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Did the Tumblr community spread across the internets?

| like what the fuck even leftists thought that all the shit they spouted out about genders was plain stupid and now it's like everyone is nowadays following it, even saying that "there are no genders"
also i was told by a non binary that hating on them makes you a transphobic wtf

| gender is just a social construct

| Don't be a bigot facist nazi OP, I am going to make you non-binary by chopping your vagina off

| Gender is just a social contract

| The concept of social construct is a social construct.

| im going to get a couple new gender modules installed in me in a few days. you could all try a little harder to be less phobic.

| >non binary
what do these moon runes even mean??

| I am a level 69 Apache attack helicopter and I'm going to unload my missles all over you.

| >>603523
thats kinda hot

| As an Non-binary (Pronouns Your Majesty/Your Majesty), Aerogender, Aesthetigender, Agenderflux, Anongender, Astralgender, Autigender, Biogender, Ceterogender, Egogender, I am utterly offended.

| I'm definitely telling people my pronouns are "Your Magesty" from now on. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

| >>603680

Make sure you spell it "majesty" first.

| Spelng is fr th weak. Gods hve no nead fr sch thngs

| And let's not forget they made a pad company remove the woman figure from their products as if men get periods. What is this world coming to? I am not homophobic but I think this is ridiculous.

| >>603989
Ever peed blood from your penis?

| Jokes aside, I remember reading the newspapers last month, there were complaints in a school where i live where the teachers were bringing out "gender is a social construct" to the kids that were like around 7. Parents were mad when their kids told what they learned about so they complained and the school fired the teachers.

It's wrong as fuck to teach kids at a young age that crossdressing is fine. Sadly that also sounds like something reiko a certain discord pedo would love.

| Whats fucked up is that 7 year old kid in TX that was going to be transitioned to a girl by his mom...

| Stop discussing social constructs and start questioning our the economical system.
Don't believe the identitarian lies, no matter if they are from the liberal silly pseudo-left or right-wingers. Fuck spiritualism, esoterics and social constructs. Think materialistic! The most relevant status of all people is their economical status, their economical class. All other social identificators are determined by it and used by the capitalist class to rule through divide and conquer.

| >>604354
This is true
Being to attached to worldly benefits makes you act like an idiot, though (i.e rappers)

| >>604354 ok commie

| An-caps ftw

| Tumblr banned nsfw so the site is just dead now mostly

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