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What do you think about the crisis in Latin America?

| The problems with the money down there are really serious.

| I’m sure Sukeban knows all about that lol

| anarchism will win

| all countries have problems with money, we just don't want to admit it. maybe we should try a different system that'll give everyone equal food and water and property.

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I agree with you at the free food and water thing.
Concerning property, it would already be a progress if their owners really deserved it and take the "responsibility" they talk so often about if it's about keeping their privileges - and not granting them to others. But yes, every day that passes without fundamentally changes makes me wonder if this system can be reformed at all. The global rise of fascist/nazist and religious fundamentalist groups is also concerning.

| Idk I feel like countries like America, Canada, Japan, the Nordic countries etc. Are doing pretty good overall with only relatively small changes being necessary to improve. Of course those countries aren't run by gangs or dictators so there's the first thing that needs to change for some south american countries.

| Equal world would've been beautiful. It is rather impossible. Politicians and country leaders are assholes who only care about comparing dick length.

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Even in "America" (i suppose you mean the USA), Canada, Japan, the Nordic countries etc. things get worse from day to day. They rely too much on exporting advanced goods while the are too much dependent on importing basic resources. For a long time, this was an advantage, but people in less developed countries want also to live in comfort and wealth. While western countries drains the young and better educated people from there, china pushes development of those countries.

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1 The west succeeds, and remains as dominating power exploiting the south for natural ressources.
a) it may be "democratical", "tolerant" and "multicultural" but still exploitative
b) the neo-fascists/nazists take over and we'll have the good old colonialism shit back
2 China succeeds and development countries go through a chinese inspirated industrialization process and become fully developed industry nations by doing worlds cheap workbench for a while

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3 No one succeeds, "civilized" countries behave like barbarians once more and start a global war which will have no winners - except some rich bitches who will hide in their bunkers and let their money continue to work for them. And if the planet is still usable after this rampage, they will say "uh it was just an accident" and continue as if nothing happened until they are ultimately stopped - or until humanity is no more.

| The real problem is capitalism, but no one talks about that neither in television neither in the newspaper.
We need to open our eyes and start acting

| And this isn't only about Chile, it's about all the world's populations.

| Let's see... Chile? Had a riot. Ecuador? Just got out of a riot. Brazil? Slapping Mother Nature ass like there is no tomorrow. Colombia? FARC 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. Paraguay? Some bad energy deals. Peru? The president and the congress dissolved each other. Argentina? Good lord someone get me out of here before the elections. Bolivia? Did't Evo Morales ignored a referenfum and the constitution on how many times he can be president? Mexico? The drugs, man. >Venezuela? N1RV Ann-A Baby!

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You are 100% right. But it's much easier to blame the jews/gays/muslims/socialists/femists/environmentalists/hippies/leftists/antifascists/immigrants/russians/faithless/foreigners/homos/trannies/etc.
The right already dominate every public debate with their stupid theories, and the liberal a.k.a. silly left still believes capitalism can be tamed by creating safe-spaces.

| become robot biofuel today and make terra great again

| It's got me worried about my friends down there.

| Or actually abuses of power are slowly dealt with over time by the people in those countries. Like all countries they continue to refine the government and law to protect whatever they seem important. Occasionally they make a mistake and have to fix it or someone will abuse power again and get overthrown if they cross the line. As the economy evolves, becomes more global, and continues to shift nation's will adapt and continue forward.

| The world will continue to get better overall slowly but surely and no matter what some people will always only see the negatives and think that things are going down hill with no context of how bad things were before

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