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the altright and altleft are both retarded

| prove me wrong

| >>598212 I can't, you're correct.

| Technically correct, the best kind of correct.

| Wrong, both right & left Alt keys are very useful depending on the keyboard presses that you are combining the Alt key with. I hope this answer Ctrl'd this Shift for you, because your brain seems to have a lot of Space. Peek out the Windows key to get the full picture, because you are Fn'ished.

| >>598261

>keystrokes intensify

| >>598261
Plz stop it with the bias already. Everyone knows the alt left key is way more useful than alt right. I can't even remember the last time I used it, lest saw the value it has.

| i will kill altright and altleft

| B..but surely, the conservative centre space is the key board figure.

| >>598261 >>598305
look i use my alt left key combined with tab when i want to change windows instead of clicking tray icons. but nobody here can deny that the alt right key is an unavoidable asset in typing out the very important characters on a keyboard

| >>598571
- i realized halfway through that i was doxing myself

| That's why my custom keyboard has both alt keys in the middle, one on the top of the other

| >>598578
But who's the bottom then? Altright or altleft?

| It's a sideways 69

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This thread is permanently archived