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Iran launches missiles at US bases in Iraq

| https://abcnews.go.com/International/iran-launches-missiles-us-air-bases-iraq-us/story?id=68130625

well this won't end well

| Welcome to the World War Third.

| "He was planning a very big attack and a very bad attack, for us, and for other people,"

This dickbag is a fucking president but can't make better phrases than a child

| >>615260 Just a heads up that the last video on OP doesn't seem to be related to the recent launch, that one seems to be just a demonstration. Sorry g/u/rls.

| Can't understand, why everyone talks about world war? It's not the first time usa having a war with some middle east country, world has nothing to do with it.

| >>615305
This. It's not like killing one single dude has ever started a world war before lol.

| >>615305 because hyperbole is apparently the FUNNY.

Seems that it's already deescalating, seeing as nobody died because of the strikes? I'd expect Trump to try to keep the conflict going, though.

| >>615362 why? Does he have anything to gain from it directly?

| >>615364
stuff always happens when elections draw near...

| >>615394 considering he tried deescalating the situation through simple sanctions? I mean, it's not out of the picture for him to stall the elections but still.

| If we have a world war technology will advance by leaps and bounds though.

| Donald Trump is a fucking joke, Iran is a fucking joke. I hate the world.

| >>615554
if it's a joke at least you can laugh

| >>84c4b6 t. Honkler

| It seems like Iran was holding back with their attack, since there were no human casualties on the US side.
Also Iran officially admitted the responsibility of their "revolutionary guards" for shooting down a civil plane by accident. It seems the Iranian leadership has pretty low interest in a direct confrontation with the USA and only makes a propaganda show to unite their people behind them and distract them from the ongoing economical crisis.

| src:


| To be perfectly honest, nothing will come out of this situation aside from bitter relations between the two countries because Iran has too much to lose if they escalate to such a conflict.

| >>615891
so ww3 is waged on us

| >>615891
I believe the USA want a regime-change in Iran. They always wanted an US friendly regime there. They once replaced a democratically elected President with a monarch-dictator who was an asshole that oppressed leftist (liberal and socialist) opposition. People of Iran got rid of him but unfortunately the only remaining oppositional force to the us-friendly regime was islamists (which is unique as islamists were usually installed by the USA at this time).

| >>615982
The USA reacted by supporting the next best dictator in the region: Sadam Hussein. He attacked Iran with chemical weapons (produced in the west) but failed. USA was pissed and attacked the iraq twice. The first time just to show their puppet Sadam who's the boss and the second time because he didn't understand and some bored islamist terrorists who had nothing to do with sadam or iraq (exept once beeing supported by the USA) attacked the WTC.

| After the militaristic removal of Sadam (which was a major violation of international law by the USA) other autocratic regimes in the region became instable and collapsed and left a power vacuum where islamists (powered by usa and some of their allied monarchys on the arabian peninsula) stepped in, most prominent know as the IS or Daish.
It's sad and mad that the responsible decision makers of this fucked up US foreign policy will probably never be punished for their doing.

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