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trying to boycott vans

| vans denied a custom design of hk protestor shoe design in a competition, now everyone (small niche community i mean) is mad. Search up #boycottvans

| I don't want to boycott van for disqualifying several politically motivated designs because one of them happen to be about Hong Kong.

They have clear rules about that stuff in their contests.

The author of said shoe said she feels unfairly treated but wouldn't it be more unfair if them made an exception for only her.

Contests like these doesn't allow political messages because they too often get corrupt by people with money pushing an agenda or people trying to spread hate.

| Most of us stand with Hong Kong but we have a moral responsibility to only share and act on facts or with ways that actually works. Trying to ruin a company for having pre-defined rules for their contests isn't the right path towards democracy.

| True, this isn't a bad thing because vans is consistent in their rules and enforcement last time I checked. Blazzard was a problem because they allowed several other political messages in the past so it just looked like they were treat one person unfairly when they suddenly bstarted enforcing their own rule.

| There are better reasons to boycott vans


| What do you expect? Vans is a capitalist company. China provided ideal circumstances for cheap production for long time - and now they provide an enormous consumer market. Hongkong is only a small region, which benefited long time as an international (finance-)market place. Now that China made the step from a development country into a leading industry nation (even thought there's still much development potential) the special role of hongkong is not of much interest anymore.

| All this sudden solidarity with Hong-Kong protestors in the west is more than hypocritical - and very dangerous.
It's the same with tibet, the uigurs and cashmere. I know that the PCR is not heaven on earth and massive autocratical, but western economic-/political elites (and also consumers) were very silent as long china served as cheap productionside. And the same western people fucked up the third world with egoistic, stupid and finally failed foreign and trade policy.

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This thread is permanently archived