Is it safe to say that this is the Chinese Government's fault and not its citizen's for COVID-19?


| Their national response was better than all but like 2 other governments', but the original local one was bad. Really that's not a useful way to look at it though. China has shitloads of people and a big urban transition bringing local diseases suddenly into a global society, that's the real problem. Plus it looks like the disease was circulating in low numbers in places including america before anyone first noticed it in wuhan.

| That said the poverty in many places doesn't help but that's the effect of capital accumulation

| Their response has varied from good, to bad, and to downright conspiracy tier ridiculous.

It's a dictatorship after all, they can say as much ridiculous shit they want.

They can apologise for 1989 publicly, but that's never aired on state media, because the entire country could overthrow the government, and they only say it to try to win our hearts.

| China localised the origin as that market in Wuhan, but suddenly they say that it's the fault of the United States with no valid information?

Sure no one would actually own up to such a thing publicly.

I can imagine the commietards at r/Sino pissing and shitting their pants like the power tripping tankies they are.

| Considering the chinese government welded bars over doors in the middle of the night as a quarantine measure, Yes.

| I saw the video one of the resident in wuhan saying they have never eaten bat in their city.Weird.And this saying is one of the reason that someone insist China's government spread this virus on purpose.many people think it's just conspiracy theory.

| no it is not.
it is true however.

| It's neither safe nor true to say it.
Not safe because criticizing the Chinese government is always problematic, no matter if justified or not.
Not true because it's neither the chinese governments nor the chinese peoples fault. It's a natural disaster.

And before you start repeating the typical anti-chinese propaganda which portrays china as an exceptional autocratic empire of evil antagonizing a free world, a gentle reminder that this free world made itself very dependent on it.

| >>636938 Fair enough, but pinning the blame on another country that had nothing to do with the outbreak is just immature

| >>636938 Fair enough, but pinning the blame on another country that had nothing to do with the outbreak is just immature

| Everything is too uncertain to be throwing in additional conspiracies and thoughts into the mix, it's best to wait until new official information is available, then critique that when it comes through too.
Question everything.

| eat lao gan ma fuckos

| >>636868
>No one eat bat in Wuhan district. I know. I know all Chinese people. I hook you up.

| Oh..yeah.I guess I missunderstood something.Sorry for that.You guys make sense

| >>636938 https://imgur.com/gallery/XQAcOfj I'll just leave this here for you too by the way. I'm not going to pick a fight or anything

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