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What's your thoughts on Brexit

| To me the whole thing seems like a giant mess. Farage acts like a clown and the country's economical prospects have been going down (you can just see the currency's exchange rate at the moment). And the weird thing is that this wasn't even a hard majority vote situation. Brexit really should not have happened.

| it's been a total shitshow and never should have happened

| It started as a joke, went on as a joke, and kept on being a joke. And it's the joke you laugh at and not along with.

| They are allowed their vote. The EU is a currupt organization that doesn't have the people's interest in mind. Allowing people who aren't even elected decide what legislation gets written up. Allow freedom to be as the people wish it.

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by totally disuniting Europe, thus sucking vladdy's dick in the process.
if the system's flawed then fucking man up and change it

| I hope the uk collapses, scotland become independent, ireland united and england and wales become isoltated and the royals and nobles get disowned and removed from estate/politics.

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watch them revote in 2 weeks & then pretend it never happened

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