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Blizzard Bans and Rescinds Hearthstone Grandmaster Winner After He Expresses Support for Hong Kong During Interview, Backlash Immediate and Chaotic

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUckeU5pV10


Kind of difficult to write a title for all thats transpiree but the tldr:

Grandmaster Hearthstone player was being interviewed by two casters after winning tournament. During the interview, he stated: "Liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our age!" , as allowed by the casters in Mandarin.

Shortly thereafter, Blizzard banned him from Hearthstone for a year, took back all of his winnings, and apologized to China, citing their rules which vaguelly state that players are not allowed to be political, and that what is considered political is at Blizzard's discretion. They also fired the two casters, and in the announcement for these results, they disabled commenting.

Blizzard's Weibo apology to China:


The aftermath:

Widespread outrage across all social media occurred, affecting not only players but employees of Blizzard as well, who covered up signs on a company monument that had "core values" such as "Every voice matters" with paper. Said employees then started a walkout:


The Collegiate Hearthstone Championship had its cameras disabled after players from the American University contributed:


Another caster flatout resigned in response to the Blizzard's attempts at censorship:


As did a reddit mod:


Mei has been memed into a symbol of HK resistance:

"If we are gonna do it, we are gonna do it big: Mei becomes the icon of Hong Kong revolution!

#Blizzardboycott https://t.co/NPoq9UBusV


And several users worldwide are reporting being unable to delete their Blizzard accounts: You need a real world form of ID to verify yourself as the owner of your BNet account, and the system flat out denies it.


#boycottblizzard is trending on twitter right now.

Crossposting this to /news/ and /v/. Happy reading g/u/rls.

| https://youtu.be/d1yUbXKbHGg

Fucking lmao: "Blizzard Defends China 'Pride' On Social Media, Gets Slammed by US Senators, Epic Games, and More."

| It's simple:
The PCR with it's billion population and it's autocratically ruling "communist" party was the workbench for the capitalist world, which doesn't care about human rights as long they can make profit.
Other than most pro-western puppet dictatorships, the communist party turned their billion people sweatshop into an important, billion people consumer market.
Hong Kong has become economically unimportant as well for the pcr as for the west.

| Blizzard fucking deserves it.

| >>601453
They are going to start a regional war, let's hope they get bogged down in their western front before DEFCON

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