Your opinion concerning the coronavirus

| I'm personally not that concerned of the virus itself, but more of the effects it's causing with shortages and other things being shutdown.

But I'm also curious how everyone else is handling the topic of the virus, considering everyone has been talking about it.

| I'm just mad I couldn't buy any masks since I use to use them for allergies, etc.

But now I'm kinda scared of even using them in fear that might cause someone to panic and try and hurt me

Lol also the fact the cleaning products are 5x the price is not cute

| Hopefully there will be a vaccine soon.

| i think it goes to show the evident vulnerabilities in our socioeconomic systems especially in terms of our potential and what we would actually be able to do. it takes just a level 2 cold to shake and spook the markets!

| Can you really diminish its potency and call it "level 2 cold" ?
If it was cynical I understand.

Just by how fast it spreads and how long it can stay active out of living tissue, I think it's worth taking real measures.

| Well it is a little more dangerous than a cold and has the potential to swamp hospitals due to it's fairly high hospitalization rate. Which would definitely cripple the US with our ridiculous hospital prices.
The fact that the stocks are tanking and hitting 2008 recession levels should worry people more. Also I feel kind of lucky that I bought a big case of masks back in February of last year might start distributing them to coworkers if there is a big outbreak.

| Not worried bout it at all

| I think the saddest thing is that at least in the US, the cost of healthcare is absorbent high. Making it unlikely that people would want to see out care in the event that they caught the virus. I heard talk about the government treating people for free, etc but I'm not sure if it's actually being implemented

| It can be seen from this time that the US's ability to respond to emergencies is not as strong as China's.

| It doesn't worry me at all to be honest, people seem to take this way too serious.

| People seem to be either acting like it's not important at all or like it's the end of the world. I don't think there won't be much difference a couple of years from now, but it spreads fast and it's very plausable that at least someome you know will die from it

| >>634313
Accidentally killing your grandparents is pretty serious for most people.

| I don't really dare assemble in open spaces, there are meetings that had been closed down due to the coronavirus.

| I consider myself relativly lucky as I'm in education and the schools closed here but those who have it the worst will feel the brunt of this just because our current system cares couldn't care less about human lives. Hope this will be a wakeup call that we need to get rid of the profit motive instead of going into a panic

| >>634375 Jesus fucking Christ, socialists will jump at any pile of shit if it means they'll get to bash their skulls at "de sistem" for a bit longer. Just do your homework, man, bloody hell.

| >>634390 yeah bro isn't it really stupid how they keep bringing up their politics on a politics board

| >>634419 I know right, it's almost like "news" is meant to reference something that doesn't resemble /pol/ if it was primarily populated by high school Marxists instead of genocide enthusiasts with a boner for Hitler

| I didn't care about it much before but with the increasing number of confirmed cases nearby its started to freak me out.

| I saw police at my grocery store before leaving home...maybe they are anticipating trouble since the parking lot looked packed.
So more horders, great lol

| It's part of a plan to kill the overpopulation of elderly people.

| Fuck man, all my classes are canceled and everyone I know is in some sort of panic. Not only that but everything seems to be crumbling. I'm not worried about getting the virus, I'm worried about literally everything else

| i don't care. I don't have anyone to care for, and i don't care for myself. It's not the worst way to die.

| Just hoping I get paid when they shutdown where I work

| >>634390 33 of the 34 civilized countries have a cap on profit in healthcare and only one country has a system that works the other way around. That particular system doesn't give two shits about the well being of the people.

I see no reason why someone would get upset over people posting about this in a thread about healthcare in a political board wtf.

| >Accidentally killing your grandparents is pretty serious for most people.
It's an efficient way to get rid of dead humane capital and disburding pension funds. Everyone who says the opposite is an evil socialist who only wants to bash their skulls at "de sistem". True capitalists try to continue business as usual only beeing interrupted by evil communist state.

| >>634682
i think you might be indoctrinated bro

| >>634682
i think you might be indoctrinated bro

| Since the start of the outbreak I'm pretty sure this was a way of China to try some kind of chemical weapon against it's oppressors in the case of the outbreak of a 3rd WW
Personally I was in medical school at the beginning of this year till january and my vision towards illness and this virus is kinda mild in comparison to my family
The media tries to maximize fear towards the population and neglecting the number of cured cases and the low mortality to the less than 70 year old

| Coronavirus is the fallout of a cold war between the deep state cabal and the alliance and soon aliens and UFOs will be openly discussed and disclosed to the public while space force emerges as a part of the secret space program that been disclosed. Remote Viewing/Austin Steinbart/QAnon/The Farsight Institute/Kuwinda.

| >>229cb4
Dude your toothpaste sucks.

| Trumpland is going to steal a vaccine developed in germany.
While I would not expect any morale standards from the USA (and which they would more often treated accordingly), it's the german governments fault too, for privatizing research and development.
Hopefully someone in this private lab is going to leak the recipe for the vaccine.

| I am just worried because I have family that I live with who works with the elderly and at risk and dying individuals. So if I catch it it will mean I could be responsible for spreading it to family members and then subsequently large amounts of elderly and at risk pops.

| Speaking from Italy, here. The situation with coronavirus has become a bit tedious. We are stuck in quarantine. Hope everything is gonna finish soon.

| >>634731
but QAnon is bullshit and the FI is made up of niggerloving disinfo shills, have you seen their insta?
which post are you replying to?

| >>634731
but QAnon is bullshit and the FI is made up of niggerloving disinfo shills, have you seen their insta?
which post are you replying to?

| >>635066
French neighbour here. I feel you.
You forget reinfections and the acute respiratory syndrome (whatever it's called) which don't spare the young.

| >>635091
Are you guys in quarantine too? I've heard about the infection hitting France, but I don't know if this kind of countermeasure has been taken.

| Denmark has closed their borders, apparently Swedish healthcare workers here have inadequate protection compared to other countries in regards to the coronavirus.

| Sweden maybe has at least 1000 cases right now, I live at least 300km away from the capital and most major cities so it's less panicked here.

People still need to go buy food and stuff.

| >>635094
We are more or less already in confinement, but it's up to each and everyone. Except yesterday was 18°C and an election day, so people went out like it was nothing.
The president is addressing the nation tonight. The rumour says: 45 day strict confinement, army and police enforcing. So we should be soon joining you.

| >>635135
Good luck! Stay strong and remember to stay at home and to follow the rules. It will be over soon, hopefully, hang on. I'll be with you with my soul. Blesses.

| Unable to go outside and work. Fuck this virus, man, I'm gonna die from total isolation.

| Total meme that serves to replace terrorism as a pretext to indefinitely reinforce mass surveillance and the militarization of society while distracting the people with catchy drama.

The virus in itself? Yeah it's a pain but that's no black plague and I fear the socio-economical repercussions even more. Now that you can put quarantines for bad colds what's preventing govs from pulling martial law for amped-up fake news?

| >>635729 your tinfoil is falling off, mate.

| I think the tinfoil is more about the deadly 1.5% virus, think of the grandparents.

| >>635755 this but unironically, I do love my gramps

| >>635770 sure you do

| New opinion about cowona virus
We got free pornhub premium
That's just what we needed to survive

| >>635789

| You realize how isolated you have been when a world pandemic happens and you need to make almost zero changes to your lifestyle

| >>635894
People are crazy and this pandemic stuff isn't helping. I'm just frustrated that my bi-monthly restock fell on the same dates as these people hoarding supplies. It makes me look bad.

| Hi from France.
Since Monday we're supposed to be in total quarantine. People don't follow the rules, though - well, some of them.

Hope you're all doing well.

| >>636188
Same problem here, in Italy. Some people are disrespecting the quarantine. I'd really enjoy slapping those people who just don't give a f. Selfish.

| >>635729
haha yeah bro just a bad cold

| nice liveleak videos of standard life in china

| Everyone is saying that we are pretty much doomed both with human losses and economic recessions across all of Europe and all but yanks are going to be really fuuuuuuuuuuucked next month

| >mfw my country just passed the death rate of Italy

| Whatever guys, take care of yourself.

| Hope this disaster will end soon

| Can't wait to see the end of this cursed virus.

| I wonder if the US govt is going to give the Corona beer guys a bailout

| Fuck my life, I hope I don't catch this shit in my emergency flight back home...
Press F for safety please... of everyone of course... I know I'm not alone in this shitty situation...


| >>636873

| >>636221 don't worry we decided to take the Europeans with us by plunging the world into a recession. Because the stock market has lost about 30~35% of it's value in like a month.

| >>636873

| It's funny to see how people who systematically betrayed the state for years suddenly start begging for help to it. This crisis shows how lame and dishonest all the theories about the superiority of laisez faire economy were.

| It's also funny to see how western media criticized china for extreme anti-crisis measurements and now they promote the same measurements by their governments as necessary evil (e.g. curfew).

If the Chinese government does something bad, they are the major villains in the current world.
If (pro-)western governments do something bad, it's a "necessary evil".

That's what I call double standard.

| I'm not worried about it to be honest, but it makes me smile that Costco announced that they won't be accepting refunds/returns of toilet papers, and other cleaning products that people bought in bulk which they weren't supposed to do. That, and price gougers getting karma

| I still don't get the idea of stocking up toilet papers. What's the point of it? I mean if you worried about hygiene then why not go buy a bunch of soap bars and rubbing alcohol instead?

| Holy crap I come back and everything is now cyberpunk!

| >>637600 They say there's more germs & bacteria on a toilet seat. But what the hell do I know *shrugs*

| Everyone covering their faces, some wearing gloves, a little disappointed in this cyberpunk dystopia, expected personal sex robots

| >>637675 might come out later in the year if social distancing continues lol

| I say we continue until this until EVERYONE gets cured or dies. If the virus has nowhere to go, it eventually has to die.

We are already colapsing the economy so might as well keep going.

| Unfortunately in my country they do not close borders or anything of the kind, nor are they applying adequate measures to prevent the spread :c

| It will wipe out humanity

| >>637868 I'd say it would wipe out HALF of humanity; not entirely as long as everyone keeps their distance and wash their hands

| you ask too much of a growing group of eco fascists

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