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Orange man

| Is orange man good or bad??

| It's called the annoying orange for a reason

| Not good, not bad
Just rude and misguided

| He's awesome.

| He's just symptom

| He's a sack of flesh with orange hair, who is told by many individuals in various clothes that he has a job to do and is very important, several times a day.
Then he says things to other sacks of flesh and those people decide what to do about what he's saying then.
I don't think he's a real problem, if anything it's the infrastructure that promotes ill-informed decisions.

| hes ok

| I do not like them
Uncle Sam-I-am
I do not like
Orange eggs and man.

| Orange mam is Mexican

| >>578831 the true redpill. Trump is Mexican. Oh fugg


| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2TKoxQTdvI

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This thread is permanently archived