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Baghdadi Killed By US Spec Ops

| Well hot damn.

US apparantly sent spec ops into Syria and killed ISIS leader baghdadi. Claimed he ran into a tunnel and blew himself and his children up. Whew.grizzly.

| The Syrian kurds did most of the work and found the location. They shared it with American soldiers who stormed the place and shot his bodyguards and his 2 armed wives. His wives had bomb wests too but they never exploded.

He himself took his 3 youngest kids into a tunnel and supposedly blew himself up when the American soldiers followed.

None of the other children were injured.

| I swear the US Spec Ops are scary mofos man..

| Test in pesce sweet angel

| >>604239
And now the syrian kurds are going to be dropped by the US government, in favor of NATO ally turkey with their trump-alike fascist president erdogan (who's world wide famous for his sexual affinity to goats).

| Huh, death for the western imperialists, baka. He was killed by the Russian forces surely!

| I doubt russia could pull off something subtle..

| "There is not much left from him." - sounds quite Russian.

| the US is full of shit. that guy's not dead

| >>604494 i agree. Think it's just a brute force show. Happened before, happens now.
Two armed wives is kinda a kink now

| Source please.

| His rich uncle Gary works at Nintendo and the CIA.

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This thread is permanently archived