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Venezuelan parliament

| While playing softball with the executive power and the army, Maduro "forgot he parked" a bunch of police officers around the parliament. Since the entire opposition couldn't get through those officers that were left "birdsighting", they lost their "turn to play with the Xbox".

| As you can see, totally "legal" move in "softball"

| https://www.perfil.com/noticias/internacional/crisis-en-venezuela-por-que-maduro-bloqueo-la-reeleccion-de-guaido.phtml

If someone wants to, post a version in english of your choosing.

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>the entire opposition couldn't get through those officers
From what I've heard it was just a dozen, most prominent the traitor and US puppet guaido. Just look at the history of Chile and you know what his kind really thinks about democracy. Guaido wants to implement an USA-friendly neoliberal-conservative regime and eveyone who's going to oppose him will "disapear" once he's in power. That's exactly how this kind of people are.

| >>615030 hyperbolized the numbers a bit for the joke.

And I am not into politics, nor into softball. I won't say what ideology and person should any country, I will only say that it was a little rude to not let them play with the ball.

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>And I am not into politics
Now you are. Deal with it.
And I think Ideology is a bit overrated. In the end it's all about power. It's all a race about who gets a fancy throne and access a big red knob.

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suck by big red knob
>race glues bret

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Im venezolano, Guaido is Maduro puppet collaborationist, all Venezuela "opposition" parties are collaborators of the dictatorship who shares socialism ideas, our false opposition is comfortable collaborating with the dictatorship to avoid solving the biggest crisis in the world in which Venezuela is submerged while all countries take advantage of our situation, socialist ideas are the best ideological tool that exists to obtain support and deceive people

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