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Can the protesters in Hong Kong take down the CCP(communost party of China)


| No, as much as I'm rooting for them I know China can't ne stopped by a bunch of protesters

| >>601071

Same, I think.

If anything, China will take down itself from sheer socio-economic collapse.

| No, they would sooner do mandatory organ reassignment than give them democracy.

| Can 6 million take down 1.1 billion is that what you're asking?

| >>601118 Well, according to Wikipedia, the PLA is only 2 million.

Lest say Wikipedia is a good source for military intel, or that China learned jack shit about Sun Tsu's deception warfare (When you are many, make them think you are few). That would be 3 HK civilians per chinese soldier.

The Attack of the Dead Men was won by the russians 1 to 100, and they were coughing bits of lungs because of the gas.

Numbers not the problem. Blocades and military experience. They would starve.

| Hong Kong will be integrated into the PCR. The communist party of china made capitalism their bitch. The cheap consumer electronics and other goods we need so badly are made in the PCR, not in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was only a little pirate marketplace and banking ground, which seems to be not necessary anymore - neither for china nor for western countries. It's just about geopolitics right now. Freedom can't exist as island solution for long, and the protestors are a minority.

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This thread is permanently archived