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North Americans have only two sane choices for their 2020 elections

| John McAfee and Vermin Supreme

It must suck to be 'murican

| As a Pole I'm jealous that muricans have usually only two candidates. Here it's over 5 parties and everyone is unhappy because everything is unbalanced and so one time we had leftists amd righties running the country at the same time.

| >>598602 technically 'muricans actually have waaaaaaaaay more than two choices, they just ignore all parties other than "democrats" and "republicans".
They are quite an intriguing culture of self-limiting and internal squabbling, I never get tired of learning about them.

| At least they've got a choice

| Yeah. In mother Russia there is only one candidate

| >>598602 As an American I'm disappointed we generally only have two front runners you always gotta pick which one has more views you like than the other. Regardless how shitty one or the other is.

| Europeans are cute.

| >>598634 this is unfortunately more of a reflection of our first-past-the-post voting system, not our culture. but, since one of the two political parties will always control the government, we'll never get the chance to change it, because it would be to their disadvantage.

| >>598657

| Jeb!

George Washington was pretty much the only one who wasn't in a party, and about 5 or so weren't Dems or Reps.

| Oh wait, Jeb ain't here this time, is he?

Now I want to play some Victoria II as the US and fuck around with politics.

| I hate being American. I'll swap someone countries.

| >>598732 Want Argentina? We had a confederation run by a rancher, but our civil war wasn't about who owns the N word. We are economically and politically fucked since 1930, when some idiot coup d'etat-ed us, during our first universal male vote presidency.

Don't get me started with the parties.

| We also had the Conquest of the Desert, where we killed a bunch of natives in the south. Kind of what I guess happened between the thirteen and Oregon, but less disentry, dead mexicans and destiny manifested.

We also have football but not your football.

| Nigger faggot

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This thread is permanently archived