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| Well looks like Epstein "committed suicide" now we will never know the truth about the pedo circle! :)

| This report you are bringing us in danger/U/ must mean it has some relevancy of the kind of person you are...question mark(???)

| who gives a fuck. if I worried everytime a pedo died I'd be a wreck

| Good riddance, pedos deserve to die.

| Honestly, yeah it's good that there's one less pedo in the world but this was such a convenient death. This happened right before the trail when he was supposedly about to reveal all of the other elite pedos names. Such a shame now the world will never know.

| Sauce (source) please.

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Heres why you should give a fuck
his testimony won't be available to implicate the pedophiles that flew on his plane.
Also important to note the well known names on that list
3 anchors from CNN
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
also he is friends with Barr (current DOJ)
and Meuller.
Also the british Royal Family has people involved
and that's the ones known
wouldn't be surprised if fox anchors were involved.
Awfully convient timing for all these rich people.

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And a hilarious freudian slip I typed Hillary Clinton when I meant Donald Trump.
Well considering they're such good friends he invited them to his wedding....

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you really think those people would've gotten in any trouble? You're delusional. The powerful are above the law in the US

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that's you
fuck off.
You think they can just "oh well" half of the people being pedophiles and not expect fucking riots?
The judges that let go obvious rapists got recalled.
Takes actually getting off your ass to do something to get something done.
Being an apathetic little bitch is what keeps them in power.

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I fail to see how posting something on danger/u/ is going to fix centuries-old corruption in the United States

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Didn't you forget a very important name in your list of epsteins personal rich and powerful contacts?
Hint: He's orange, became rich starting with only "a small loan of a million dollar" and became us-president by undermining democracy by systematically exploiting big data and getting help from rich douches from other countries.

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| It's important to talk about things, it won't automatically fix anything but it helps us all know what page we're on and maybe let someone know about something they didn't know about beforehand. That's part of why we talk about things like this on the internet.

| He died so conviently and a suspicious way as well since he was literally on suicide watch yet he still managed to commit suicide. The only good thing about this is that it's gonna get people to start being weary about the elites and know that something is going on surrounding them and child sex trafficking due to this oddly timed death.

| You people talk as if it was unexpected, ever since he was caught everyone has been saying that he'd "suicide"(read, be silenced)

| Reminder that he was put off suicide watch for some reason; and on that day some "maintenance" needed to be done on his cell. On the same day, his security cameras went down...

This was no suicide.

| I don't care about the circumstances. The most important thing for me is: One rich parasite less.

| >>588634 The rich parasite could have ratted out other rich parasites to remove. That's why people are angry.

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Their time will come anyways, so what?

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