoji that can successfully capture "bruh I can't believe you just said that stupid shit" cause I need it for this one

the most politically active people in america are the older ones, who happened to be around at the perfect time to get inundated by all the cold war propaganda. that is increasingly seeming like the major reason for essentially all the stupid politics that occur only in america

| Watch this.


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