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Should amateur teen porn be banned?

| Look at GirlsDoPorn
>Hot chick turns 18
>Responds to modeling gig from craigslist for $5,000 for a job
>Flies to San Diego
>Once there, told she will have to do hardcore porn and take a facial.
>Tries to back out, told it will only be sold to wealthy Australians on DVD, no one back home will know
>2 months later, her video is released on PornHub with real name and sent to her friends and (usually) boyfriend who didn't know about it.

| >Life is ruined, turns to booze, drops out of college
Has happened to hundreds of girls.

How do we stop this? Should teen porn be made illegal?

| >>612020 Also, if you didn't know, GDP employees are all being prosecuted. Their porn is apparently considered sex-trafficking.

| >>612020 All porn should be illegal.

| >>612020 Porn should be illegal, but prostitutes deserve no sympathy. She knew what she was doing.

| all porn should be banned
pornographers should be shot
israel should burn

| >>612020
>Responds to modeling gig from craigslist for $5,000 for a job
>Flies to San Diego
>Once there, told she will have to do hardcore porn and take a facial.
It's the bait and switch that is the issue, and it should be illegal.
This happens in a lot of blue and white collar industries, not just porn.

| Almost every single one smiled and said they had a boyfriend. So what!? Does that make it okay?

| >>612026
>It's the bait and switch that is the issue
I can see why. In this case, they wind up in an unfamiliar place and are told they have no way back if they leave. They'd have to refund the plane tickects and explain to their family why they are there, etc... .

| >>612023 >>612024 >>612025

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| Why should I care
Please, tell me why

| This fells like someone is asking me to have symphaty because they decided to saw their foot off.
then realized half way through it's a bad idea, and went through with it anyways.

| Porn? No. Bait and switch? Definitely.

This is sadly all too common- you'll see a lot of legitimate modeling websites warning against similar scams and to beware of certain "casting" groups. Its a career path fraught with peril.

| I love sex.

| It depends on the countries law. In my country you count as full adult as soon you reach the age of 18. You are allowed to:
- drive car alone (ofc. you still need a licence, which you can make with 17), - drink hard stuff
- have unrestricted sex (exceptions: pedophily, necrophily, rape and black-widowing)
- found and do (legal) commercial business (including porn)
- join the army
- participate on communal, federal and national elections (active and passive)

Imho 16 would also do.

| Btw. I had a gf who did (legal) porn before I had my first sex experiences, even thought she was a year younger.
From what she's experienced so far, things are problematic as soon people don't do it on their own but because of economical or psychological reasons. There are really bad people (usually men) in the business who exploit others (usually young girls) with economical or psychological issues. Those people are often involved in other criminal activities such as drug dealing.

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