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Censorship at /new/?

| Did just a thread disappear? What's going on here?

| It was bait, the mods warned that bait was going to be removed without a trace and the offenders banned from now on

| >>585102
In which way was it bait? Wasn't it a summary of something that really did happen with a valid source?
Are the mods going to ban every news that could trigger nazists/fascists from now on? I'm not sure what I should think about this.

| >>585139
Can we have cool-headed g/u/rls around there for once ?

| >>585139
>Wasn't it a summary of something that really did happen with a valid source?
that was the OP. then there's the rest of thread. it *devolved* into bait and shitslinging and the like, which warranted an early close.

| >>585151 This place is called dangerous opinions.

| >>585158
one, the name itself is taken from a game and not necessarily meant to be taken seriously for ideally obvious reasons.
two, while the baiter's opinion might have been serious, it was greatly flawed and failed to properly argue against... well, just about everyone's arguments, really. it was more provocative than anything else.
classifying this as an opinion is somewhat incorrect; it's bait for the sake of being bait, or in his case, the sake of being controversial.

| >>585145
How can we dance
When our earth is turning?
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| >>585162
>it was more provocative than anything else.
So we need now a "safe-space" for exactly the same kind of people that always complain about this phenomenon?
I think censorship is the wrong way to deal with controversial/polarizing issues. The division of people in this world can't be fixed by superficial cosmetics. Such approaches will only amplify polarization on the long term.

| >>585172
there's a line between having a somewhat extreme but genuine opinion and attempting to defend it with reasonable arguments, and extreme but ingenuine opinions that try to create heated discussions.
besides, if nothing else, i'd like to remind you that things had greatly derailed as soon as mentions of political party agendas swooped in.
>a "safe-space"
technically speaking, you're already posting in one.

| It was bait from both sides, OP made it because she was mad the previous thread was locked, created one on the same subject but trying to limit the topic to only what she cared about in that situation claiming everything else was "off topic"
Then a troll started adding fuel to the fire and it all disappeared.

| I think if we can just avoid name-calling we won't have to worry too much about this kind of this happening.

| I was on the more conservative side of the argument but I feel like my opinions were taken pretty well even if we disagreed. It was the people yelling things like "commie" and "fascist" back and forth without making any points that was considered baiting and that got the thread removed.

| Ban Evasion was the primary reason for their removal, followed by deleting the entirety of their post history. The thread itself was fine until it became apparent that discussion was not the point of the thread, and the OP revealed himself as the individual who was previously warned for multiple counts of thread derailment (leading to the creation of that rule in the first place), spamming, and attacking users. He also attempted to use TOR to circumvent his ban.

| >>585185
the one who was derailing the thread wasn't me. assuming you're talking about the post concerning the erithrean dude who killed a child. i was angry at the red dude for turning it into political conversation.
he then created another thread, which i found pathetic.
i'm actually really trying to bring my share of quality to this site without being disruptive!

| perhaps you should look up on how TOR works?

| i was actually in favour of that thread getting closed because it was turning into a shitshow.
>>585189 >>585190

| >>585190

Did you just post from a TOR exit node in Malaysia, claiming to be the OP of the thread that was deleted, and then post again from a non-TOR IP in Malaysia, claiming to not be the OP of the thread?

| Because if not, that is sort of darkly humorous coincidence.

| The thread was deleted when I deleted their post history. Even if I hadn't, it would have had to be locked sooner or later because it was already the Eritrean Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo.

| >>585192 >>585193
lol i'm not from malasia, though i'm never gonna tell you where i am, why. would i be using TOR unless i'm a paranoid autist?

| >>585194
fair. thx for keeping standards on this site, let it dost turneth into 4channery.
>dicks sea table

| i really don't want TOR to get banned. i'm an actual good noodle that ain't done nuthin wrong. this is the only place left for me to post because everyone else ip-banned it blanket-ban style.

| daily reminder; in spite of el ilegalos activitas, Tor is actually a very customer-friendly area... for somewhat obvious reasons.

| >>585195

Just a coincidence then.

I apologize for my aggressiveness, life has not been kind lately. Moving forward, just realize that threads which devolve too much will attract mod attention.

| >>585199
aw shieet, how 2 make life kinder for you?
i'll post some tunes perhaps you'll like them

idk how to make a person feel better over internet sorries

| >>585200

You have good taste in music.

Thanks for the thought at least.

| >>585202
what's been going on?

| >>585204

That's a thread for another time- probably to be posted on /u/. I've already derailed this thread enough as it is, I'm sorry.

| >>585208
ok ok '-'

| >>585194
>it would have had to be locked sooner or later because it was already the Eritrean Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo.
It's not clear what you mean. The thread was clearly primarily about the desinformation campaign from the far right, which only was based on the child murder incident.
It's really stupid to ban threads because you're afraid that right-extremist posters may appropriate them, while you don't delete threads that are framed in their thought world from the beginning.

| >>585223 except it wasn't misinformation, the killer was a foreigner and....
Know what? Let's say you're right so we can just drop that subject already....

| >>585226
You did not read the first post of the thread, don't you? Are you that much trapped in your racist ideology that you aren't able to read and understand a text with less than 500 characters?
I'm going to explain it again for you:
The thread was about a misinformation campaign by the far-right on twitter which spread fake citations from political concurrence about the incident. According to their faked citation, the german health minister was reletavizing the incident.

| >>585229
That's pretty biased.
And aggressive too.

| >>585229
that's not what the thread was about... you're probably that commie cunt all over again. why are you so salty? the post was about an erithrean guy pushing a mother and her son in front of a train. nothing political was ever mentioned until your piece of shit self wobbled in.
and you're trying to derail everything AGAIN.
you should be banned.

| Why am I in /new/ again ?

| /new/ is love /new/ is life

| >>585237 /new/ was containment board but /new/ bred an infection so terrible mods started a purge on the infected

| >>585231
>That's pretty biased.
>And aggressive too.
Which parts of it exactly and in which way?
>that's not what the thread was about
You're wrong: It was exactly what the deleted thread was about.
>you're probably that commie cunt all over again
Why are YOU so salty?
>the post was about an erithrean guy pushing a mother and her son in front of a train.
This was the previous, still existing, criticized and then closed thread.

| >>585194 what comes after the electric Boogaloo? Because it seems like that's where this thread is headed....

| >>585254
the original thread was closed because of the commie cunt derailing everything and shitting on everybody with his retarded ass politics, being deluded seeing everything as a right-wing conspiracy and calling anyone who disagreed a racist right-winger, also trying to cram politics into everything, just like you rn

it's absolutely not what any of the threads were about, one was about a child murder, the other one about how it was strange that that thread was deleted.

| You're both getting aggressive over nothing. The thread was about whatever people posted on it, that's how threads work and even then there's no point in arguing about it now. And stop calling names, it's not conducive to discussion.

| >>585305
then derailing/bait is not a thing?

| >>585317 of course they do. Derailing and baiting can be described as intentionally changing what the tread is about Midway through. When asked to summarize what a conversation was about you would mention each general topic that came up throughout the conversation. In the same way the thread was about whatever topics came up throughout the thread. What the thread was about is not the same thing as the threads initial/intended topic, which can often be interpreted in different ways.

| dumbasses the mods closed the last thread for a reason. stop complaining about other people starting arguments and just stop starting arguments yourself. can /new/ not go 6 hours without starting the same fuckin argument again? just make a recurring thread like the russians do and keep it in one place ffs.

| >>585340 well the insult was uncalled-for. What arguments have I started?

| >>e4b964 has a valid point. This is not some 2000s forum with uneccesarily strict rules about topicality. The topic is what people want to and currently are talking about. Why is supposed off-topicness a problem again? Ignore them if you don't want to talk about it and if others continue, then people want to talk about it and the topic of discussion has changed and you need to accept that.

| >>585351
I think it was more about derailing news into a hatefest


| Besides the other mod that checks this board, I try and be more lax with moderation as to not take political sides. That being said, I don't care if any right wing or left wing person says the board is a "safe place" for x because it doesn't conform to their belief of what the world is like. If you get so obsessed with politics that you think that, I suggest you go outside and do something else.

Otherwise there have been anons obsessing and shitposting threads to death over pointless things. I don't look into which anon is which and I entirely try and base my impressions on how they post. If you want an actual conversation to happen, then going "no you" to any point where someone says something you disagree with, is a fairly immature way to go on about it.

And this is a barely active news board for God's sakes. Just post a news thread or politics discussion and be done with it.

| >>585383
i have a suggestion. let's do it like the british do and TOTALLY SEGREGATE POLITICAL OPINION TEXTS and OBJECTIVE FACTUAL JOURNALISM.

| >>585418 the problem is that we have trouble agreeing on what counts as objective fact.

| >>585428
provable news.

| Even provable news can be delivered in a subjective manner

| >>585467

| Subjective phrasing reveals political bias which invites politically oriented response.

| >>585481
no it doesn't

| >>585482
Which one of these implications were you disagreeing with ?

>Subjective phrasing reveals political bias


>political bias invites politically oriented response

| >>585511
'subjective phrasing' is whatever you want it to be

| >>585518
So we would have been using two different definitions of 'subjective' ?

| >>585524 No, it's just that everything can have subjective elements added into it.

| Right. And those subjective elements make it incredibly difficult to be perceived as objective.

| >>585597
Yes, this is however always true of anything.

If I take a container :
>current state : empty
>fill with anything
>current state : not empty

In no case does it mean that "empty" is "whatever you want it to be"... or perhaps we have a huge misunderstanding here.

| >>58570
how is it not "not not empty", you racist?

| >>585728
This is strictly equivalent.
If it entertains you I can be.

| >>585734
>This is strictly equivalent
that's very subjective of you, buddy

| >>585728 where on Earth did the racist thing come from?

| >>585786
stop being racist you nigger

| >>585739
You have been entertained, my job here is done.

You're still wrong tho...

| >>585787
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| I get trolling but this doesn't even make sense. Kids these days need to learn more about internet humor bofore spouting off edgy nonsense.

| >>585986 my hemorrhoids is really hurting right now

| >>585986 internet humor is useless and inferior. the peak of comedy is saying 'nigger faggot'

| >>586100 nigger faggot
Shit you're right! I'm giggling uncontrollably!

| >>586212
can't. breathe. lolling. too hard.

| This place sure is getting a lot of big brother treatment.

| >>586251 unfortunately it needs such treatment, especially since it uses cloudflare...

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| >>586254 this is a masterpiece, we need a pinned thread just for it

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