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HK protests are still going on, still protesting after the 70th anniversary of the PRC.

| Ok, I know the subject is slightly old, and most certainly don't support the violent side of these protests, but will China actually tolerate dissident or will they possibly bring out the heavy power?

Being for or against the protest is one thing, but the stability of Hong Kong seems to be getting worse by the day until the protests eventually disperse.

| The troops are a just in case the protest turns into a full-blown rebellion. They can't do what they need to do on camera, which is why Tiannanmen and the Uygher camps happened. It's not Afghanistan, so there won't be war even if there was a massacre. But you'd damn well know nobody'll like that, and every country will be unified in sanctioning the Chinese even further to stop their growth.

| God I wish they would set HK free or at least increase their autonomy, or even give it back to the brits.
I fucking LOVE Hong Kong aesthetics and I fucking hate that chinks are trying to ruin it.
I wanted to visit this city and was even thinking of maybe moving to it!
Maybe I'll be too late now that ching chongs are on it.

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It was actually the brits who ruined china and the "chinks" with their communist party who made it a world leading power.
Be realistic: Honk Kong was nothing but a big marketplace, which lost weight compared to catching up mainland china.
Now it is a pure subject of geopolitical interests. China wants to decrease western influence, and the west wants to keep their foot in the door. And most of the time "freedom" or "liberty" were empty words in western war propaganda.

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It's not Afghanistan
Yeah, we all remember how the glorious west liberated Afghanistan from evil communism. Thanks to the west Afghanistan is now a prospering, liberal and democratic country and everyone there lives in peace and wealth.

| We should move HK to China 2 Electric Boogaloo.

| Can't we just nuke all the planet already?
I'm tired of politics

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CApITAlism Is the SouRCE of all PRoBleMS, It Was ThE boURGEOIsie THaT CREated Entropy
OnlY COmmunIsM CAN SToP THe hEat DEAth OF tHe UniVerSE

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There is enough evidence that makes this theory look much more likely then what others offer with their ideologies.

| It sucks. Like, for the Hong Kong people, there's no right way of handling this. If they keep up the protest, their economy and welfare will just get grounded to dust.

China can just wait out until they give up, and then carry on as they always do, maybe even with stricter law this time. China don't really have a reason to give the Hong Kongers what they want, do they.

| That region has a long history of pulling together and breaking itself appart again. I doubt China as a unified country will ever last very long without breaking apart again. This kind of thing is just par for the course.

| It's also a good example of how people can abuse a "communist" system that gives the government all the regulatory power. It's way too much power in one place so it only makes sense that those looking to abuse that power would make their way to the top.

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>It's also a good example of how people can abuse a "communist" system that gives the government all the regulatory power.
Who says that such a government couldn't be democratically controlled?
The concentration of power in the hand of few is something which also happens in capitalism. It's actually a threat to democracy. That's why there is antitrust law, but every approach to regulate the market is demonised as "communism" by those who are afraid to loose power.

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