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World War 3?

| Ok, what the hell happened? I've taken my eyes off world affairs for like a day and all of a sudden WW3 is a trendy discussion topic. What actually happened in Iran and why does everyone believe this to be the start of the apocalypse?

| Its just fearmongering mostly. Basically, US intel stated that Iran was backing the Iraq militia who were sieging the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, leading to the deaths of US contractors and other personnel. Intel further suggested that Qassem Soleimani was behind it, so in retaliation for the siege of the embassy, a drone airstrike was ordered and Soleimani found his convoy bombed shortly after getting off the plane at the Baghdad airport.


| The thing was, *General* Qassem Soleimani was Iran's second most important leader, in charge of the "Quds Force" https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quds_Force , which was basically like the country's CIA/Special forces segment. His organization is considered a terrorist group by the US and other countries, and he has been held responsible for multiple acts of terror in the Middle East, although he is also known for fighting ISIS and as a war hero in the country.

| Essentially, some Iranians are pissed and staggered by the sudden loss of someone they consider a war hero, and have vowed retribution... which is, par for the course really. Some people think that this constitutes a declaration of war, but no one really knows and even the Iranians are holding a 3 day mourning period for the time being.

| https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/01/qassem-soleimani-iran-elite-quds-force-leader-200103033905377.html

| https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jan/03/abu-mahdi-al-muhandis-iraq-iran-militias-suleimani

| The reason he was in Baghdad was to meet with one of the leaders of said Iraqi militia, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. He was also rendered deceased in the drone strike.

| https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/02/world/middleeast/qassem-soleimani-iraq-iran-attack.html

| response https://voca.ro/75HupTwrq1g

| Starting to look like much of the ww3 memery on twitter might be trollfarms/mass botting.

| It's not a world war without a german with a funny moustache. Eurof├╝hrer Merkel should grow one.

| Oh if you want some hilarity, look at Rose McGowan's twitter. She literally apologizes to Iran saying we are under authoritarian rule and we cant leave hahaha

| I mean, the first World War started by just killing some guy as well, right? I guess we'll just have to wait and see, thanks for the info, people.

| >>614642
>Ok, what the hell happened?
We still have capitalism. That happened.
Iran is hit by US sanctions because they still are in their sphere of geopolitical interest.
The USA needs resources and new markets and has a new global challenger: China. Iran, formerly known as persia is still an important geopolitical transit region to china. The Iranian Regime aren't only driven by religious fundamentalism but also by anti-us-imperialism.

| >>614642
The USA support the Saudis and several other arab regimes that historicial and religious opponents to iran. In the Jemen both sides lead a proxy war, also in iraq, syria and lybia.
What happened lately is that US forces assasinated a high ranked iranian general, which so far was a no go. Usually the leaders of the world hide in their ivory towers while they let the lower classes slaughter each other. But messing with imperialists interests can be dangerous.

| >>614702 Two superpowers being a bitch? Yeah, we've seen that before between countries of different ideologies, capitalism can be just painted as the current scapegoat.
I am worried about China though, they're a dangerous hive

| If the possibility of nuclear war wasn't on the table, and if the USA would not be able to do to Iran what it did to Iraq (it can), then yes, Iran would declare war on the USA. But they won't and will just increase their current, non-direct, efforts instead. China certainly won't back Iran in a war against the USA, they'll wait until it's over. And consolidate their colonization of Africa.

| >>614710
Well in practice the ussr was most of the time only different in it's official representation. In fact they had an authoritarian estate-capitalism. With china it's similiar, except that they are economically much more successfull (more people and more accessible natural resources). The liberal and social democracy in western countries could only exist because capitalism was fundamentally questioned after WW2, which ended with the collapse of the ussr.

| >>614710
And criticism on capitalism is not "scapegoating". It's contradictions and issues are proven scientifically in both ways: empirically and theoretically. Ignoring it will lead to the actual scapegoating of minorities, immigrants, supernatural powers, aliens, races, conspiracies, religious groups, single countries or regions all embedded in a anti-humanist ideologies.

| >>614710
I'm worried about China too, but I'm also worried about the USA, the NATO, the CIA and the whole new wave of reactionist ideologies that promote authoritarism, militarism, racism, xenophobia and social-darwinism in order to "protect" freedom. Also Corporatocracy and Plutocracy are very dangerous, since they seek for ways to control people like they do in china, while acting as they were "alternatives" (just like the new right).

| >>614749 I'm not saying it's wrong to question the system, that's actually good for its own existence. It's just that I don't believe capitalism is explicitly to blame, people will find a way to abuse any system for power, look to fix, not break.

| >>614726
Also the colonization of Africa by China appears to be much more sustainable and constructive than the western approach - so far. Many people in Africa look up to china as a positive role model how to get successfully rid of colonialist oppressors and become a stable powerful global player. Of course the main goal of china is natural ressources, but they also see a developing market and probably worlds next global workbench.

| Lookin up to China is... Probably not the best policy. I mean... With humand rights abuses and all...

| >>614756 yeah, they're booming like Japan, 'cept even bigger, apparently. Shit's scary. In either case I do agree that the radicalism is not the answer.

| >>614758
First comes a full stomach,then comes ethics.

| >>614759
>radicalism is not the answer.
The problem is:
What's radical and what's moderate is a question of information hegemony/dominance.
Also what's wrong about radical humanism, radical pacifism, radical international solidarity and self-determination of people?

| >>614755 capitalism was always about exploitation and profit, a system that based itself upon abusing whose weak or in need. It's also outdated as fuck and hasn't grown into anything for years, just rebranded itself over and over.

| Capitism is simply the freedom to decide what you want to do with your labor and determining the worth of it. Sorry but communism and socialism are what is outdated. They are products of the 20th century.

| gabidalisem bad :-DDD

| >>614761 what's wrong with radical anything? The way you reach your desire. What if someone decides that sacrificing a large amount of individual freedom is the best way to the perfect world? Same with any other radical movement, the sacrifices you make may be too big of a price to pay.

| >>614771 I'd say that communism is too advanced of an ideology for the human species to achieve. We're too primitive to consider our own desires along with the desires of the human species as a whole. Which is why I also believe that chasing that ideal on our current level of development is futile

| >>614785
>The way you reach your desire.
Tell this the capitalist anti-communists that bomb the shit out of everything they suspect for evil communism.
>sacrificing a large amount of individual freedom
Also I don't see how this is a stranger to capitalism. It's capitalist companies that develop control and surveillance technology.
>too advanced of an ideology for the human species to achieve
And how is capitalisms infinite growth achievable in a deterministic universe?

| gommunisem gud :-DDDD

| >>614789
1. Don't redirect it all to capitalism because I'm not saying it's any better.
2. They certainly do, but any highly authoritarian government will use it, through private companies or state controlled organizations.
3. It's not, but capitalism itself has proven to be simply sustainable and that's all it has to be.

| >>614792
1. But that is how I see things. You can't expect me to give up my point of view without providing a better explanation for why things are how they are. Capitalism is globally omnipresent and going through every aspect of our lives. Capitalism criticism has lots more of empirical and theoretical evidence, compared to pro-capitalist explanations.

| >>614792
2. I don't like authoritarian governments. But private property (of production means) is inherently authoritarian, while public property can be organized democratically and transparent.
3. In some kind of alternate universe history you may be right. But not here.

| >>614771
I see it directly the other way arround:
It's capitalism what is an outdated product from the 20th century. Communism/Socialism was just ahead of it's time. The future belongs either to communism/socialism even if we fall back to capitalist driven barbarism until then. It wouldn't concern me that much if there wasn't that massive advance of mass destruction weapons, surveillance and crowd control technology.

| no food = true equality
gabidalisem ebil

| >>614799 I'm not trying to turn you from your belief, stop looking for conflict where there is none, believe whatever the hell you want.
>>614800 what do you mean by history? In the current Era capitalism is the spine of everything, feudalism looks like a path towards full blown free market and the only time I can think of communism was employed is the pre-state tribal communes where all resources were managed by the whole tribe, which also consisted of less than 100 people.

| no gud monies ebil

| No one cares about Iran enough for a world war lmao. Maybe another shitty "war on terror" but in reality it'll just stay a shitty proxy

| >>614827
Yeah, now imagine a 10 billion people tribe that manages all resources on the world democratically while all information about the production process is accessible to everyone. With todays modern information technology (e.g. virtual intelligence) it's totally realizable without having an overblown bureaucracy. With tomorrows information technology it's even more realizable.

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqB-EMqpsUA

| >>614827
By history I mean, that the combination of democracy and capitalism as we know it in some parts of the world is only a rare exception. It was a measurement to stop communist/socialist movements. And if you just take a look at the early phase of industrialization, colonialism and imperialism (which led to two world wars) than you understand why communist/socialist ideas became a thing at all.

| >>614832
I think you're wrong. Iran is a totally different thing than Iraq or Afghanistan. They have much more competence in politics and also technology. Their government does not orign from a puppet dictator or religious fundamentalists who where dumb enough to bite the hand they were fed by. I think they will do EVERYTHING not to fall to the USA, even if it means sucking Chinas dick.

| Oh boy. 30 new textwalls. Wake me up when the germans lose.

| God please give us WW3

| Let's go die for Israel

| I mean really, I think that all of these tensions are made by shit judgement calls from the president. Honestly He's an excellent businessman, however, He's really a shit president. I want Obama back.

| Screw that, bring back Reagan or something. Last thing we need is Obama increasing domestic tensions.

| >>614846
Iran is still a weak middle eastern country in the grand scheme. They've been in a proxy war with the US for years. No ones gonna ally with them against the strongest military power in the world, there's literally nothing to gain. It's just more bullshit

| >>614934
>He's an excellent businessman
Yeah, and he started only with a small loan of a million dollars. This is usually the story of all those job and homeless people. But thanks to his excellent business skills he made much money out of nothing (except his small loan of a million dollars and lots of other heritage from his old man)

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