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Trump's Saudi Arabia First Policy

| Under marching orders of Muhammad Bin Saman. Donald Trump, aka harem boy, spends US resources, tax funds, and lives at the behest of the Wahabbist state of Saudi Arabia (country responsable for majority of the 9/11 highjackers and country of origin for Osama Bin Ladin.)

| Now that we have oil independence, there is no goddamn reason to give a shit about the saudis or Israel. Being there only pisses off and radicalises people. But we can't have that because who will buy our machines of war to fund politicians reelection campaigns.

| It's the same old tune with this headline.
Trump does one thing
Oh look he did something selfish
Does another thing
Oh now he's a puppet of this nation
Trump does something for a different country
OH look he's a puppet of this other nation.

Seriously is it just me or does everyone else have the memory of a goldfish. Yall act like he's the only one to do this shit.

So far so good cause guess what? We're not in a new war

| >>597946
>Yall act like he's the only one to do this shit.
But he's the only one who made the major promise to make things different, as representant of the so called alt-right, where "alt" stands for "alternative". One of his slogans was "Drain the swamp" and stuff like this and the Trumpist propaganda is still acting like there is an evil autocratic left-liberal "system" they oppose.
And people still are stupid enough to fall for this shit.

| >>597954 he never claimed to be a representative of the "alt-right" people just started calling him that because it was the fad of the time calling bad people "alt-right" without even knowing what it actually meant, just like they do with "fascist" nowadays.

| >>597967
>he never claimed to be a representative of the "alt-right"
True, but this doesn't mean he's not representing them with his statements.
>people just started calling him that because it was the fad of the time calling bad people "alt-right" without even knowing what it actually meant, just like they do with "fascist" nowadays.
I'm sure the most people who don't know what fascism actually means are fascists and "alt-right" sympathizers. That's why they are what they are.

| >>597982 then please elaborate, explain what is fascism and alt-right, since people like me who are called those names are too ignorant to know what they actually mean.
Enlighten me.

| >>597946
Nah I know others did it.
be he promised America First.
Also he's the president NOW.
Which means he's the one relavent NOW.
"But Timmy does it so it's fine" isn't a good excuse, doubly so when he ran AGAINST these practices.

| >>597990
As for not in a new "war" we're sending boots for the Wahhabists. A war by any other name is a war.

| alt-right may not be "fascist" but its sure paving the way for it

| Your talking to someone who got beat by a antifa dumb fuck.

I'M Mexican.

All I saw was some white dude crying for help. What did I do help that poor bastard.
Who called me name? Who called me rasist slurs? Who laughed about it while they kicked me?
New liberals are idiots who just justify their crazy ideas. You sound like a conspiracy theorist. Let me guess pewdiepie is alt right too. The only nazi and crazy authoritarian boot stompers are new liberals.

| Their is no war. Being Mexican trump scared the shot out of me. So I watched closely and honestly. The democrats have let my people down far more than trump ever has.
Who turned down the DACA vote? Who makes it harder for Mexicans to legigalize. Yet you accept every other migrant.

Hypocracy is thy name.

| Just this year alone you white liberals have attacked far more of my people. Latinos. Just for disagreeing with anything you packaged together. We live in fear cause liberals run practically everything by being so vocal and cut throat.you expect me to trust that? It be the same with cartels running this country. You should see what cartels do to liberals who get in their face.

Yes I've lived in Mexico for awhile for my grandma

| >>598102
>beat by antifa
Considering I hate antifa maybe you should rely on what's being said instead of assumptions and strawmans
It's interesting you're relying on strawmans, again.
>who turned down DACA
Who pressured dems in to it. And again, something I disagreed with and think they and believe Pelosi and Schumer should be ousted for this.
>New Liberals
Do you mean Neoliberals? Because yeah the center rightists can fuck off.

| >>598104
>white liberals attacked more latinos
You want to cite something for that, big claims.
>liberals run practically everything
Except up until 2018 Democrats lost 1000 seats in every branch of government which had the republicans especially in 2016 in charge of everything from Dog catchers to President.
So, I know lying out your ass, just making a point for other people to see.
Especially since this isn't relevant to Trump being a bitch for the 9/11 perpetrators.

| >>598120 two nitpicls here
1. You're just saying "I personally don't agree with those things so ypur argument is invalid"
2. You're using "strawman" as a substitute for "no u" never even giving a reason why those are strawmen
>>598121 this one is little less bad but you're being extremely rude in ways that don't help your argument at all
>>598102 >>598103 >>598104 sorry man, I really want to be on your side, but anecdotal evidence is also bad argumentation.

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