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Record breaking strike in France

| Today marks the day of the 18th fay of strike in France. Almost 50% of railway workers are demonstrating in the streets. In some parts of Paris, people are shooting fireworks towards police officers. The government isn't giving an answer and negociations will only start in 20 days.

| Source?

| those fucking faggots are the reason i can't take trains to go study at that garbage marxist retardation of a northern french university city on working week days.
last time those commie wretches blocked a bus station where liaison buses that were covering days where not a single train would help my mobility were coming in and out in order to not let us be fucking stranded.
i just whipped out my mobile speaker at some point and played https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjJ1lK9oAyI

| >>613122
for context what you need to understand is that the protest in france are lead by fucking rabble commies like the CGT which is just supposed to be a labour syndicate. well i played Mi general Augusto Pinochet, and that guy BTFO'd leftist garbage guerillas so hard they're still whining about it today in chile. i'm talking being thrown out of helicopters etc, a real dictatorship. i played it all around these faggot lefties and not a single one of them reacted!

| every french student who is not a faggot is pretty angry at these cunts for ruining inter-city mobility. they're screaming about student poverty but it's pretty much lefties trying to look good as in "oh look at how much we're helping people - now become a marxist pwetty pweaze"
it's just like the gilet jaunes nobody liked these faggots except gilets jaunes and they thought they were fighting a heroic crusade for the people or some crap. nobody liked them and they fucked shit up.

| >>613122 >>613124 >>613125
that was frenchfag's comment and insight to the situation

| For real tho, it's easy to say "this law is shit because I'll get less money then now !"
Whatever has to be done, a lot of people are not gonna like. Maybe there's another way... But demonstrating like that is just shit.
Also when every prediction about economical impact is actualy really just a prediction... Not truth, not finite, just a possibility.
Idk about this.
These demonstration look like useless bull to me, but well maybe i'm dumb...

| >>613127
some people had had a third of their retirement savings just wiped out.
but the kind of wall that macron's hitting right now which might not be very understandable to US niggers is that people generally in france are attached to their usual situations, even negative ones whether they admit it or not; also there are many things that have older roots such as company statuses (like you guys have incorporated or limited etc) in france there are thousands of company statuses.

| >>613128
people in france are pretty much the example of "we want everything to change except we don't want anything to change so just change everything that's bad and keep everything that's good at once just find a solution or we'll manifest like we did millions of times mkay".

| these are people that feel fucking great that they have special retirement plans and they're locked and loaded to release a professional level of complaining onto anyone they meet, also blame the government for everything of course
they are generally the frustration of the regime because they are basically rusty mechanisms. and they think the same of the government which they blame for everything that they are in the end

and they're crappy lefties but SOMETIMES they're right.

| >>613131
generally i would sum them up like this

many of them work hard already but these people rarely complain, professional complainers (they love doing that) are the ones that are totally short-sighted and unwilling to do sacrifices for shit.

| >>613128
wiped out is probably incorrect. POTENTIAL SAVINGS maybe ?

In that case, I want to know WHO is losing money ? What are their jobs ? How much do they make ? Why does it happen that they lose a third of their money-saving potential ?
Is it because they are following some special retirement plan ?

I'm not saying it's okay to do that. I'm just saying that the system may be tilted towards them.
Losing an advantage that they counted on must be hard, not gonna lie.

| and in case they are people who desperately need this "third of their savings" because their retirment plan is shit, I do find it quite fucked up to rob them of it.
I have a hard time believing this is the case.

I understand losing any sort of advantage is crippling, ok. All the more it is for an economical one.
They probably worked hard and feel cheated. I would too. Definitely.

Please explain to me, a tiny french US nigger who hasn't kept up with this matter.

| >>613181
lel pour être honnête je connais rien des infos spécifiques sauf qu'ils veulent supprimer les régimes spéciaux et ça fout les boules aux gens. dans les professions spéciales genre cheminots les bonus de retraites sont aplaties/égalisés avec les autres plans dans d'autres professions, du coup ils n'ont plus d'avantages. macron veut changer le système des retraites pour qu'il n'y aie plus qu'un plan pour tout le monde
tout de façon les fonctionnaires sont chiants

| >>613264
Merci bien, c'est déjà plus que j'en sais hehe

| >>613284
oui mais comme tu le sais sûrement, quoi que le gouvernement fasse il y aura toujours des connards pour gueuler sur la rue. le système entier est rouillé et vu que personne pense à long terme tout le monde s'encule mutuellement et ne comprennent toujours pas pourquoi ils saignent des fesses.

| >>613313
>LARPS as a super-revolutionaire big guy
>the CGT faggots manage to block a few trains which only pisses off students and everyone else just takes the car
you're probably not even french and have no fucking clue what you're opening your blabbermouth on, you're a nobody leftie shithead. no one gives a fuck about your leftie retardation.
you are really deluded to invent a superduper glorious battlefield filled with big meanies "fascists" and awesome teddy bears "muh proles"

| to reiterate - the whole point of the protests is about GIBSMEDAT.

nothing else. they're just mad because the shit jobs they barely studied for will suddenly not pay them double than the next guy who worked hard in the private sector and doesn't get any 'privileges'. this is the reality. people are greedy and don't want to work/study more, they just want to be cozy and have everything for nothing and blame the state for every single thing that goes wrong.
fuck them fuck you

| >>613318
you're not french, you don't know shit, shut up with your pompous retardation. i've lived here my whole life while you come here with your sloppy stompy shoes and open your cunt mouth about a topic you don't know anything about.
and then you have the audacity that i don't know what is going on, because the holy religion of GOMMUNIZM that was written in that shit le manifesto lmao has provided you with the ultra strawman for the world and you don't know anything else

| this is exactly what the left tried doing with the protests, appropriation.

saying "oh look how we're fighting against precarity pls be a marxist pls pls owo"
the actual workers that are protesting are doing so because they want more money. no one fucking cares about lefties here, they're just the useful spearhead to their greed.

| >>613324
c'est ça que je déteste sur les gauchos, c'est qu'ils comprennent rien et se croient super forts dans la tête quand concrètement ils sont rien et n'arrêtent pas de se prendre pour des intellos en utilisant des grands mots comme nationalistes out internationaux. quant tu ne connais rien tu la fermes.

if you talked about how i'm a jewish shill spouting zionist lies to confuse the white race, you would sound exactly the same to me

| >>613325
aparamment la plus grande différence entre les gauchos débiles et les vais travailleurs de droite capitalistes est que les socialistes trouvent acceptable le fait d'être inutile gratuitement - alors que les capitalistes sont assez intelligents pour comprendre que si tu veux quelque chose dans la vie, tu vas devois bosser pour et pas ouvrir ta gueule et pleurnicher jusqu'a ce que tu l'obtiennes sans suer pour

et oui je suis un darwiniste et pas un crétin sans cervelle, ha

| >>613330
>Fermet ton bouche, petit gretin
okay buddy! that was kinda funny! did google translate treat you badly or something?

quand je parle des "mensonges de juifs" ce que je veux dire c'est que je ne vois pas de grande différence entre la paranoïa des hitlériens et ta débilité socialiste. j'observe également que tu n'a pas un seul argument valable contre moi vu que tu ne saisis évidemment rien de la situation.
vas-y, ouvre google translate.

| >>613332
c'est intéressant comme tu n'aime pas ce qui n'est pas d'accord avec ta débilité dans une théorie scientifique. le darwinisme dit aussi, petit crétin, que les faibles meurent.
et que la disparition des faibles est bénéfique pour l'évolution raciale des groupes d'individus. tu es donc en train d'avouer tes positions d'eugéniste.
et je suis d'accord! hahaha

au fait, si je te traite de PD, google translate pourra le traduire ou pas, à ton avis? eh ouais, c'est de largot

| You're probably going to try to evade this ban again, because you've done so several times before. If you do, here's a message for you, commie-poster- from now on, every time I find a single post from you that even remotely mentions any of the following keywords: "capitalism," "socialism," "communism," "fascism," and "nazis," to say nothing of obvious left wing propaganda or right wing hand wringing, its getting mass deleted. Consider this your deplatforming notice.

| I don't care about the context, as of 2020 you will be denied any further contribution, you hypocritical, shit flinging "marxist" shit eating, autistic troll.

| >>613334
i saw that post getting whooshed in real time. i will assume the beautiful STOP to politic-rageposting applies to me too.
i don't like getting angry on the internet anyways

| As for everyone else, feel free to carry on, and have a Merry Christmas.

| >>613337
thanks for the christmas present!

i think i'm going to stop posting political things.

| >>613336

I mean, I recognize why you're upset since its your home country and as someone who doesn't live in France, I don't mind if you say your piece. The person I yeeted has just been a thorn in the website's side for like a year now and is chiefly responsible for why /news/ is so dead. So much so, that they tried to fuck up other boards with their degenerate retard posting.

So, feel free to do whatever.

| >>613338

You're welcome! Merry Christmas!

| >>613339
i mildly support that decision for the dumb fact that i'm the one who started bashing the keyboard about "garbage marxist retardation" and perhaps it was provocative.
you could just "google it". i don't think it was as much a double standard issue as a quality posting one.
in my opinion the real difference between a /news/ board and a /pol/ board is that news should only deal in the factual, having no opinions.

| >>613339
>I recognize why you're upset since its your home country
Isn't it the home country of the demonstrators too?

| >>613343
if you know a french demonstrator posting on dangeru let me know

| >>613344
Why does this matter?

It's very interesting what happened here:
1. A thread was created (without source!)
2. A g/u/rl raged arround about some demonstrators/strikers and proudly posted a link to a pinochet video (fyi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1973_Chilean_coup_d%27%C3%A9tat)
3. Anonther (or perhaps the same) g/u/rl raged about "evil marxist conspiracy" (still no source)
4. Commie g/u/rl was triggered and answered accordingly.
5. Mod took side against the commie

| Also funny that the bourgeois g/u/rl did not only started spouting about how marxism is behind everything but also started bringing in zionism and hitler.
And still commie g/u/rl got blamed for escalating. Clearly biased.

Here finally a source, according to the guidelines:

and again the song, contrary to the glorifying mass murderer and dictator pinoshit:

| >>613345 >>613348 I didn't get to see the posts, but if that commiegurl is the same commiegurl I think it is, then the bias is understandable, because that brain cell killing cunt has been baiting people on dangeru since time immemorial. When all you do is spend your time derailing threads and nitpicking parts of posts you know you can win with shit baits as 'but you're wrong, do some research because I'm not going to', you're not really contributing to the conversation at hand.

| >>613351
>derailing threads
Ok, let's see again who "derailed" what here:
A thread was opened about the current general strike in france (without source). Soon >>613122 started with
> those fucking faggots are the reason i can't take trains to go study at that garbage marxist retardation of a northern french university city on working week days.
How is this a neutral, moderate, fact based not baiting contribution to a conversation? Never saw such a high level of red-scare ignorance.

| Can you smell the /pol/ vibes?
Too bad the fag admin prevented the commie nuclear bomb. Killing the mojo like that should be a crime.

| >>613370 I really shouldn't reply back here, but do you even know what derail means?
Honestly, it pisses me off that I'm taking the bait even though I know exactly who I'm talking to.

| Look, fucking hell. What happened to the talk about the protests again? Now we're back to marxism and fascism AGAIN. Can we get this topic to end already?

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