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| Have you heard about what UK is considering in order to fight a "second wave" of the infamous pandemic virus? Infecting a good slice of the population to make it "immune" to it, after recovery from it. Am I the only one that thinks this is kinda mad? People could die! I know this wouldn't be done blindly, but even young and previously healthy people could be in danger - even if it is very uncommon. What do you think about this?

| >>635315 isn't that basically vaccination?

| >>635502
Kind of, but with an uncontrolled and partially unknown disease. I think there are some differences but I'm not an expert, far from it. That's one of the reasons for this Thread

| >>635506 well, going by the description it'll be after the first wave, when most of the side effects of the virus will be discovered, right? I'm sure that changes in circumstances, such as life threatening aftereffects, will change the directive to reflect them.

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I really hope so, still I'm not comfortable with this choice yet. Too many variables. Let's just hope in a positive epilogue, this virus has already brought too many problems.

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This thread is permanently archived