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Trade wars

| I am preparing for my next history seminar and decided to ask you g/u/rls: What do you think about modern trade wars? Any thoughts about one US have with China? Any other examples? Any good methods of waging the war? Please keep it as less complex as possible, am getting an engineering degree, not economics

| China evil, US evil too
Both fight for monopoly
Winner starts new empire and try to take over the world

| It is the most boring type of war.

| >>597107
History just repeats itself. The only difference between the current trade ware and previous ones is that humans are this time technically able to make the world literally explode.
Trade war is one of the many unsolved issues and contradictions of capitalist economy. Well developed national economies need to get rid of their unused surpluses. Investing in underdeveloped regions would be ideal, but it takes to much time and conflicts with interests for resources.

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This thread is permanently archived