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Mulan Movie

| The movies box office isn't good, and the leading actress apparently said HK protesters should drop dead https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/378624114442764288/683877113169969245/1583115154586.png

| she's cute

| Got a link to the twitter, OP? All I could find is that its been indefinitely delayed.


| Found it. Not sure how much the twitter poster actually knows, he has no sources.


| Why would she say that? Aren't HK portesters the good guys?

| Mulan movie failing, good. But they'll find a way to blame it on the virus and trump.

| >Aren't HK portesters the good guys?
The world isn't black and white. The HK protesters are no saints and the PRC government isn't one of those pointless hollywood supervillain.
Don't forget, that it is us who made them strong by consuming cheap goods based on low wages and environment standards. The most successful and valualbe western companies produce in the PCR.

| Probably there is no relation between political statements of the actors and the movies economical problems. I rather think the film just sucks.

| They do fight for freedom. Chinese government merely wants more control in a country authoritarian enough as it is.

| Imagine making a movie pandering to China and then Coronavirus happens lol

| >no mushu
>no bisexual love interest
ummm i wonder why the movie is a flop...

| >They do fight for freedom.
The PRC officially also fights for freedom. Their army is called "peoples liberation army".
In fact the Hong Kong protestors fight for exclusive privileges, which they only had because geopolitical/economical circumstances. Most of time they benefited from the PCR. They sold their freedom to them long ago.

| Well apparently she is the daughter of a very influencal and wealthy politician of the PRC. So yeah no surprise about her being pro-Beijing.

| Honestly can't wait to see it. Looks cool as shit and the fact that the lead doesn't like the hk protesters makes it even better.

| >>632747
Gotta love the PRC, where if your daughter doesn't say the right words you disappear.

| >>632591 I'll create an armed robbery gang and name it savior of the people. Boom, I am the good guy.

| ^ don't feed this troll ^

| >Gotta love the PRC, where if your daughter doesn't say the right words you disappear.
In the western "free world" freedom of speech only exists as long the status quo isn't threatened by it.
Current developments also show, that freedom of speech is still not enough to prevent liars triumphing over those who fight for truth and transparency.

| >I'll create an armed robbery gang and name it savior of the people. Boom, I am the good guy.
I agree. But the same is applicable for the Hong-Kong protestors.
It seems you all forgot the public reception about G20 protests, which were way more harmless than those in Hong-Kong. While the protestors in hong-kong are presented as glorious and desparate freedom fighters for the people, the G20 protestors were branded as evil, chaotic and extremists minority.

| That's because they were getting in the way of every day citizens. You got to not mess with the citizenry and fuck with the government directly.

| >That's because they were getting in the way of every day citizens.
That's what the protestors in Hong Kong did too. You seem to ignore, that there a majority of citizens disagree with them and also the local hong-kong governement, which was elected democratically.

| The initial trigger of the protests was a law which allows to hand over "criminals" to the PCR. This doesn't only affect people who oppose the local or PCR government but also actual criminals (Hong Kong is still an important trading spot)
While the criticism on this law is totally justified, it does not make everyone who shares it a fighter for individual freedom. The geopolitical and economical interests of a few have a big influence on this protests.

| The funny thing is, that western political and economical elites are pretty reserved with critizism on the PCR - because they are dependent on it. Not only because cheap labor and low environment standards but also because the hated communists managed at some point to turn the backwarded country to an important consumer market.

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