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US to withdraw from Aghanistan

| Should outlined conditions of a peace treaty be met US and NATO will withdraw troops from Afghanistan.
Several places reported on it, so a bunch of sources I just picked this one.

| Sure they will. 14 months is a damn long time so any little thing that happens they'll be like sorry guys we are actually gonna stay longer.

| I feel like they'll be going back there again in the future; almost make it like a routine of some sort.

| Ad nauseam so-to-speak

| I need my profits and opium, please go back USA/CIA

| US never won a war in its entire history. Lol - first they lost against farmers, now they lost against villagers

| That means SeƱor Hitler won WW2, the mexicans just felt like giving you half their country, and the CSA owns a big part of the population?

| >>632354
War for independence
Mexican American war
Civil War
WW2 against Japan, co-op against germany.


| update
US airstriked, peace off

| >>632475 isn't the whole point of a civil war that the country is fighting itself, so no matter the outcome "the US" would win?
And considering that it was the Soviet Union that crushed the Germany under its rotting carcass I wouldn't give that to them as well.

Still, not bad for a relatively young country, I give US a 10 failed invasions/10

| >>632489
America joining ww2 was definitely a turning point for the war even if soviet did most of the work. Don't be a faggot.

| >>632498 oh I will be one, US finished the war but most of it was fought on the mainland, not the Pacifics. They definitely did quite a bit but it was by no means their war.

| surprised commieshit hasn't torn this thing into red propaganda yet with her phat proletarian fingers.

| >>632602 hey, the 8th grade homework won't do itself

| I hate you all.

| YES, the world is peaceful now

| US should just get out of the middle East entirely. I'm tired of the "damned if you do damned if you don't" mentality around the entire conflict. Just let the damn place implode upon itself and let those eurofags handle it since they always have something to say. If it was really about democracy and human rights we'd be having world wars across the entire continent of Africa like 10 years ago.

| And to think this entire mess started because of a CIA coup.

| Hah, yeah right. You also picked one of the worst sources...

| I see that the U.S never changes, being just as idiotic as before

| >>633388 our oligarchs*

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