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British government preparing for propaganda war?

| They are seeking for specialists that are perfectly suited to create a propaganda machinery:

| Ah, the Mercer Clan conquered Great Britain, so they can continue their business (=provide people alt-right propaganda) now with tax money.

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you really believe the main stream of propaganda is alt-right? maybe you smoked something, get a checkup

| Also sure Fakebook and the other tech firms will enable them again.

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Most of the time and in most countries the "main stream" is dominated by right wing propaganda, as most of the time politics is dominated by right wingers.

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There were only short periods when the big shots of industry allied with leftists.
If it comes to technological quality there is nothing comparable to the mercers media empire and if it comes to quantity rupert murdoch is the king. The mass produced boulevard news/yellow press is always right-leaning. Italy was ruled by a right-winged media mogul for decades (berlusconi) in turkey, russia, hungary and poland media is forced to the line to their right-wing governments.

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Right wing propaganda is so strong, that it makes people rather believe in a jewish conspiracy than questioning the capitalist system. And exactly this is what right wing propaganda is for: protecting the capitalist system from beeing commonly questioned and divide people instead with relgious, racist and other particularist lies based on hystorical, ethnical, cultural, geopolitical and completely made up pseudo-scientifc/esoterical categories.

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Unfortunately huge parts of the todays left don't understand it as they are still traumatized from the catastrophes alternative aproaches to capitalism turned out so far. They believe they can tame capitalism and make it humane by regulating it. They think just a little bit feminism and diversity here and there on the surface and everything will be fine. But the inherent contradictions of capitalism remain unsolved and will continue to tear human societies apart.

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The rightists already won the propaganda battle about identity politics. Assholes like Trump or Bolsonaro are in power, and they'll do anything to stay there. They do a good job in distracting masses from the inherent crisis of the system by blaming immigrants, foreign countries and evil communist conspiracies for everything that goes wrong. The same is with the other guys in russia, hungary, poland, turkey, etc.
And at the same time they all are arming up. For what?

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The same thing they always are: turning the people towards something to hate and fear that is not themselves, to stay in control.

| Sorry but the reality is that alternatives to capitalism just dont work... They fall apart as soon as you take into account human nature and require an overbearing authoritarian regime to maintain...

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The reality is what humans make out of it. I don't believe in your "mankind is doomed, so I give a fuck" cult, which is rather a self-fulfilling prophecy than an useful prognostication.

If you're honest with your "human nature" thing, than you should go back to the jungle and live as hunter and gatherer or even only as gatherer just like our next related primates known as monkeys.

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And even your "human nature" argument is not questionable in general, it is quite easy rejectable as a pro-/contra argument for an economical system. Because private property of production means is not really inherent to human nature. It's created by society in order to deal with industrial/technological capacities and obviously also requires authoritarian regimes to be "maintained" from time to time...

| The problem with socialism/communism is how do you determine who gets what? The reality is that people are self serving and people are NOT the same. They are not equal. Some are smarter than others. Some are stronger. Some are more clever. Some are more charsmatic. This inequality will cause a non authoritarian socialistic system to collapse.

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You have the common misconception of about what socialism/communism is about. While this also often happened in a different way in practice, you are already miss the point in theory. There is no assumption that people are individually the same or need to be made so. But there is the ideal that they deserve the same basic rights and chances.
If you rly believe this differences are represented/managed most fair/good/efficient in capitalism then you're from another universe.

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Also since you stated correctly
>people are self serving
>people are NOT the same. They are not equal. Some are smarter than others. Some are stronger. Some are more clever. Some are more charsmatic.

This is even more a reason to get rid of capitalism. Because with your description of how humans are it leads to an autorcracy that is not compatible with democracy, equal rights and chances. Also people change, especially if they gain wealth and power.

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The goal of socialism/communism is to distribute the power which comes from the ownership of production means (which in capitalism is in private hands) by making them public. This implies a transparent and democratical estate.
Capitalism was a long time under such democratic control because massive social disruptions, two world wars and revolutionary mood all over the world. Things changed since it became clear that the ussr as the most powerful approach failed.

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But the issues of the capitalist system did not disappear just because several approaches failed to implement an alternative. They are still there. Since the 80s things started going out of control. Financial markets were unleashed and democratic governments became bitches of the industrialists and banksters again. In the 90s this development continued in the shadow of post-cold war euphoria. Now we have idiots comming back proclaiming relgious fundamentalism, racism, etc.

| The financial market crisis in the 00s gave capitalism critical movements a push, which made the capitalists afraid. This is why they started pushing identity politics on the left side and investing massively in right wing propaganda on the other side. With success: The financial crisis in Europe in 2010 wasn't commonly recognized as a system crisis but "explained" with racist stereotypes about lazy greeks.
I wonder who will be scapegoated for the next crisis (which will come).

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