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Latin american winter

| Currently this Region is massively shaked by social-economical, ecological and political crisis. While venezula struggles from falling oil price with its retarded oil-dependent economy and stubborn socialist leadership, there is an open coup d'etat in bolivia by an alliance of military forces, fascists, an us-friendly white anti-indigenious bourgeoisie and christ fundamentalists. Meanwhile in columbia the peace process between the government and paramilitary opposition failed.

| In Brazil a corrupt fascists-militarist who announced to purge the political landscape from left oppositional forces is in power, who also purges the rainforest. In Cuba people have to struggle with stupid sanctions and a rusty dictatorship which looses one ally after another on the mainland. And in argentine, chile and ecuador highly questionable neoliberal austerity experiments face massive protests. And Mexico still suffers from the powerful drug-mafia.

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| The whole region is a powder keg, and probably one one of the main stages for the global crisis humanity is currently running into.

| Lord, every news that came out of Latin America makes me feel depressed. I studied latin american politics last semester but now everything I learned feels hopelessly outdated. I can't keep up at all.

| https://www.geopoliticalmonitor.com/us-interventions-in-latin-american-021/

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Unfortunately many people forgot or deny how anticommunist paranoia, geopolitical powergames and economical interests from the self declared "free world" left open wounds in many third world countries that already suffered much from colonialism. They rather see racist lies, cultural or religious differences and struggles as the main cause. They forgot about all the puppet dictators, fascists and religious fundamentalists supported by their politics for their freedom.

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At least in the case of Argentina, and probably a couple more countries, the thing goes far back, to the 30's.

Long story short, we got the universal vote (law Saenz Peña) late 20's, Yrigoyen gets elected, the Great Depression hits everyone in 29 and he get couped by Uriburu in the 30.

Later he would cancel a governor election his party lost saying something like "70% of you can't read, you haven't learned to vote yet, how can there be democracy with that 70%"

| Yes, we had economic and political problems since day 1, but the 30's opened that Pandora's box of Coups. We would have coups until the 80's. That military junta that Kissinger wished good luck would end up going to war over sheep and landmines with the UK.

>We still have those claims over the sheep and landmines.

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I heard there's also some Oil...

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