Is god really exist

| Im just curious

| Maybe

| no

| Ya

| No, 'god' does not exist but 'God' does exist.

| Does God even to really do what like when is exactly?

| Grammar God? Probably not.

| We can't know.
But we can believe.
Or not.

| Does God is exist? Rumor come out about God about his exist.

| God only exists in humans imagination.

| no

| Does bruno mars is gay?

| not

| If you believe in gods, they'll be right in your mind :P

| In all honesty, I don't see how there couldn't be. Without God keeping things in check, humanity would just destroy itself in nuclear hellfire at first opportunity.

| >>589470 or the small conscience that still exists in their filthy souls

| >>d89157 dont think god keeps us in check, but rather people itselfs arent that stupid just to go extint

| >>589095 >>589437
"look at me I'm so edgy, instead of just saying that I don't believe in God I'll claim that it's an imaginary friend of those who believe in God because that will show them how stupid they are, ROFLMAO"

| >>589560
Y u fite ?

| >>589560
I don't want to live in a society where people do and say stuff because they believe (or pretend to believe) their imaginary friend wants it. This paves the way to arbitrariness and despotism.

| That doesn't seem very edgy to me.

| >>589618 if that's your problem with religion then you shouldn't worry, these same people who do bad things "in the name of god" will just make up a different justification for their actions if you take away their religion.

| have you read about Kant? Or in other case Saint Tomas? God exist as we say it, because if there is a word/concept so the thing exist in the mind of the beholder. Also imagination isnt a stupid thing to do, because words can change our perception, and for that case, our reality. So if you belive its fine, if you dont belive its fine too. Just leave the other person alone and dont get angry for a thing we've been asking from the beginning of humanity.

| >>589651
Well, racism, nationalism and the miss-usage of socialist ideas are only special kinds of religion. They are equally irrational and should be ignored and/or banned from discourse. At some point those who have the political (=economical) power hopefully can't hide anymore behind ideologies and religions. Then they have to show their real (mostly self-righteous) intentions to the masses, and they can be judged properly on this more rational basis.

| >>589761 you really love throwing your favorite narrative around don't you? I'm not even mad anymore, it's amusing how everything needs to somehow converge into a talk about money and politics with you, you make the most interesting mental gymnastics just to change the topic into what you want to say, I'm very impressed how someone can be so single minded.

>>589692 you make an interesting point, I kinda like the way you put it.

| Have you read about Schrodinger? God both exists and doesn't exist at the same time until we observe one or the other. He is both until we open the box and check.

| >>589766 imagine god its an actual cat

| >>589764
The only "mental gymnastics" comes from people that try to undermine the fact that the economical circumstances are the basis for all historical events by spreading fantasy stories about gods, races, heroes and other supernatural, esoterical and pseudo-scientific lies.
The question whether god exists or not is not relevant for human history. The idea of the existence of an omnipotent but inaccessible entity is totally pointless - except for fooling people.

| We could also discuss how many angels fit on the tip of a needle. It would be the same stupid discussion. I think in the medieval period they called it "scholastics" - a method that did not lead to any scientifical knowledge gain nor any kind of progress for technology and society. Scholastics are like trying to pull yourself out of a swamp by grabbing your own hair: It doesn't work. It's just entertaining thought games for "nobles" that live on the back of those who work for them.

| >>590041 if you think the fucking question that is the motherfucking title of this damn thread is irrelevant why even bother responding? Are you so bloody retarded that you can't ever stay on topic or is it just your bitch of a dogma so huge that you must make everything about your ideologies?

| Thanks to (non-scholastic) developments in society and economy those scholastic questions become popularized for broader masses for entertainment, which always can serve the purpose of distraction and sedation, just following the good old "bread and games" method.
Important: like in ancient times, despite all technoligical/social progress, this still goes hand in hand with massive exploitation of other masses, who are ruled by carrot and a stick (and often without carrot).

| >>590047
Questioning questions legitimate. If this wouldn't be possible, this would make questions the ultimative and literally unquestionable tool for making any kind of implications.

| >>590047
Let's say I open a thread titled:
"Why did the president beat his wife"?
According to your logic, people should only allowed to discuss why the president beat his wife. If someone would write something like "I believe/I know the president didn't beat his wife" would not be possible anymore according to your logic, because it would be "not staying on topic".

| >>590051 Bruh...

| >>590054
You can "Bruh" arround as you like, it won't be very effective changing my opinion. I guess you should accept that there are people that have a fundamentally different world view than yours. You won't ever "bruh" them away or trap them in your thought-world with manipulative/suggestive questions/titles.

| >>590082 double bruh...

| >>590085
If someone asks if god exists my answer will always be "the question is pointles" or "it doesn't matter". How is this a derailment? It's my honest opinion about this question, and I explain why. Even thought it's depressing to see, that you still did not understand anything and try to make me look like a weird conspiracy theorist. But this elite is not invention, they are real. And the fact that all is about (their) money is also pretty much real. It's how our society is.

| >>590085
I have no problem if you prefer to play thought games about non-existent stuff, but then you shouldn't have a problem if I call it what it is.

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